Udaipur Shopping Street – Best Places for Street Shopping in Udaipur

Udaipur Shopping Street – Best Places for Street Shopping in Udaipur

The streets of Udaipur are shopper’s paradise. Street shopping has it all – traditional crafts, vintage wares, authentic artifacts and so much more. Each street has its tale and every piece reflects the radiance of this town. You can get the best articles at affordable prices in these local markets. The colorful vivacious streets would not only be a feast to your eyes but also a delight to your pockets. One aspect, which makes Udaipur stand out among other holidaying options, is the shopping scene. There are various street markets, offering some exquisite and authentic handicrafts of the region. A visit to one of these is also a chance for you to interact with the people of Udaipur and get to know their lifestyle. If you are a foodie and like to try different cuisines, then it is a good time for you to satiate your hunger with local delicacies. From restaurants to roadside stalls, whatever may be your choice of eatery, you will find it here.

Street to the Jagdish temple also has numerous things that are bought worthy. You can buy puppets, wooden toys, tapestries, lanterns and items of metal and terracotta. If you love to write a diary or journal before going to the bed then the diaries with camel leather are perfect things one should buy. This can make you feel your journey every night. Rajasthali and Sadhna are two government emporiums that offer all the products under a single roof. Here you will get the quality product at a fixed price. However, the real charm of shopping comes in exploring the streets of Udaipur bargaining with the local vendors. So, while touring Udaipur take out some time to shop in the vibrant markets of Udaipur. Rajasthali is a popular government emporium and offers several handicraft items. If you don’t want to shop in the streets and bargaining is not your thing then Rajashtali is the best place for shopping in Udaipur. You can buy brass and terracotta items, marble sculptures and gemstones. A list of handmade things includes footwear, puppets, and idols. What makes it unique is it’s quality and fixed prices.

Famous Udaipur Shopping Streets

  • Chetak Circle Street
  • Bapu Bazaar Street
  • Jagdish Chowk Street
  • Rajasthali
  • Lake Palace Road Street
  • Maldas Street
  • Ghanta Ghar Street (Clock Tower)
  • City Palace Street

Chetak Circle

Named after Maharana Pratap’s faithful horse, this circle is one of the best shopping places and a bustling marketplace where you could go street shopping for the handmade dolls and puppets, pens, pen stands, handmade papers, colorful lanterns, painted boxes, handicrafts, and brassware. Do look for the pottery in amazing designs. You will find fresh spices and herbs right next door at Mandi Bazaar, so ask someone if interested. Chetak Circle is a buzzing market place where you can find a great assortment of handicrafts, brass wares, salutation cards, valuable stones, traditional jewelry boxes that are superbly painted, and hand-stitched papers. This makes this market popular for street shopping in Udaipur.

Bapu Bazaar Street

Bapu Bazaar is another great shopping place and market where you can find a lot of souvenirs and traditional items to buy. Go here to buy clothing, especially the beautiful and colorful sarees and handicrafts of Rajasthan. You will also find footwear here and a variety of gadgets. Don’t miss the delicious street food at this bazaar. If you want to taste the street food of Rajasthan while shopping then no other than this place will meet your requirements. Bazaar has so many traditional and handmade things at very reasonable prices. You can buy clothing with artwork on them, footwear and gadgets.

Jagdish Chowk Street

The street leading to the famous Jagdish temple is another shopping area where you can buy many beautiful items as souvenirs. These range from traditional puppets, idols, wooden toys, tapestries, lanterns and items made of metal and terracotta. You can buy journals and diaries, with covers made from camel leather. Located close to the famous Hindu temple Jagdish Temple, this street is famous for camel leather journals and diaries. It is located close to the City Palace and usually remains very crowded. It is advisable to come here as soon as it opens as that would give you ample time to explore this iconic place for shopping in Udaipur. Here, you can also find handmade wooden toys and colorful puppets that would make for perfect decoration around the house. This is a market worth exploring where you can spend hours. Jagdish Temple Street is a very busy marketplace where you can shop for items like traditional wooden toys, vivacious puppets, multi-hued tapestry, bright-colored cloth lanterns, painted wooden objects, and handmade postcards. You will also find a good deal of mud and metal articles in the shops here. Apart from traditional wooden toys, the street is full of vivacious puppets. You can also shop for good terracotta and metal curios. This market is famous for its camel leather journals and diaries. Apart from traditional wooden toys, the street is full of vivacious puppets. You can also shop for good terracotta and metal curios.


Every state government runs an emporium to showcase and sell the beautiful handicrafts and rich traditional art of its people. Rajasthali sells the brass and terracotta items, marble sculptures and gemstone, silver and lac jewelry, footwear, puppets and idols made in Rajasthan. Quality is guaranteed and prices are fixed. Shop here to escape the hassle of street shopping unless you are adept at it or enjoy the challenge.

Lake Palace Road Street

Lake Palace Road is very well known for embroidered textiles and wooden statues. There are several souvenir shops which line the street on both sides. Lake Palace Road is ideal for shopping in Udaipur for women. Here, you can find beautiful traditional Rajasthani embroidered clothes and batik and hand-printed fabrics. Here, you can buy small wooden and brass statues of Hindu deities. Lake Palace Road is a street shopping destination where the prices are bargainable. If you explore enough, you can also come across silver trinkets and Kundan jewelry. If you are looking for a place to buy traditional Rajasthani fabrics from and at an affordable rate, then you must give Lake Palace Road a shot.

Maldas Street

With the best clothing stores in Udaipur, Maldas Street is your one-stop destination for buying affordable attires of all kinds, be it traditional Indian or the typical Rajasthani. One will find clothes of all sizes, shapes, varieties, and colors here, all at very reasonable prices. You will even find the best kind of occasion-wear for Indian festivals and weddings. Get to this amazing spot and dive through the mind-boggling variety of clothing available at dirt cheap rates. We bet you ladies can’t resist that!

Ghanta Ghar Street (Clock Tower)

Not too far from Jagdish Chowk street is Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower). Ghanta Ghar is located in the center of the town or let’s call it the heart of the city. The silver jewelry, handicraft items, and rustic wooden articles are abundantly available here. The styles of jewelry are purely exclusive. The ornaments have meenakari, Kundan and Polki work on them. The designs are in zinc and silver with precious gems like ruby, sapphire, and emeralds which give a royal touch of Rajasthan’s rich culture. Handcrafted items in ivory, wood, lac, brass, zinc-silver and much more can be found here.

City Palace Street

It’s a must-visit for every shopping spree. This is the most alluring street as here you find these amazingly chic and classy leather articles. These are a perfect blend of ultra-modern and vintage. The leather bags, journals, cell phone covers and so much more. They look so astonishing and are loved all across the globe. This can never go out of trend.


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