Things to Shop in Udaipur – Best Shopping Places In Udaipur And Their Specialities

Famous Things to Buy in Udaipur

The ‘City of Lakes’ is a delight for shopping enthusiasts coming over from around the world. The local markets here have an alluring atmosphere and as soon as you enter a market, there’s absolutely nothing you would not want to buy. Udaipur is full of boutiques, shopping malls, and almost everything is available at a stone’s throw but the real charm lies in its dazzling local markets with beguiling handicraft items, ethnic jewelry, and authentic leather products. Although shopping is a very interesting thing to do with loads of fun, enjoyment, and excitement, one never thinks of how much he/she is spending while buying depending upon what they like to sustain with.

And when it comes to going shopping in a different state while exploring around, you always keen to extract some memories by purchasing any product reflecting memories of that particular place. There are plenty of things to buy in Udaipur. As Udaipur is the capital of Mewar and known for its beauty all around the world, many tourists get attracted to this destination. With the great history behind this city, tourists love to explore this city and seek its beauty spontaneously. There are lots of such things which will always remind you about your trip to Udaipur and will make you amazed. Here, we are going to look at the most popular things to buy from Udaipur.

Udaipur is particularly known for its ancient hand paintings and miniature paintings and these paintings are from the Mughal and Rajput era and that is why the travelers love to shop them as the best option to decorate their homes and these paintings reflect the lifestyle of the kings and the queens and people love the paintings that are done in various colors. The other things that can be bought from Udaipur streets and shops are potteries, handicrafts, toys, wooden artifacts, home decorating items, antiques, jewelry, clothes especially the local ones which are decorated with glass and other craftwork and that is why there are many options to fill up your bags. People who are looking for more delicate items like brassware, handmade papers, painted wooden boxes, terracotta sculptures and many others which are more decorative items for homes and the people can get them at higher price if they are new to the city but the bargaining quality would help them to get them at the right price.

So, these were the best things and places to buy these things in Udaipur. If you are planning to visit in Udaipur or when you visit for the next time, don’t miss this stuff to see & explore more & more for shopping some realistic items based on the history of Mewar or things reflecting the City Of Lakes Udaipur.


Shopping for paintings and sculptures is one of the best things to do in Udaipur. Make your home decor with paintings of Lord Krishna, Shiva & statues of different Titans. Paintings and Sculptures are one of the best things to buy in Udaipur. Enliven your house’s interior with an antique touch by decorating paintings and statues of Lord Krishna or other Hindu Gods/Goddess or ancient royal families. You can also gift small bronze statues that are renowned to your loved ones.

Best Udaipur Shopping Places

Bada Bazar Udaipur

This is one of the most important places to shop in Udaipur and people can get a glimpse of the colorful market over here. The market is also considered as the main market of the city where you can shop for colorful lehengas, mojris, home decorating items, and where people can also buy camel leather objects, handmade artifacts, bags, wallets, leather goods and many other things that are the signature mark of Udaipur and people will love the things as the memento of Udaipur Tourism. Located near GhantaGhar and people can hire a tuk-tuk and reach the place very easily for an exclusive experience of the street and busy market shopping. Everyone knows about Rajasthani jewelry. It needs no introduction. If you also have a thing for Rajasthani jewelry, just like us, then you must come to Bada Bazaar for sure. Bada Bazaar is the home for accessories, bags, clothes, and more. You will see many small and big outlets scattered all around Bada Bazaar. The price for every item in Bada Bazaar falls in the reasonable category. The must-buys from this bazaar are silver and camel bone jewelry.

Bada Bazaar is another one of the best places for shopping in Udaipur for tourists. It is visited by a lot of locals as well and is always brimming with activity. Here, you can find everything from local produce to big brands, Indian as well as International. If you are looking for a place to splurge and want some variety, Bada Bazaar is the place for you. It is a one-stop-shop where you can purchase camel leather bags, footwear, silver and camel bone jewelry, famous Rajasthani Bandhani and Batik sarees, all at a reasonable rate. This is a perfect place to shop for fabrics and beautifully printed sarees. The best traditional gold jewelry, silverware, copperware, and clothing materials can be found here. You just name anything and it’s here. There are a number of shops here selling precious stones, antique items, and so on. You might have to go to a few shops before you find your desired item but it is going to be worth it. Don’t worry about the heat though, there are many street-side shops selling fresh fruit juices, buttermilk (lassi), and other fried items as well. Munch on the go!

Hathi Pol

This is another market which is considered as one of the most important markets in the city and people can go for the best shopping here. There are many things to buy in Udaipur apart from paintings and handicrafts and Hathi Pol is such a place where people would love to see the saree and lehenga shops which are hard to ignore, the ornamental designs are done with crystals, zari and mirror are a real pleasure and the tourists will love to buy them. There are many shops around where the tourist scan buy for dyed clothes especially dupattas and other textiles and they can also get the option of buy genuine mojris and Nagra shoes which are embroidered heel fewer shoes worn with the traditional clothes of Rajasthan and also can be worn usually, they are delicate and exquisite looking for their hand worked embroidery. The market can be reached easily from the city palace. This place is famous for various clothing materials like pure cotton, bed-sheets, and different types of fabrics.

Hathipole stands among the most-popular markets in the city for locals as well as tourists. Craftworks, traditional clothing, and designer footwear are famously known as Mojadis or juttis are the souls of this market. You can also buy beautiful fabrics of Bandhej and Leheriya at reasonable prices here. The Rajasthani blankets or Jaipuri Razai is another must buy the thing in the market. If you are an art enthusiast, you will find Pichwai and Phad arts mesmerizing and you will be compelled to make a purchase of them. The market mirrors the cultural greatness of Rajasthan wonderfully.

Palace Road Market

This is one of the best streets for shopping in Udaipur and one cannot miss the palace road which is having significance just after Bada Bazar Udaipur and here the people can buy for various things such as brassware, terracotta dolls and structures, and many other things. Many objects should not be missed while you visit Udaipur and they are Kundan jewelry, antique items, leather goods, and handicrafts and here in this road you can get them all and you will love them.

Bapu Bazaar

Bapu Bazaar is Udaipur in a nutshell! You can find everything you want in this vivacious market. From antiques to electronics, and clothes to books, there’s pretty much everything in this lane. Bapu Bazaar even has some famous street food shops where you can soothe your taste buds while you absorb the surreal sight of life in Udaipur. Bapu Bazaar is another popular shopping area in Udaipur where you can find everything from clothing to pottery. The market is usually bustling with activity. Therefore, it would be better to come here during the early hours. At this market, you can spend an entire day, exploring the lanes selling crockery, clothes, gadgets, khadi products, and even school uniforms and when satisfied, you can satiate your hunger by indulging in the Rajasthani street food especially the gol gappas.

Jagdish Temple Road

The old city, Udaipur is famous among the tourist for shopping materials like antiques, bags, handicrafts, wooden items and many more little-big things.


Shilpgram is the most popular village festival in Udaipur. At the end of every year, Shilpgram is hosted for 10 days with great artistic stalls, food stalls, and many must-see things. Shilpgram is a village, which is situated around 3 km west of Fateh Sagar in Udaipur. It is a large stretch of land filled with conventional mud cottages and wooden houses with straw and sticks. Here, you will come across items like stoneware, rock depictions, wooden furnishings, etc. The best thing about this place is the folk music, which plays in the background. Besides being a shopping paradise in Udaipur, this place gives an insight into the village life of Rajasthan.

Located close to Havala village, Shilpgram gives the illusion of a traditional Rajasthani village as the shops are set up inside mud and wooden huts. Here you can find anything Rajasthani from handcrafted and leather goods to authentic Rajasthani cuisine. The market has stalls that sell jewelry, paintings, leather products, handmade goods, terracotta craft items, and even footwear. Shilpgram is a one-stop-shop for everything related to arts and crafts where the prices are fixed. You can spend hours exploring the market and shopping to your heart’s content, and when tired, you can indulge in traditional Rajasthani food. There is also an amphitheater on the premises where folk dances take place from time to time.

Ghanta Ghar

Located near Ghanta Ghar and Jagadish Chowk, this bazaar features several little shops offering excellent handicrafts, besides a range of designer jewelry including meenakari, Kundan and polka works. There are some other shops, from where you can purchase antique silver gems and other decorated souvenirs at quite affordable prices. Another interesting thing that you can buy at this market is the traditional Rajasthani turbans, replete with beautiful embroidery. Just like other markets in the city, eating options at this place is fantastic and you can savor several local delicacies here.

Ashoka Arts

If you want to buy some lovely souvenirs from Udaipur, then visit Ashoka Arts. They have a huge variety of small miniature art pieces. Not just this if you want to apply henna art on your hands, you can try that here too. Whatever mart pieces you will see here in Ashoka Arts is made with 100% natural materials only. They specialize in miniature art, handicrafts, and paintings. These items should be in your list of things to buy in Udaipur.

Sadhna Emporium

Sadhna Emporium started in the year 1988. This emporium was launched with a vision to provide extra income to the women of Udaipur. Particularly, from the tribal and slum belts. Visit Sadhna Emporium to buy table mats, kurtas, jackets, sarees, table covers, bedsheets, cushion covers, bags, and more. Your list of things to buy in Udaipur will just keep getting longer once you visit this place.

Chetak Circle

Chetak Circle is the go-to place for shopping in Udaipur for everything Rajasthani. Here, you will come across beautiful traditional jewelry, salutation cards, hand-painted jewelry boxes, lanterns, brass wares, and the famous colorful Rajasthani puppets. The market is visited by many tourists, especially for the dancing puppets. At the back of Chetak Circle is Mandi Bazaar, where you can find locally grown and freshly ground spices that you can take back home.

Shopping places in Udaipur are plenty, but you have to know where to go to get the best items. Our list of the best shopping places in Udaipur has something to suit every budget. Pick up things like costume jewelry or a leather-bound diary to use daily and remember that once you visited a beautiful city of lakes and palaces which mesmerizes all its visitors.

Udaipur is a treat for shopaholics and casual shoppers alike because of the sheer variety it offers in terms of shopping places – malls, markets, and roadside shops. Take your pick. Just because there is so much to explore in Udaipur, things can get complicated when it comes to finding out what to buy in Udaipur. Don’t worry we are here to take care of this confusion. We bring you this list of the best places in Udaipur for shopping, which will tell you all about shopping in Udaipur and the best things to buy in Udaipur. A trip to Udaipur remains incomplete without shopping for some locally made products and traditional Rajasthani fabrics and handicrafts. The main thing to remember while shopping in Udaipur at the local marketplace is that a lot of items are bargainable and you shouldn’t shy away from hassling over the price.

Rajasthan is famous for its proud and regal history, which is amply reflected in the numerous traditional things that are available for sale in the local markets here. Udaipur is no different. Shop to your heart’s desire and choose between the numerous ethnic and contemporary products that make your shopping an unforgettable adventure. Happy shopping and have a great time.

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