The Best Waterfalls Near Udaipur

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Udaipur – you might be knowing as a place of lakes, palaces, royal residencies, natural beauty and lush garden. But, did you ever know that Udaipur is also a popular place and home to many known and hidden beautiful waterfalls. Yes, you heard it right! Udaipur has a beautiful collection of waterfalls that is famous among locals and tourists.

With that said, if you are planning to visit Udaipur to spend a good amount of time at any of the waterfalls near Udaipur then we highly recommend to visit during the monsoon season. While visiting Udaipur during monsoon season, you will see a fresh and totally different beauty with greenery appearing in its fresh version, waterfalls flowing downstream giving an additional majestic touch and on top of that the weather makes it romantic and fun. Here we have shared some of the waterfalls that you can visit while you are in Udaipur.

Thoor Ki Pal

A picnic spot that is on the hotlist of the locals and tourists who just love being in the lap of mother-nature. Thoor ki Pal is situated in the Thoor village and is top spot to visit during monsoon from Udaipur.

An absolutely scenic and serene location where you will find peace and beauty alongside the waterfall. If you have plans to visit this scenic place then we recommend to wear comfortable clothes, footwear, take surplus food and water as this spot is located nearby village you will not find any mega eatery here.

What is the distance from Udaipur to Thoor Ki Pal?

The Thoor Ki Pal is situated just 11 kilometers away from Udaipur.

Nandeshwar Ji Temple and Dam

This is a religious spot but no doubt this is picnic spot loved by locals and tourists from across the globe as well. Although you will not exactly find a waterfall here but after a few showers of rain you may find the water gushing from nearby temple. Also there is a wishing well. You can spend your time by enjoying the beauty of nature, water flowing making it the best destination for picnic in the monsoon.

What is the distance from Udaipur to Nandeshwar Ji?

Nandeshwar Ji is about 15 km from Udaipur

Ubeshwar Ji

Ubeshwar Ji is the paradise when it is rainy season. Ubeshwar Ji is surrounded by the Aravali mountain range with water pouring and flowing across the Ubeshwar ji. Visiting this place during monsoon is a must. Here you will find the temple of Lord Shiva where you can enjoy the peace of mind, enjoy the surroundings making it a perfect picnic spot. Also there is a pond with small fishes where you can sit back and enjoy the weather.

What is the distance from Udaipur to Ubeshwar Ji?

Ubeshwar Ji Mahadev is about 22 km from Udaipur

Tidi Dam

A one-day picnic spot that is favourite among locals and tourists especially during the rainy season. This is a typical nature spot where you will find the beauty in its true appearance. Although this spot is no particular natural waterfall, however, the water flowing from the dam itself gives you the feel of a waterfall and here you can have fun along with friends and family.

What is the distance from Udaipur to Tidi Dam?

Tidi Dam is about 36 km from Udaipur

Menal Waterfall

Menal waterfall is a 150 feet natural waterfall situated in the village of Menal. This is the spot for a perfect picnic outing that is full of nature’s wonder along with architecture monuments and temples dates back to 11th century. While visiting Menal waterfall, you can visit nearby places, taste the local cuisines, and enjoy bird watching.

What is the distance from Udaipur to Menal Waterfall?

Menal waterfall is 195 km from Udaipur

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