Udaipur’s Rohitesh Upadhyay Bags 2 World Records (National & World) in Motorsports

Udaipur has always been one of the most supportive cities, as the locals do not shy away from celebrating the victories of talented individuals who work hard and add the proud shining badges to their names along with adding shine to our city’s grandeur. This blog is dedicated to a 25-year-old talented individual of Udaipur: Rohitesh Upadhyay, who has proved that one can achieve anything they dream of with hard work & dedication.

Amidst the coronavirus news, falling economy and lockdown; a young boy from Udaipur, Rohitesh Upadhyay, has been a beam of light. He bagged not one but two world records in the field of motorsports. The motorsport in question is termed as Sportbike Freestyle Riding (commonly misquoted as bike stunting). He has set a record of a specific wheelie out of 18 types of documented wheelies.

Rohitesh attempted this daring act in the field of Sportbike Freestyle Riding on September 29, 2019. The act named as ‘No Hands Motorcycle Wheelie’ on an unmodified motorcycle is one of the most extreme tricks (misquoted as stunts usually) performed in this motorsport.

In this trick, the biker is not allowed to touch the handlebar at any time after the starting line, while the front wheel remains in the air throughout to achieve the maximum distance possible. Rohitesh managed to balance this specific wheelie for a good enough distance of 125.7 meters non-stop!

This trick was approved as a record in the International Book of World Records by 26th February 2020. The same is evident in this video below:

On 17th April 2020, the prestigious Golden Book of World Records also honoured him for the same. His record can be viewed on the official site of the organization:

Since he could not have any mechanical advantage as the record was on an unmodified motorcycle, he worked on his physical fitness for a good 1 year 4 months to prepare himself. This becomes much more interesting as complying with different organizations for a record is usually very difficult but he managed to do so, ticking all the areas and being the first Indian to do so under this title.

Udaipurian got a chance to converse over the phone with Rohitesh who said say, “A good one and a half years of hard work has really reaped rewards. I am happy that I could fetch such titles for India and could add to Udaipur’s list of honors. Though I first saw wheelies in movies when I was pretty young but my inspiration has been the defense people who always perform one such gig on Republic day and Independence Day every year in front of millions of people and the Prime Minister of India. Inline to the same, I dedicate this achievement to all the people from Army, Air Force, Navy, BSF, and other defense organizations.”

He also said, “I really hope everyone who reads this does not try such antics on public roads, breaking laws and creating chaos and problems for others. Sportbike Freestyle Riding is professional motorsport just like racing or rallying and is practiced in permitted and controlled environments with a set of rules and safety specifics. Hoping spectators to take my achievement in positive light and youngsters to understand the difference between motorsport and hooliganism.”

As a Sportbike Freestyle Rider, Rohitesh has been in the field of motorsports and automobiles for almost a decade. He has attended more than 163 shows across India. Rohitesh is currently associated with an international OEM manufacturer brand where he tests electric motorcycles. Rohitesh’s portfolio also had a national record for participating in India’s longest bike stunt show back in August 2017 which was affiliated by India Book of Records. He was the only person from Udaipur to participate in that record back then.

He will be felicitated in Delhi sometime in December 2020 for making India proud by being the first Indian to bring this laurel home.

We hope you all are feeling inspired by the impressive journey of Rohitesh, you can leave a few encouraging words & congratulate him in the comments. Remember to spread the love!

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  1. Gaganbir Singh

    That’s some serious skill! Feels great that Udaipur is being brought to the global map in a new way!

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