Udaipur Shopping Attractions – Famous Things to Buy in Udaipur

Udaipur Shopping Attractions – Famous Things to Buy in Udaipur

The holiday season is just around the corner and people who love to travel around the world are searching for the best places to visit. India is a vast country that has a rich history and culture and unity in diversity with so many religions and languages spoken all around. This is the reason why tourist chose this destination for a splendid vacation. In case you have not yet decided upon places to spend your vacation in India then give a thought to the fantastic city of Udaipur. Numerous attractions in the city of lakes (Udaipur) will keep you busy during your trip to this city in Rajasthan. To make your travel getaway more exciting there is plenty of things to do in the city of Udaipur. It is a dream destination for people who have a special love for lakes and like to explore royal palaces as well as anything associated with Rajputana history and culture. Besides Udaipur’s glorifying history, the city of lakes has another point of interest for hoards of tourist who tourists who charm this city of lake year after year and i.e. the enticing shopping items.

If you have mastered the skill of bargaining then you can shop a mesmerizing piece of art like the famous Bandhej sarees and Mojadis at a handsome price. The articles with bright glass as well as beautiful paintings painted by a local artist will be the centre of interest. If you are a teen girl who loves traditional items then antique silver jewellery with semi-precious gemstones are highly desirable which you will love to have in your wardrobe. You can shop for all type of gadgets, bags, clothing, and books in one lane. If you are in Udaipur then the puppet show is a must-watch and you can even buy personalized puppets of your choice after the show. Leather bags are a style statement, strongly recommended. You can even purchase it directly from wholesalers in Udaipur so it would be affordable to shop. The very thing that makes the city of lakes so attractive is how it is constructed. It gives you a feel of rural Rajasthanis lifestyles.

Located a bit away from the main city Shilpgram is a rural district which is famous for Shilpgram Crafts Village. This attraction is renowned for its huts with traditional theme wherein artist showcase their craft making and you can even purchase handicrafts and Rajasthani textiles items in the bazaar. This beautiful small village is famous for mainly 3 things as below

  1. The rural life showcases provided by the government, which explains the rural life of people in Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.
  2. Camel rides and horse rides are Shilpgram’s top tourist attraction. You can also take pleasure of folk dance performances and traditional music here.
  3. Shopping at Shilpgram is the third element of attraction. This village is popular for traditional handicraft items, textiles, and many more.

If you are planning to extend your stay in Udaipur then there are many attraction like the famous Lakes, EkLingji Temple, Solar Observatory, Ropeway and many others. Visiting all these points of interest in the city of lakes will give you a good view of the whole city. The best time to visit Udaipur is during winter. The winter starts in November and ends in March.

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