Udaipur Shopping Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Udaipur Shopping Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Udaipur is about luxury & leisure, but it can be explored on a budget as well. Shopping in Udaipur is quite an adventure. If you have been keen to find out what to buy from Udaipur, this list should be a good place to start. Based on our personal experience, here are a few essential Udaipur Shopping Hacks to help you get around and find the best deals!

There are 2 main shopping places in Udaipur – Hathipole market and another one near Jagdish Temple Chowk. It seemed that the former is popular with the locals and Indian tourists, while the latter is where most foreign tourists flock to. This has a major implication on prices. Most shops near Jagdish Temple consistently quoted higher prices than what the same item costs at Hathipole. These shops were also open to heavy bargaining unlike their counterparts in Hathipole.

Here are a few tips for your shopping in Udaipur:

  • Always ask shopkeepers for a variety
  • Bargain heavily
  • Ask for home delivery
  • Weight your products in front of you
  • Buy the products with good quality
  • Always ask for a bill
  • Take the visiting card of the store
  • Ask for the best time to visit

If you’re planning on buying real silver jewelry, use your best judgment to figure out the authenticity of the shop and the jewelry. Fake silver jewelry is widely sold in Udaipur and they closely resemble the authentic products.

If you have bulky items to take back home, ask the shop owners for home delivery in your city. On most occasions, they will agree since they already have a supply chain established across most major Indian cities.


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