Shopping in Udaipur Rajasthan – 13 Popular Places To Pick Udaipur Specials In 2020

Udaipur is the city full of colors. There are colors of happiness and joy in every aspect of the city. You can find colorful jewelry, colorful Rajasthani traditional clothes with a modern touch and the most colorful thing are the culture of the city. A visit to this picturesque city of Rajasthan is incomplete with shopping. Shopping in Udaipur is a unique experience owing to the spectacular collection of Rajasthani products. If you are in this city for the first time and need help in searching the place for shopping than we compiled this post for you. We bring you a list of shopping places in Udaipur that are a must-visit! 

The famous lake city of Udaipur in Rajasthan is among the top tourist destinations in India as it is home to some of the most scenic lakes in the country as well as many royal structures, which are the epitome of architectural beauty. Besides exploring these lakes and royal buildings, there are several things to do in Udaipur and one among them is shopping at its ever effervescent markets that offer a variety of authentic Rajasthani products. So, if you are planning to come and explore this amazing city, we suggest that you spend some good time shopping here. We bring you a list of shopping places in Udaipur that are a must-visit!

Every nook of every street in Udaipur resonates with the ascetic and ethnic values. This city of lakes is a myriad of colors and a paradise for shoppers. It is a dream destination for tourists as it satiates you with a wide variety of palaces, water reservoirs, and temples. The ample of options for shopping in Udaipur are the added perks.

Best Shopping Places In Udaipur And Their Specialities

From malls, markets, to local shopping in Udaipur, you’ll never run out of what you can treat your shopaholic soul while touring this magnificent city.

1. Hathi Pol Bazaar – The Illustrious World Of Artists & Their Paintings

Hathi Pol is an important market in Udaipur where you can find a huge variety of handicrafts and folk arts of Rajasthan. It is frequented by locals and is hence fairly priced. If you are a fan of true Rajasthani art, this market is the place for you to shop in Udaipur. Even if the articles are not very high-priced, originally, the vendors will not hesitate to increase the price manifolds on a slight whiff of tourists. So bargaining is the mantra here.

Famous for: The Rajasthani miniature paintings, Pichwai, and Phad paintings are must-buys. Authentic souvenirs, wooden handicrafts, and colorful ‘Nagra’ slippers made from camel skin with beautiful embroidery are highly recommended.
Timings: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm
Closed on: The market remains closed on Sundays.
How to reach: It is located adjacent to the City Palace. It is suggested that you park your vehicle at the City Palace Complex and discover the place on foot.

2. Bada Bazaar – Pick Authentic Rajasthani Decor Jutis Here

Bada Bazar offers a plethora of small shops, big showrooms, and exhibitions that display the unbelievable variety of rich Rajasthani items. Brightly colored traditional clothes are available at every step you take. It is an ideal place for souvenir shopping in Udaipur for your loved ones. It’s also a brilliant place to go for jewelry shopping in Udaipur.

Famous for: Batik and Bandhani print sarees and textiles. Do pick up your pair of handmade juttis from the Mochiwada Bazaar – shoe segment of Bada Bazaar. Jewelry, both in silver and camel bone, is a novelty at this shopping district in Udaipur.
Timings: 9.30 am to 6 pm
Closed on: The market remains closed on Sundays.
How to reach: Located within 1 km from the City Palace, it is one of the main markets in Udaipur and hence, very hard to miss.

3. Chetak Circle – Craft Galore

Chetak Circle is a buzzing market place where you can find a great assortment of handicrafts, brass wares, salutation cards, valuable stones, traditional jewelry boxes that are superbly painted, and hand-stitched papers. This makes this market popular for street shopping in Udaipur.

Famous for: From dancing puppets, wall decorations, pens, pen stands, traditional lanterns, handmade papers, and painted wooden boxes to exquisite pottery, everything is available here. Mandi Bazaar, at the back of Chetak Circle, is famous for freshly ground spices and herbs.
Timings: 10 am to 7 pm
Closed on: The market remains closed on Sundays.
How to reach: Located 2.3 km from Fateh Sagar Lake and 3.7 km from the Udaipur Railway Station.

4. Bapu Bazaar – For Crockery, Clothing, Gadgets, And More

Bapu Bazar is a market in Udaipur to purchase clothing, crockery, gadgets, shoes, school uniforms, and khadi products. It is a vibrant market buzzing with activities at every hour of the day. From enthusiastic vendors to eager tourists, the market never sees a dull moment on a normal day. It is also popular for its street food.

Famous for: Bapu Bazar Udaipur is known for authentic handicrafts and Rajasthani souvenirs. The market is also famous for its variety of street food specialties, especially the mouthwatering gol gappas.
Timings: 10 am to 8 pm
Closed on: The market remains closed on Sunday.
How to reach: The market lies on the Bapu Bazar Road, 1.8 km from City Palace.

5. Shilpgram – Kahani Shilpkaron Ki

Shilpgram is a heritage crafts village that is located about 3 km west of Fateh Sagar in Udaipur. Spread over a large area of 70 acres, the village displays an array of traditional mud huts and wood-houses, enhanced with straw and sticks. Here you can find all the rural items like pottery, handmade paintings, wooden furniture, and much more. What makes the experience more special is the nicely set background of traditional dancing on folk music. Apart from being shopping heaven in Udaipur, the main attraction of this place is the way it is constructed. It gives you a glimpse into the lifestyle of the rural Rajasthanis.

Famous for: Shilpgram Mela is famous for its handicrafts and artwork – it is a fair, ideal for trying out the handicrafts in the form of clothes and accessories of Rajasthan.
Timings: 11 am to 7 pm
Closed on: This crafts village remains closed on Sundays.
How to reach: The Shilpgram is situated at a distance of 3 km west of Udaipur, near the Havala village.

6. Rajasthali – One Of The Best Shopping Places In Udaipur

Rajasthali is a government emporium that offers a wide range of handicraft items. Here, you will find a large variety of Rajasthani crafts made up of brass, terracotta, precious & semi-precious stones, mirrors, marbles, and many other artistic things. Every item available here gives you an insight into the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. It showcases everything from fabrics to puppets, from jewelry to footwear, and from turbans to idols. Popular for fabric shopping in Udaipur, Rajasthali is a good place to discover all the countless colors of Mewar. It is a fixed price store that saves you the hassle of bargaining. Due to its fixed prices, Rajasthali is probably the best place for jewelry shopping in Udaipur.

Famous for: There is an extravaganza of handcrafted products such as textiles, furniture, blue pottery, terracotta pottery, paintings, silver and lac jeweler. Pick up the colorful jootis and turbans to jazz up your traditional look. Grab that oxidized silver jewelry you have been wanting forever.
Timing: 10.30 am to 7 pm
Closed on: The emporium remains closed on Sundays.
How to reach: Being centrally located, Rajasthali can be reached conveniently by any local transport.

7. Sadhna Emporium – Dab In The Colors Of Rajasthan

Sadhna Emporium was conceived in 1988 to provide alternative income to women in Udaipur’s rural, tribal and urban slum belts. This Udaipur shopping mall is the crafts outlet for Seva Mandir, an NGO working with rural and tribal people in Rajasthan. Sadhna Emporium helps in promoting the forgotten crafts of the artisan and also contributes towards community development. Colorful, bright textiles are sold here on nominal prices, making it one of the affordable and best shopping places in Udaipur.

Famous for: Sadhna Emporium is renowned for its craft of applique and running stitch-tanka embroidery. Crafted with excellence the range of products includes bed sheets, cushion covers, table mats & coasters, table covers, bags, dairies, dupattas, kurtas, sarees, and jackets. The prices of these items are exponentially lesser than the ones in shopping malls in Udaipur.
Timings: 10 am to 7 pm
Closed on: It is closed on Sundays.
How to reach: Sadhna Emporium is located in north-west Udaipur, near the police station of Fatehpura Circle. It is around 7 km from the Udaipur Railway Station and the Bus Stand. You can reach by prepaid auto-rickshaw from the railway station or the bus station for around INR 30.

8. Lake Palace Road – For Street Shopping In Udaipur

Lake Palace Road is very well known for embroidered textiles and wooden statues. There are several souvenir shops which line the street on both sides. From a wide array of multi-hued Rajasthani weaves to embroidered fabrics, you may find the best textiles here at measly cost. Also, don’t forget to check out for the batik and hand-printed clothes that are famous in this region. You can find about anything from precious gems, kundans to silver trinkets, and tie ‘n’ dye to woven items. It is undoubtedly one of the best places for shopping in Udaipur.

Famous for: Lake Palace Road is good for picking up all types of textiles, including embroidered and woven items. It is also good for wooden and brass statues of Hindu deities.
Timings: 10 am to 6.30 pm
Closed on: The market remains closed on Sundays.
How to reach: It is easily accessible by public transport, auto-rickshaw, and tuk-tuk.

9. Jagdish Temple Street – The Place To Shop For Your Leather Journals

Jagdish Temple Street is a very busy marketplace where you can shop for items like traditional wooden toys, vivacious puppets, multi-hued tapestry, bright-colored cloth lanterns, painted wooden objects, and handmade postcards. You will also find a good deal of mud and metal articles in the shops here.

Famous for: This market is famous for its camel leather journals and diaries. Apart from traditional wooden toys, the street is full of vivacious puppets. You can also shop for good terracotta and metal curios.
Timings: 10 am to 8 pm
Closed on: The market remains closed on Sundays.
How to reach: Very close to City Palace, Jagdish Temple Street is very centrally located, right in the middle of the city.

10. Clock Tower – The Shopping District Of Udaipur

One of the most famous landmarks of Udaipur, Clock Tower brims with shopping options for the buyers. From copper wares to earthenware and metal assortments there is a vast variety of options to choose from. It is one of the typical winding alleys where all kinds of exotic things can be bought, including gold and silver items. Copper goods churned out by master coppersmiths are particularly good. The craftsmanship of lac jewelry makers is truly remarkable. It is nice to shop here at night when the clock is lit up.

Famous for: This market is famous for the legendary Polki, Lac, Kundan, and Meenakari jewelry design of Rajasthan. Even gold and silver jewelry with meenakari and Kundan work is very popular. Beautifully crafted copperware is another item for which clock tower is widely known. You can pick some very unusual souvenirs in metal from here.
Timings: 10 am to 8.30 pm
Closed on: The market remains closed on Sundays
How to reach: It is very close to the City Palace and can be reached conveniently by auto or a bus.

11. Maldas Street – One Stop Destination for Affordable Attires

With the best clothing stores in Udaipur, Maldas Street is your one-stop destination for buying affordable attires of all kinds, be it traditional Indian or the typical Rajasthani. One will find clothes of all sizes, shapes, varieties, and colors here, all at very reasonable prices. You will even find the best kind of occasion-wear for Indian festivals and weddings. Get to this amazing spot and dive through the mind-boggling variety of clothing available at dirt cheap rates. We bet you ladies can’t resist that!

Famous for: Costume jewelry, unstitched fabric, party wear, ethnic wear, fabric-based souvenirs like leather-bound diaries, and home decors items like puppets and dolls.
Timings: 10 am to 8 pm
How to reach: It’s located in Bohrwadi in Udaipur and can be easily reached via bus or auto-rickshaw.

12. Ghanta Ghar Bazaar – Famous for Handicrafts & Souvenirs

The area around the Udaipur Clock Tower, or Ghanta Ghar as it is popularly known, is brimming with small shops selling beautiful handicrafts and souvenirs to locals and tourists. Located in the heart of the city, it’s a walkable distance from Jagdish Chowk and is a charming place to explore for shopaholics and foodies, since there also many small scale vendors selling street food and ice-cream around the place. Everything from antique silver jewelry to eye-catching ornaments made out of semi-precious stones can be bought here at relatively lower prices than other places, all with a unique touch of Rajasthan’s rich and royal culture!

Famous for: Souvenirs, gifts, and handicrafts made out of ivory, wood, brass, zinc-silver, lac. You’ll also get ornaments made out of meenakari, Kundan and Polki. Also buy traditional Rajasthani turbans, colorful tapestries, and beautiful idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.
Timings: 10 am to 8 pm
Closed on: Sundays
How to reach: It’s located very close to the Jagdish Chowk street and can be reached via a bus or auto-rickshaw.

13. Swarnkar Arts And Crafts – Great Place for Leather Shopping

Swarnkar Arts And Crafts is a great shopping place in Udaipur if you love leather. They are engaged in an extensive range of handmade and high-quality leather. They have a vast range of leather book covers, leather bags, leather diary and so on. Make sure to check the quality of leather before buying as they have different kinds of leather and the quality may vary accordingly.

Famous for: Leather bags, belts, photo albums
Timings: 8.30 am to 9.00 pm
Closed on: Sundays

Things To Buy While Shopping In Udaipur

Udaipur is celebrated for the amazing handicrafts that have made Rajasthan unique. Something is enchanting and unique to offer to everyone. Rajasthan’s best-selling items range from precious stones jewelry, bright colorful textiles, meenakari items, gemstone paintings, oxidized silver & copper items, Pichwai & miniature paintings, sculptures, panels, paintings, and other items in marble stone.

For home décor this place is a paradise, you can choose from the fine marble floorings, paintings in semi-precious stones, antique wooden furniture, jharokhas, lovely statues, waterfalls, and vibrant colored furnishings. The hand-printed linen of Rajasthan is extremely popular all over. And the icing on the cake is the ethnic charm and exquisite workmanship.

A trip to Rajasthan remains incomplete without buying a pair of traditional attire that you can embrace as a souvenir from Rajasthan. The market is full of these attires and these are available in various color options and work. On various stores, you’ll be able to find dupattas, ghagras, blouses, kurtas, sherwanis and other dresses in silver and golden work that may be expensive but are worth buying.

Get set to shed some of those hard-earned mullahs as you go shopping in Udaipur city. Pick the best of Rajasthani specials and delight your loved ones. There’s no end to what you can buy in Udaipur to take home a part of its magnificent culture! Take a trip to Udaipur right away and go crazy amid its vast shopping lanes.

Rajasthan is famous for its proud and regal history, which is amply reflected in the numerous traditional things that are available for sale in the local markets here. Udaipur is no different. Shop to your heart’s desire and choose between the numerous ethnic and contemporary products that make your shopping an unforgettable adventure. Happy shopping and have a great time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping In Udaipur, Rajasthan

Q. What is the famous food of Udaipur?
A. Kachoris are considered to be quite popular in the city of Udaipur. They are prepared with quality, keeping all the savory flavors in mind. Different varieties are prepared using pulses, curd, or onions.

Q. What is there to do in Udaipur at night?
A. For a great experience during the night in the city of Udaipur, you must visit places like Fateh Sagar, Moti Magri, Sahelion ki Bari, Chaumukha Temple, Doodh Talai Lake, Lake Badi, and more attractions to observe the glory of the city after the sunsets.

Q. What is famous for shopping in Udaipur?
A. Everything from ethnic wear, traditional souvenirs, jewelry, to handicrafts can be bought in Udaipur. Whether you are in a mall in Udaipur city or strolling through a bustling market, you’ll find numerous things to take home a piece of this vibrant culture.

Q. Which are the best places to shop in Udaipur?
A. Some of the best places to shop in Udaipur are:
1. Chetak Circle
2. Bada Bazaar
3. Bapu Bazaar
4. Rajasthali

Q. When is the best time to visit Udaipur?
A. The best time to visit Udaipur is during the winter season, that is, from October to March. The temperature is pleasant and comfortable for sightseeing.

Q. What is famous in Rajasthan for shopping?
A. Rajasthan is famous for a lot of things when it comes to shopping. When here, you can grab things like ethnic wear, ornaments made out of precious stones and metals, handicrafts and souvenirs like puppetry dolls and keychains, Rajasthani artwork, traditional shoes of ‘jutis’, spices and herbs, traditional home decor items, and much more.

Q. Which is the famous night market in Udaipur?
A. The clock tower, the famous shopping district of Udaipur is a nice place to shop at night. The market is famous for the Meenakari jewelry design of Rajasthan as well as legendary Polki, Lac, Kundan.

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