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Udaipur Pre Wedding Location for Pre Wedding Shoot in Udaipur

Udaipur is a beautiful city to be in. it looks even more beautiful in the photos. Couples who want to capture their special moment beforehand wedding can choose this place without giving it a second thought. There are several locations in Udaipur which can be the perfect backdrop for the photos.

Wedding – A wedding is a commitment of a lifetime and everyone wants to capture every moment of this beautiful ceremony. With each passing year, there have been significant changes in the wedding industry. Couples no longer want to get married in their hometown in some lodge. They want something lavish and beautiful event which won’t be forgotten in a few days.

1. Fateh Sagar Road and Paal (Walkway)

The Main Fateh Sagar road is an astounding location where you can capture various romantic shots like running towards each other or having cold coffee together or simply walking hand in hand. An artificial lake developed by Maharana north of Lake Pichola in 1678 and toward the northwest of Udaipur. Inside the limits of Fateh Sagar Lake, there are three little islands. The biggest of these is Nehru Park. The second island houses an open stop with an amazing water-stream wellspring, and the third is the address for the Udaipur Solar Observatory. Here you can click some photos with a background of a lake and it centers the Nehru Park.

Tip: As this area mostly remains crowded, you can do the shoot early morning with the sunrise shot.

2. Nehru Garden

An island garden amidst the water of Fateh Sagar Lake, you can capture boat ride moments and aerial shots depicting romance on an island.

3. Rani Road

If you want a less crowded walkway you can prefer Rani Road, also there are various art statues installed there that can be captured in the lens.

4. Pipliya Ji

Around 25kms from the city, one can step onto the most exciting Pre Wedding Locations In Udaipur. Not really listed in top hill stations in India Pipliya Ji should be on your radar if you want to take a vacation and escape the city heat. Once you reach the highest peak of the village, you will experience speedy soothing wind at that altitude also if it is the monsoon season you’ll be surprised to watch the monsoon clouds covering the mountain region, also drizzle to lighten the mood.

Finalize this destination if you want beautiful pictures in lush green backgrounds and a place not known by a lot of people. Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot is bound to be spectacular and full of exotic views if you choose Pipliya Ji amongst all the choices.

5. Ghats of Udaipur

Astonishing and solitary, Ghats of Udaipur namely Gangaur Ghat, Ambrai Ghat, and Lal Ghat are one of the best places to have pre-wedding shots in Morning and Evening time. Ghats of Udaipur aren’t famous for their auspicious value, They have more scenic value than holy significance. All the ghats are associated with lake Pichola and were constructed by Maharajas. They have a grand style of construction and are sure to leave you mesmerized and people curious as to where could you find such excellent places that are not that famous.

6. Rajiv Gandhi Park

Why pay so many bucks for huge lush gardens provided by the resorts, if one can shoot in an extravagant garden with an extremely low entry fee. You can shoot in the vast garden area, near the fountains, also in the children’s park area. Udaipur is a magnificent city and not all of the locations mentioned are free. If you want to ease the expenditure on the location The park offers you the best of both worlds. Your vacation will be perfect in Udaipur and your photos will have all the greenery to soothe your eyes.

7. Chandani Village Udaipur

Chandani is a small village located on the NH-10 (Udaipur-Ahemdabad Highway), the village is the untouched beauty, a stream of water flows through the village that provides various locations that can serve as nature’s effect in the pre-wedding shoots. If you are a fun-loving couple and capturing the spark between is something on your mind than Chandani village is something that can quench your thirst for adventure. Get clicked while splashing water over each other and eternalize your bubbly

8. Badi Lake

An excellent lake about 12-14km from Udaipur. You can enlist a bike or motorbike to have an energizing morning ride with a peaceful destination. It’s also the best place for photography between lake and mountains. Badi Lake is surrounded by mountains and the view is just amazing and it’ll give you some perfect shots that’ll be in your memories forever. It is one of the best places for a pre-wedding photoshoot in Udaipur with the beauty of nature and mountains.

9. Ahar Cenotaphs

The Ahar Cenotaphs are a gathering of cenotaphs situated in Ahar, Rajasthan, around 2 km east of Udaipur, in Rajasthan, India. The site contains more than 250 cenotaphs of the maharajas of Mewar that were worked over roughly 350 years. 19 chhatris remember the 19 maharajas who were incinerated here. These old Cenotaphs represents the beauty of Indian culture, and the photographer knows how to mix beauty with a pre-wedding shoot. And they’re older and beautiful and will be best for some cultural type of shoot together.

10. Ambrai Ghat

A charismatic area that is ideal for a shoot as one can sentiment on the bank Lake Pichola, attempt the sprinkling water scene here also or strolling on the ghat together with the wild breeze spouting through hair. The Pichola water sprinkles on the Ambrai Ghat synchronously with the moving breeze joined by the feathered creatures and pigeons peeping euphorically, and as the brilliant sun chooses to enter the Pichola Lake.

11. Doodh Talai

Pichola Pal, Gardens, and Ropeway at the location of Dudh Talai makes it one of the finest place to have the shots for the couples who are going to get married soon. There are several locations near Doodh Talai Lake suitable for a pre-wedding shoot in Udaipur listed below:

12. Pichola Pal (Walkway)

Another Lake-view location, from here you can capture Taj Lake Palace in the background or the sunset/sunrise from the Pichola Lake in the frame.

13. Musical Garden

The Light and Sound show in the Musical Garden near Doodh Talai Lake is worth capturing in the pre-wedding shoots as the colors of the fountain shall brighten the colors of your relationship.

14. Rope-way

A pre-wedding shoot inside the ropeway that takes you to the Karni Mata temple is an extremely innovative idea. Romancing in the air in a rope-way!

15. Gulab Bagh

Full of lush greenery and clean roads within the area. Gulab Bagh is not just a morning spot for fitness persons or evening relaxing zone for families but its a lot more than that to catch up for pre-wed shoots.

16. Jaisamand

This place has got its charm in its second-largest artificial lake and of course, an Island resort which is a must-visit. So, for the couples, it has got all the views that you can just imagine to have in your pre-wedding captures.

Another location near Udaipur city, this location offers the scenic beauty of Lake surrounded by the Aravalli range of mountains. Jaisamand Lake is an artificial lake but the construction of the walkway and surroundings along with the lake is worth capturing. There are marble elephants installed at the Ghats that can be used as a tool in the pre-wedding shoot.

17. Saas Bahu Temple

Another historical place, this temple can be used to portray old-age romance. The embroidered walls and structures can be covered in the shoot making it an exquisite affair. One can also shoot love-brimming in the temple with the same religious beliefs.

Tip: Wear simple ethnic Indian wear and depict your love story as you take the blessings of God. Don’t forget to capture the scene of one person looking at the other one praying.

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