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Udaipur Gift Shop

What to gift to friend and family members?
Where can I buy the best gift?

Yes, we got your point of these questions arising in your mind with regards to the gifts you want to buy. Even, we ride the same boat when it comes to choosing a gift for friend and family members. We all often get confused when there is nothing to buy or have hundreds of gift articles to choose from. Our blog here will reduce your headache of choosing the best places in Udaipur to buy gifts for all the occasions.

Whether it is Diwali, New Year, Christmas, Rakshabandhan, Birthday, Anniversary or any of the auspicious occasion, gift is an integral and important part of our life and with variety of gift stores in Udaipur, the neighbourhood makes it worth visiting. Whether you need to buy gifts for women or men, you will have unlimited choice of shopping as soon as you step into one of the local gift shops.

There is something to please all types of shoppers in their shops and gift available in varying budget range. The gift stores in Udaipur offers customized gift items making the whole concept of gifting extra special for your loved one. A large number of gift shops are also available online that helps the customers to purchase an appropriate gift by shopping from anywhere, anytime.

Best Gift Shops in Udaipur for Every Occasion

Every month in a year has occasions that cannot be ignored and for each those occasions, finding the perfect gift is a tedious process. Apart from the physical stores, people also look for online gifting solutions. For every occasion, all you need to do is, keep the purpose in mind, what sort of items people like, you will have to shop the best gift for your loved ones. Lastly, if you want to make an impression in the heart of your loved ones, get a thoughtful gift.

India is a country where festivals comes every month and apart from the festivals there are personal occasions as well as reasons to celebrate. From birthdays to wedding anniversary and from inauguration of houses to festivals, whatever the reason is for your celebration, gift plays a vital role. Although, feeling has its own place in a relation, gifts are often considered of a value for a heartily relationship. But for every relationship nothing could be better than following the tradition of gifting something nice to someone we love, we care. To ease your pain of thinking about what to gift your dear ones, here are some of the best gift stores in Udaipur.

6 Best Places in Udaipur to Buy Gift for All Occasions.

Parmatma Gift Store

Phone Number: 02942419123, 9024562312, 9829649993, 9001233095
Timings: 9 AM to 9 PM
Remains Open Monday to Sunday
Address: Ground Floor of House No 48/839, University Main Road, Ayad, Udaipur, Rajasthan-313001

Ferns N Petals Store

Phone Number: 089559 89757
Address: 3 P 33, Prabhat Nagar, Hiran Magri, Sector 5, Udaipur – 313002
Phone Number: 070154 10398
Address: Geeta Sadan, Residency Rd, near Hanuman Temple, Sardarpura, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001
Timings: 9 AM to 9 PM
Remains Open Monday to Sunday

Su-Sa Crockery and Gifts

Phone Number: 0294-2529354
Timings: 9 AM to 9 PM
Remains Open Monday to Sunday
Address: Delhi Wala Building, Chetak Marg, Near Police Station, Udaipur

Lifestyle Rajmandir

Phone Number: 0294-2425553
Timings: 9 AM to 9 PM
Remains Open Monday to Sunday
Address: 48. Toran Bawri, Mewar Motors Link Road

The Pages

Phone Number: 0294-2412580
Address: Opp St. Paul’s School, Alipura Mosque, Sardarpura Udaipur
Timings: 10:30 AM to 9 PM
Remains Open Monday to Sunday

Udaipur Haat

Phone Number: 091319 19918
Address: Sajjan Garh Main Road, opposite Wax Museum, Rajasthan 313001

What Gift Items to Shop in Udaipur

Udaipur – along with a world known tourist destination, offers a great collection of collectibles that could be used for gifting purpose. Here are some of the great items that you could look up to.

  • Clothing
  • Perfumes
  • Heritage Notebooks
  • Fine art
  • Showpieces
  • Royal Belts
  • Pens
  • Accessories
  • Jewellery
  • Artifacts and Souvenir

Gifts are a special way to express love for your loved ones and when you visit the stores in Udaipur you can find a variety of gifting items in abundance. The shops in Udaipur offers the first option for the local as well as tourists to purchase a special gift.

When you are planning to select a gift for any occasion, it often creates confusion about the gift.  Gift shops Udaipur-Rajasthan are the perfect solution to your worries where the gift shops owners will assist you to choose the gift.

What couple of gifts can be bought from gift shops in Udaipur?

Home Utility Products

Home utility products as a gift adds value and often proves to be handy in one way or the other. These kinds of gifts are often the preferred for the loved one which could be of great use and make a great option. The home utility gifts are among those gifts that would make the person remember you every time they use the gift. The different types of gifts that you can consider are mugs, table stands, fridge magnets, etc. On top of these, some of the stores also offer customised home utility products to gift.


When you visit the gift shops in Udaipur, you will see amazing collection of imitation jewellery that can be paired with different types of apparels to go for every occasion. You can also add a personal touch to the jewellery and make it customized. The material used is extremely superior and can stand the test of time.

Soft Toys

Soft toys are among the most selective among the gift givers. The best part of soft toys is it helps in conveying a lot of emotions and is a great gifting option for people of all age groups. The stores in Udaipur offers a wide range of soft toys to choose from classic to latest ones.


Sometimes the best thing to gift your loved ones are the accessories which adds a charm. The shops in Udaipur offers a great collection of accessories such as watches, sunglasses, wallets, beauty and fashion products.

Gift Sets and Hampers

There a different combos and gift hampers which you can see on visiting the stores of Udaipur. These gift sets and hampers are available in different collections such as sunglasses and watches, sunglasses and belts, wallet and belt, watch and wallet, and more.

How to Choose the Right Gift for Your Loved Ones?

We understand that selecting a gift is a tedious process and that’s why we have shared here a few tips which you could consider to make experience easier.

  • Don’t just give a gift! Give something that cheer your loved ones – an experience such a pass to concert, restaurant and movie tickets.
  • Do the homework! Make a list of things that the person is interested. This will make it easier for you to select the gift
  • Learn from the past. Go back in time and take idea, an experience that your loved ones would love to cherish for a lifetime
  • Ask yourself what will be the best gift for your loved one.
  • If your loved ones are too close then you can do some stalking. Check out their wishlist, favourites your loved ones have marked.
  • Create a list of items that might help you convey the message you want to give.
  • Look at the social profile about their likes and follows to get a clue
  • Purchase a gift card so that your loved ones can enjoy their favourite activities
  • Give a personalised gift that would just describe your emotions
  • If ever your loved ones made some request, gift the thing they have asked once upon a time.
  • Avoid stereotype gifts

Frequently Asked Questions

Do gift shops in Udaipur stock occasion-based gifts?

Yes, you will find a great collection of gifts for all occasions for all age groups.

Does the gift shops in Udaipur offer return gift?

Gift shops have an extensive selection of gift items to choose from and here you can also find a great collection of return gift. If you disclose your budget to the shopkeeper, you will find the best gift or return gifts for your loved ones.

Will they wrap my gift?

Yes, all gift shops wrap the gifts you purchase from them. At some of the gift shops the wrapping paper may be chargeable. You can also take home the gift wrap paper and do it by yourself. Some stores also wrap it up in style.

Can I return a purchased gift item in case of defects?

In case you have recently purchased gift item, you can return within a few hours from purchase and they may replace it in case of manufacturing defects.

What is the starting price of a gift at a gift shop in Udaipur?

You can get a decent gift starting from Rs. 150 to the price your pocket can afford.

Do the gift shops in Udaipur provide customized gifts?

Yes, most gift shops will let you customize gift items. The customization could be from engraving names to having a special print on the products, apparels. There are several custom gift choices that you can choose from the gift shops in Udaipur.

Will the gift shops deliver the gift item?

Yes, there are gift shops who deliver gifts to destinations. There is an additional charge but it depends on the stores and the amount of gift you have purchased and the distance. You can also choose to pick up the gift item if you wish.

Is it possible to return a gift after it has been bought?

Yes, some sellers will accept the gifts upon return if there is a manufacturing defect, however, there are certain items cannot be returned. We strongly recommend to check a product before you make the purchase. If you want to return, make sure you have the original receipt with you at the time of return.

Does the gift shops offer corporate gifts?

Yes, the gift shops in Udaipur offer a great variety of corporate gifts.

Can I bulk order corporate gifts?

Yes, the gift shops offer bulk order gift items for corporate occasions. In case you are ordering gift packs with multiple things, then choose the items and ask the seller to gift wrap it. If the quantity is more, then some sellers might give you a discount for such bulk orders. While you are planning to give bulk orders then you need to place the order in advance before the event. Some sellers can also ask for a token advance amount as well.

What are the payment options?

You can pay the bill through debit, credit cards or mobile applications such as Paytm, Google Pay, cash.

Can you cancel orders placed for customized gifts in Udaipur-Rajasthan?

Most gift shops in Udaipur offer facility to cancel your order.

We hope our guide about where to buy the best gifts in Udaipur and what to buy will help you ease out your worries.

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