Tidi Dam Udaipur – Everything You Need to Know About TD Dam

If you are on a spree of finding picnic spots around Udaipur, then you have found the best spot – The Tidi Dam. A one-day picnic destination for the people of Udaipur and tourists alike where nature has been gracious and blessed with such astonishing beauty.

Tidi Dam – A picnic place constructed by Hindustan Zinc Limited in the year 1976. The dam has a capacity of 300mcft and 67ft height which is the main source of water supply for Zawar Mines.

Udaipur to Tidi Dam Distance

The distance from Udaipur to Tidi Dam is nearly 35 km (22.4 miles or 19.4 nautical miles).

How to Reach Tidi Dam from Udaipur?

Tidi Dam is on the way to Ahmedabad highway. The easiest and shortest way is to go straight on Goverdhan Vilas main road and turn right onto NH8. If you are travelling by car then it will nearly take 40-50 minutes to reach Tidi Dam. You can take help of the map featured below:

Tips and Suggestions for Tidi Dam Udaipur

  • Be careful while you enter the water as there might be a lot of stones, glass pieces, brittle objects or even reptiles so make sure you don’t enter barefoot.
  • The area is slippery, so it is recommended to wear something underneath.
  • Don’t forget to take proper refreshments as you might not find proper stores on the way. After all any outing is incomplete without snacks and drinks to enjoy.
  • Parents should be extra watchful for their kids, forbid children entering into deep water.
  • It is recommended for everyone to be extra cautious with the water to avoid any calamity.
  • This is the place for photographers so do not forget to bring your cameras else you will miss taking amazing shots.
  • It is recommended to carry water bottles.

What is the Best Time to Visit Tidi Dam Udaipur?

The best time to visit Tidi Dam is from July to September. This place looks magical during monsoon, however, avoid going in the evening. This is must visit place with friends and family. In the weekend it is a bit clumsy as you might witness a lot of crowds, so avoid going to the dam during weekends if you don’t like so much crowd.

More Information About Tidi Dam Udaipur

It takes 43 minutes to travel from Udaipur to Tidi Dam. The approximate driving distance between Udaipur and Tidi Dam is 36 km or 22.4 miles or 19.4 nautical miles. Travel time refers to the time taken if the distance is covered by a car. On the table above you can see driving distance in various units namely kilometers, miles and nautical miles. 1 The mile is about 1609 meters. 1 Nautical Mile is exactly 1852 meters. Tidi Dam, a straight gravity masonry dam had been constructed by Hindustan Zinc Limited in the year 1976, having a capacity of 300 mc ft & 67 ft height and is the main source of water supply for Zawar Group of Mines & CPP.

We hope you will find this information extremely helpful if you are planning to visit Tidi Dam near Udaipur. We personally recommend visiting this one of the best picnic places nearby Udaipur if you are looking for a change or you are a nature lover.

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