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Getting Started with Udaipur Shopping Guide

The city of the lake is renowned for its leisure, luxury and culture. Apart from this, you can explore Udaipur on a budget as well. Udaipur is a city full of adventure for shopaholics – a dream shopping destination. If you are interested to know what you should buy in Udaipur on your vacation or planning to visit the city of lakes on your tour to India then this list should be a good place to start with. Here in this Udaipurian shopping blog, we have share shopping hacks that can help you save money and find the best deals in Udaipur. 

Main Shopping Attractions in The City of Lakes – Udaipur

If you are looking for top places to shop in Udaipur then look no further than its 2 unique attractions – the one is Hathipole market and the second one is near Jagdish Temple Chow. The first one is famous among the Indian tourists and locals in Udaipur (Udaipurians) while the latter is where most foreign tourists flock to. This is one of the reasons that have major difference in prices among these two shopping destinations in Udaipur. Majority of shopping outlets near Jagdish Temple usually quotes higher prices while comparing the cost of the same item at Hathipole. These shops offer heavy bargaining unlike their counterparts in Hathipole.

Here are a few tips for your shopping in Udaipur:

  • Always ask shopkeepers for a variety
  • Bargain heavily
  • Ask for home delivery
  • Weight your products in front of you
  • Buy the products with good quality
  • Always ask for a bill
  • Take the visiting card of the store
  • Ask for the best time to visit

Guide for Buying Jewellery in Udaipur

Your judgement is your best guide when you are looking to buy original silver jewellery in Udaipur to test the authenticity of the shop and the jewellery. The reason we recommend to take care is that fake silver jewellery is openly sold in the city of Lakes and they closely resemble the authentic products.

Tip on Delivery after Shopping

If you have bulky items to take back home, ask the shop owners for home delivery in your city. On most occasions, they will agree since they already have a supply chain established across most major Indian cities.

We hope you loved reading this blog and will be your guiding torch while shopping in Udaipur

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