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The state of Rajasthan is saturated with colors, even women in Rajasthan love to wear heavy colorful dresses with proper ornaments and footwear. There are many saree manufacturers, wholesale Kurtis sellers who are earning well because of the availability of fabrics and work. Many women in Rajasthan wear sarees wrapped in a style that is of a particular region, others wear an ankle-length kind of skirt known as lehenga with a cropped top called chaniya choli, which is usually worn with a head covering. The other best option in fashion for women in Rajasthan is Kurtis, which is very much comfortable and can be worn on any occasion which gives a very elegant and majestic look. The South Asian region has become a potential global center for textile and clothing exports.

Saree Wholesalers in Udaipur City, Udaipur-Rajasthan

Resellers or retailers can easily purchase sarees in heavy quantities and then bring them to the market by contacting one of the saree wholesalers. These wholesale sarees are then sold off from different saree shops to the customers. Since the cost to be borne by retail purchasers for buying from a wholesaler of saree is extremely affordable, so these retailers always prefer a saree wholesaler for their goods. A plethora of choices is made available by a wholesaler of saree to the retailer in terms of design and color scheme. Saree Wholesalers in Udaipur City, Udaipur-Rajasthan enjoy advantageous locales due to which contacting them is a matter of ease and convenience. A large number of the saree wholesalers merchandise online helping them to come in close contact with more number of retailers. The prices usually become less and less if the buyer purchases large quantities at a time. Above are a vast number of Saree Wholesalers from the neighborhood.

Best Places for Wholesale Shopping in Udaipur

Bada Bazar offers a plethora of small shops, big showrooms, and exhibitions that display the unbelievable variety of rich Rajasthani items. Brightly colored traditional clothes are available at every step you take. It is an ideal place for souvenir shopping in Udaipur for your loved ones. It’s also a brilliant place to go for jewelry shopping in Udaipur. Bapu Bazar is a market in Udaipur to purchase clothing, crockery, gadgets, shoes, school uniforms, and khadi products. It is a vibrant market buzzing with activities at every hour of the day. From enthusiastic vendors to eager tourists, the market never sees a dull moment on a normal day. It is also popular for its street food. Jagdish Temple Street is a very busy marketplace where you can shop for items like traditional wooden toys, vivacious puppets, multi-hued tapestry, bright-colored cloth lanterns, painted wooden objects, and handmade postcards. You will also find a good deal of mud and metal articles in the shops here.

With the best clothing stores in Udaipur, Maldas Street is your one-stop destination for buying affordable attires of all kinds, be it traditional Indian or the typical Rajasthani. One will find clothes of all sizes, shapes, varieties, and colors here, all at very reasonable prices. You will even find the best kind of occasion-wear for Indian festivals and weddings. Get to this amazing spot and dive through the mind-boggling variety of clothing available at dirt cheap rates. We bet you ladies can’t resist that! Head here to find reasonably-priced clothing of various hues, mostly ethnic and highly favored by shoppers who want to buy clothes for special occasions like festivals and weddings. This bustling market offers a mind-boggling variety of extremely affordable items of clothing, making it very hard for a shopper to resist.

The oldest market place in Udaipur. Here you can get a lot of stuff from shoes to expensive gold jewelry, clothing to cosmetics and also if you’re looking for Rajasthan’s ethnic poshak this is the place to find one. If you think something is cheap, it can become cheaper with your bargaining skills. Bargaining is the mantra that works here. If you aren’t sure where this market is: it’s near the clock tower. Looking for a perfect outfit for the wedding at low prices? This is exactly the right place for you. The cloth market for all ethnic wear. This place is always flooded with lots and loads of ladies hustling to get the things they want for exactly the amount they wish to pay. You’ll find various options for the same price and it becomes very difficult to choose from so many options.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do dress material wholesalers in Udaipur-Rajasthan sell lehengas?
==> Some dress material wholesalers stock embroidered lehengas with matching dupatta and choli.

2. Do dress material wholesalers sell men’s dress material?
==> A number of these wholesalers stock dress material for men for kurta, pajama, shirt, trousers, etc.

3. Do dress material wholesalers in Udaipur-Rajasthan sell dupattas separately?
==> Many wholesalers stock colorful dupattas.

4. Do these wholesalers sell sarees?
==> Not all dress material wholesalers stock sarees.

5. What is the price range of dress material?
==> The starting price of the dress material is approximately Rs. 80 per meter. The prices vary depending on the type of fabric and design.

6. Do saree wholesalers in Udaipur-Rajasthan only sell sarees from a single brand?
==> Unless they are a brand authorized wholesaler, they will see a variety of sarees from different brands.

7. Do saree wholesalers sell pre-stitched sarees?
==> Yes, several saree wholesalers in Udaipur-Rajasthan sell a variety of pre-stitched sarees.

8. Do saree wholesalers in Udaipur-Rajasthan stitch fall and pico for purchased sarees?
==> Most saree wholesalers do stitch fall and pico often free of charge but few wholesalers might charge you for it.

9. Can I return a saree bought from a saree wholesaler?
==> Yes, you can as many wholesalers have a returns policy in place. However, there could be certain conditions for return such as tag should not be removed, the original bill should be provided, etc.

10. How much does a saree cost?
==> Sarees come in various price ranges right from Rs. 200 to upwards of Rs. 9,000.

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