Things to Buy in Udaipur – Famous & Best Things to Buy in Udaipur

‘Shopping’, the word enlightens everyone’s mood, that makes us welcome new members to our respective homes, and that must be practiced in delight or vain. Udaipur is extremely rich in its royal heritage artifacts including textiles, sculptures and much more, also the sellers are hospitable and friendly that makes it a smooth shopping experience. There are plenty of things to buy in Udaipur. As Udaipur is the capital of Mewar and known for its beauty all around the world, many tourists get attracted to this destination. With the great history behind this city, tourists love to explore this city and seek its beauty spontaneously. There are lots of such things which will always remind you about your trip to Udaipur and will make you amazed. Here, we are going to look at the most popular things to buy from Udaipur.

Here you will know about the list of special and famous things to buy in Udaipur. This article is dedicated to all the shopping lovers, the ones that crave shopping whenever they gaze new stuff.

Famous Things to Buy in Udaipur

  • Ethnic Sarees
  • Jackets
  • Diaries
  • Pagdis (Turbans)
  • Paintings and Sculptures
  • Cushion Covers
  • Authentic Jewellery
  • Wall Hangings
  • Mojadis (Footwear)
  • Wall Clocks
  • Traditional Rajasthani Attires
  • Bags
  • Shawls and Stoles
  • Borders
  • Boxes
  • Leather Items
  • Handicrafts
  • Paintings/Portraits

Best Things to Buy in Udaipur

Ethnic Sarees

In Udaipur’s local market you can easily find silk/georgette sarees in silver/golden work and several color options. There are also sarees with delicate handwork available on various stores that might interest you. Tang it with a crop top or ethnic blouse and flaunt the Rajasthani sarees in events.

Price: starting from Rs500 depending upon the creation of the fabric and work. (Machine-made sarees will be cheaper than the hand-made sarees.)


Try to sizzle up your style quotient by adding traditionally crafted Jackets to your attire! Cut sleeves, full sleeves, and half sleeves variants are available and embroidered or silk/cotton jackets can be chosen as per taste. You can also buy a matching pair of trousers to team it up with the jacket or can stick with denim for an indo-western look.

Price: depending upon the embroidery and fabric.


Ones, who love to maintain journals or keep small handy diaries for writing their hearts out, should buy a diary with varicolored options and with rose petals merged in the pages emitting a floral scent. Options of leather coverings in diaries can also be found in the market.

Price: Rs100 to Rs800 depending upon there sizes.

Pagdis (Turbans)

The Rajasthani Pagdis is a symbol of ‘Pride’ that is usually worn by locals in family functions or weddings. Take a Pagdi home as a souvenir from Udaipur as per your interest, several color options along with various decorated work can be chosen from.

Price: May vary from Rs200 to Rs1000 as per the quality and work.

Paintings and Sculptures

Paintings and Sculptures are one of the best things to buy in Udaipur. Enliven your house’s interior with an antique touch by decorating paintings and statues of Lord Krishna or other Hindu Gods/Goddess or ancient royal families. You can also gift small bronze statues that are renowned to your loved ones.

Price: The cost will depend upon the antiqueness and size of these classic pieces.

Cushion Covers

There are various options in cushion covers available in the Udaipur’s market including mirror-work, silk, embroidered, hand-loomed, etc. that will surely enhance your respective couch. These cushions can also be used as show-pieces and showcased in any rack.

Price: Starting from Rs200, the prices increase with the size and quality of the product.

Authentic Jewellery

Looking for ravishing jewelry pieces with indo-western touch? You’ll find them all in Udaipur’s market. Bangles, Earrings, Neck-pieces, Rings, Anklets, and other accessories are available in abundance in the local market. Also, there are variants in silver, gold, and bronze that can be chosen from.

Price: The price range is starting from Rs100 and will vary from jewelry to jewelry and the metal it is made of.

Wall Hangings

It’s an interior decorating element that can be added to your homes to acquire a royal look. These pieces are available in various sizes, embroideries, and fabrics. The wall hangings in the picture below may be expensive because of their size and work.

Price: Starting from Rs1000 (the wall hangings in the picture below will cost more).

Mojadis (Footwear)

Take a pair of Mojadi from Udaipur and flaunt it with your Indian or western outfit. These mojadis surely give a royal and ethnic look and also are extremely comfortable to walk in. Mojadis for men, women, and kids in leather and other textures are available in several color options in the market easily.

Price: Rs150 to Rs800

Wall Clocks

The pieces with a tinge of royalty interest you? If yes, then you’ll be joyous to see these exquisite clocks available in the market. These can serve as an ideal gift that can be presented on various occasions to friends and family or can be decorated on one of your house’s walls that will remind you of the beauty of Udaipur.

Price: Rs1000 to Rs1500 depending upon their size and quality.

Traditional Rajasthani Attires

A trip to Rajasthan remains incomplete without buying a pair of traditional attire that you can embrace as a souvenir from Rajasthan. The market is full of these attires and these are available in various color options and work. On various stores, you’ll be able to find dupattas, ghagras, blouses, kurtas, sherwanis and other dresses in silver and golden work that may be expensive but are worth buying.

Tip: If you’re planning to get married anytime soon, wear one of these Rajasthani attire in a wedding function, we assure you you’ll be loaded with tons of compliments.

Price: Depend upon the fabric and embroidery on the attire.


Handbags, Slings, Wallets, Clutches, Backpacks, Travel Bags and Potlis can be easily found in any store near City Palace. These bags are generally categorized in leather and textile. Replace your Prada, Gucci and Baggit bags with these handcrafted ethnic bags.

Shawls and Stoles

Pashmina, Silk, Pure Yak wool, Silk-Cotton you name it and you’ll find it in the Udaipur’s local market. The colorful stoles can be the best summer partner and the warm shawls shall help in fighting the winter breeze well. Numerous designs with reversible shawls are also available; you just need to dig in the stocks present in various stores.

Price: Stoles will be comparatively cheaper than shawls and will be available at Rs150 easily, on the other hand, the shawl prices are starting from Rs300 and increase depending upon the fabric and quality.


If you love experimenting with your apparel, you must purchase these borders that can be added to your trousers, tops, shirts, skirts, sarees, lehengas, suits, sherwanis and also can be treated as a designer belt around your waist. These vibrant borders are available in silk, mirror-work and embroidery options.

Price: the silk/cotton borders will start from Rs150 and the embroidered and mirror-work borders will be comparatively costly.


These antique boxes are a retreat for the people who love to store their valuable belongings in separate boxes. These boxes can be bought in metal and stones including marble/granite. All sizes are available in the local market.

Price: Rs600 to Rs1200

Leather Items

If unadulterated cowhides don’t rebuff you, at that point entertain yourself with camel calfskin things the celebrated offerings of Rajasthan; and which are exceedingly unmistakable in any neighborhood market of Udaipur. As one can relate Udaipur with sprinkles of hues, you can expect that the unadulterated cowhide things that are accessible there, additionally copying splendid tints and sequins. Regardless of whether its totes, wallets, jootis or coats overdo it at your heart’s substance while investigating the nearby markets of Udaipur.

Assembling of cowhide things is one of the little scale businesses in Rajasthan and on the off chance that you even wind up purchasing few pieces, rest guaranteed that somehow you are making a little commitment towards empowering this little scale industry. It’s constantly prudent to buy the camel cowhide items from road sellers, as they abandon some degree for bartering. Something else, from settled value shops, you run a possibility of getting undermined with regards to cost.


Puppets, boxes, table-beat these are a portion of the things in Rajasthan that bear the dazzling models of metal works. A portion of the metal product in Rajasthan incorporates metalwork, engraved, enameled and filigree cut on silver. Even though there was a time when the conventional craftsmanship used to manage the situation of metal works; at this moment, more present-day plans and metals, for example, created press have likewise been incorporated into the rundown.


Shopping for paintings and sculptures is one of the best things to do in Udaipur. Make your home decor with paintings of Lord Krishna, Shiva & statues of different Titans.

Places to Buy in Udaipur

Jagdish Temple Road: Old city, Udaipur is famous among the tourist for shopping materials like antiques, bags, handicrafts, wooden items, and many more little-big things.

Hathipole Bazaar: This place is famous for various clothing materials like pure cotton, bed-sheets, and different types of fabrics.

Shilpgram: Shilpgram is the most popular village festival in Udaipur. At the end of every year, Shilpgram is hosted for 10 days with great artistic stalls, food stalls, and many must-see things.

Sukher (for marbles and stones): Located on the outside corner of the city, this place has a market for marble. Leading marble companies are located here and marble from Udaipur is exported to many different regions.

Udaipur is a treat for shopaholics and casual shoppers alike because of the sheer variety it offers in terms of shopping places – malls, markets, and roadside shops. Take your pick. Just because there is so much to explore in Udaipur, things can get complicated when it comes to finding out what to buy in Udaipur. Don’t worry we are here to take care of this confusion. We bring you this list of the best places in Udaipur for shopping, which will tell you all about shopping in Udaipur and the best things to buy in Udaipur.

When you go on holiday, you want to go sightseeing, enjoy the local cuisine and lastly take something back with you. Souvenirs are usually things you can take home with you, and remember your trip by. They may be something small, which you can keep in a showcase, or something much larger, that you hang on a wall.

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