Explore One of the Best Monsoon Destination of Udaipur !!

It’s a pleasure to be in Udaipur in Monsoon as this place and places around get so ‘heavenly’ under showers, Peepliya Ji is one top monsoon destination around Udaipur and a ‘Bike Trip’ to this misty destination is a bliss. If you love bike trips then it’s a must-visit place for you. The curved single road through the lush green hills dissecting water flowing canals will take you to an unimaginable world full of clouds where you will just get lost in the awe of the tranquility of nature. Peepliya is a village just 32 kilometers from Udaipur and to enjoy the journey to the fullest make sure you choose the right day and time, it’s recommended to plan a journey during rainy weather and start in early hours. We started at around 6:30 in the morning on 160cc and 300cc bikes, it was mildly raining but it made the journey all the more exciting. You will also find the famous picnic spot ‘Ubeshwar Ji’ which is Lord Shiva’s temple in the way which is also worth taking a halt. Here you’ll get to know about the renowned Monsoon Destination of Udaipur – Pipliya Ji.

In hill stations like Manali, Dalhousie, Lonava, or Mount Abu you might have witnessed the clouds moving close to the ground along with you. Udaipur isn’t listed as one of the hill stations but this city is always ready to surprise you around 25kms from Udaipur city one can step onto the most exciting monsoon spot.


  • Peepliya Ji is a village that can be accessed by taking the road from Ubeshwar Ji to Dodavali. (Details to reach Pipliya Ji are mentioned in the last paragraph.)
  • One has to drive through a steep valley to reach this mesmerizing spot.
  • Once you reach the highest peak of the village, you will experience speedy soothing wind at that altitude also if it is the monsoon season you’ll be surprised to watch the monsoon clouds covering the mountain region, also drizzle to lighten the mood.
  • As this chilling spot is situated on the top of a mountain, you can also have an aerial view of the comely green valley.
  • Being a natural spot, you’ll not find any restaurant or accommodation facility nearby, hence carry your eatables with you and try to slip away from the location before dark.
  • If you crave a picnic spot with a water stream flowing through the natural aura, you can visit Ubeshwar Ji that arrives before Pipliya Ji.
  • Udaipurian suggests you be cautious at this location wear comfortable footwear and don’t try to indulge in dangerous activities like going too close to the cliff end.
  • Also if it starts raining too heavily, immediately drive towards the main city and keep the speed-limit low with all the safety precautions as the road to Pipliya Ji is narrow and not in a good condition with various pot-holes.
  • We also recommend you to visit this exquisite location in the morning or day-time before the sun sets down, as it is a remote area and doesn’t own any lodging facilities.
  • Don’t miss taking your cameras or you’ll regret not capturing the captivating views.
  • We suggest you prefer a 4-wheeler vehicle over a 2-wheeler to visit the location as the valley is too steep the roads aren’t in their best shape, but if you choose a 2-wheeler to make sure you wear a helmet and take care of all the safety precautions.


You’ll have to first travel to Ubeshwar Ji that is 20kms from Udaipur.


From Malla-Talai circle take a sharp right straight to the Rampura Circle, now again take right from the Rampura Circle, now you just need to drive on the twisted road till 20-25 minutes into the lush valley, soon you’ll see Ubeshwar Ji temple and then you’ll know that the famous Ubeshwar Ji has arrived.


After reaching Ubeshwar Ji, advance towards the road to the Dodavali Village, after covering 3kms you’ll come across the road dividing into 2 sub-roads, take the left one straight to the Pipliya Ji Village, another 4kms ride and you’ll arrive at your dream destination.

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