Shopping in Udaipur or Jodhpur – Where to Shop From?

Which Place is Better for Shopping, Udaipur or Jodhpur?

Does it depend upon what you want to purchase? If its small handicraft items of wood you can take it from Udaipur otherwise Jodhpur will be a suitable place for shopping both as to variety wise and as well as value-wise. You can get a variety of BANDHEJ items and handicrafts at jodhpur in your budget. So as far as I am concerned I would like to advise you to opt for a jodhpur for shopping rather than Udaipur.

I think Jodhpur is better for shopping because there are lots of Famous markets which you don’t want to ignore if you visiting Jodhpur or travel from Jodhpur people and tourist are often ignored because of tourist and people knowns jodhpur as a blue city but don’t Jodhpur is also famous for bandej sari. lakh chudi and many more things below is the list of the market where you can shop. There are lots of stuff available in the colorful Jodhpur Market. You will find there Rajasthani Bandej Saari, Suit, Dupatta, Jewellery, Mojari, and famous spices. There are many market place in Jodhpur where you can enjoy your shopping. We did our shopping in Nai Sadak Market from where we purchased Mojari, Rajasthani Sarees, Bangles, and Jodhpuri bags. The best thing which attracts us most is that bangles which were very beautiful and unique, there was also a lot of collection of saris of which the bandej saari we found very attractive.

Shopping in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is the most popular destination in Rajasthan where you can buy many famous items. Plan your trip to Jodhpur through Palace on Wheels train which is the famous luxury train for Rajasthan. From temples to museums here in Jodhpur, you can explore the glorious past in their grand fort that still floats amid the city and the religious holy sites. But amongst them all, you can explore two charming markets intact with shops selling everything exquisite and traditional. Jodhpur, the Blue City of Rajasthan, has so much to offer right from splendid monuments, vibrant culture and of course stuff you cannot resist buying. Right from antiques to Rajasthani accessories, you name it and you’ll be spoiled with myriad options. Jodhpur is one of the coolest shopping destinations in Rajasthan and you might as well get your mind boggled with all the hues and variety each of the markets in Jodhpur offer. Along with the listed, we also recommend Mochi Bazar and Sojati Gate Market.

Nai Sarak

Nai Sarak is one such market in Jodhpur you can’t afford to miss especially if you are looking for traditional bandhej or bandhani. Come enjoy being a part of the busiest marketplace in Jodhpur where you can bargain for flashy clothes, traditional ties as well as dye fabric. In Nai Sarak, you can also find intricately patterned cloths, leather items along with other interesting Rajasthani traditional products such as turbans, bandhej suits, dupattas, and sarees.

Nai Sadak

Here is another market that features all the colors and frolic of Rajasthan. The colorful turbans that exhibit the extravagance of the Rajputana culture, leather goods especially the special Rajasthani mojari and hand-painted sarees are the highlights of this market. The famous art of Jodhpur – bandhani is showcased across the market and is a must-buy for any tourist. The bandhani which is a tie-and-dye product using a soft cloth is a mark of Rajasthan’s tradition and exuberance. The products are sold by the artisans who make the original product, so you can be assured that the money is going to the person who deserves it and there are no middle-men involved. This also means the right price for you! The market is open every day from 9:00 AM-7:00 PM.

Mochi Bazaar

Mochi Bazaar simply means Cobblers Market in India and here you can expect to find all sorts of Rajasthani traditional footwear like Jodhpuri juttis, locally known as mojaris. However, when you visit this place you won’t leave with just a shoo-in your bag, in fact, Mochi Bazaar also has a bunch of other accessories. For men, besides the famous mojari’s, you can find sherwanis and achkans and perhaps for women who like the bling-bling, you can buy some varieties of lacquer bangles. Other than these markets, visitors can also explore Mochi bazar which has an exclusive collection of the mojari (Jodhpuri jootis) and also some sherwanis, achkans, and the famous ‘lakh’ bangles. This market is famous for Mojari, there you will find a good collection of Mojari.

Clock Tower Market

Rajasthan being the house of exquisite and delectable food rich in flavor, you are sure to wonder how all the flavors come from. At the Clock tower market, you will get all the exotic local spices – fresh and full of aroma. Some other famous items like antiques, handicrafts, and dyed clothes are also sold here. Take a local person with you so that they can negotiate to get a good deal for all the items. The market is active between 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM on all days. This market is famous for its spices and special for Mathaniya’s red chili and apart from this, you can purchase clothes, hand-made embroidery clothes, tea, antiques, and handicrafts.

a. From the fort, you will see Sojati Gate. Go there for Shopping. Go through by lanes
b. Let me caution you, this we did not find to be the cheapest place to shop
c. Bandhej work, Mojari (shoe) items are good.
d. There are some shops in Jodhpur fort. Camel Leather items here are of good quality and reasonably priced, One should buy camel leather products from here.
e. Once tired come to Naik street and go to Poker Sweets or Janta Sweets to recharge. Mawa ki Kachori, Onion Kachori, Malai Ghewar, and Lassi are the things you should try in Jodhpur.

Shopping in Udaipur

Udaipur is the famous destinations of Rajasthan and also known as the “City of Lakes”. Plan your shopping trip to Udaipur while traveling through Asia Leading luxury train – Deccan Odyssey. The luxury train offers world-class facilities on-board the train. An unmatched tourist destination in Rajasthan, widely known for its beauty and allure, the city of Udaipur is a fabulous place to visit for all sorts of vacationers. Here, the shimmering lake Pichola reflects the Aravalli Hills and a vacation here is always filled with attractive attractions and amazing marketplaces. The Venice of the East and one of the most romantic destinations in India, Udaipur will bewitch you with its charismatic landscape. But while you skim through its sparkling azure lakes and explore its regal monuments, take a little shopping break too.

Clock Tower

Locally known as Ghantaghar, the Clock Tower is one of the prominent landmarks in Udaipur and conveniently this place has a melange of shops selling all sorts of accessories and traditional wear. However, although this market is famous for its jewelry collection, you can find other remarkable collections especially handcrafted products like copper items and earthenware.

Bada Bazar

For an authentic and colorful Rajasthani mojaris, textiles and print sarees, one place you have to visit are the Bada Bazaar. Here, the traditional items you can lay your hands on are the camel bone and silver jewelry as well as bright colored Rajasthani clothes that have been beautifully printed in folk figures and animal prints. Might not add jitties as a novelty of this market but it sure offers a wide range of traditional footwear collection perfect to wear during Indian festivals. Named as the romantic city of Rajasthan, Udaipur has a lot to offer for you and your partner. From footpath stalls to AC showrooms, there is something for everyone. You need a lot of time to explore this market, as you will want to grab more and more – thanks to the abundant varieties.

Traditional lehenga-cholis, saris, shoes, antique pieces of art, dyed clothes, leather goods, and traditional jewelry – everything in one place. The price range will suit every need of yours, you can buy something for everyday use or if you want something grand, you will get that too! The market is open from 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM, 7 days a week.

Hathi Pol Bazaar

This market is located near the Udaipur city palace and is a marvel to look at. You will feel like a king/queen walking across the streets covered with the most elegant and well-crafted Rajasthani paintings, miniature paintings, colorful folk toys, smiling puppets, embroidered leather shoes and other souvenirs that will take you to a different era altogether. The market is dominated by locals and you should go with one too, for a better bargain. Park your cars in the palace itself and walk around the market to have a once-in-lifetime experience. The market is open from Mon-Sat between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. There are also Chetak circle and Shilpgram, which are a must-visit if you want to buy some traditional handicraft items. Chetak Circle is famous for old-style jewelry boxes, salutation cards and precious stones and Shilpgram has all hand-made items like pottery, clothing and so on.


One of Udaipur’s best shopping places, Rajasthali is a government-run emporium that sells a wide range of handmade products. You can find all sorts of Rajasthani crafts made of artistic things such as marbles, precious stones, terracotta, brass, mirror and many more. All the item available in this emporium displays rich culture of Rajasthan where the colorful Rajasthani pagdi, traditional pottery, lac jewelry, and countless clothes are found in plenty.

a. Beware of tourist traps. Small shops in narrow lanes of the old city and near Jagdish temple are tourist rip-offs.
b. There are many shops outside the City Palace. Meant for tourists on the splurge.
c. Go to the Hatipole market for shopping. Very congested but we found this place as the best place for shopping in the whole Rajasthan.
d. In other places, we did not find it as great for shopping. I hope this is helpful for you and in case you have a difference of opinion, don’t hesitate to highlight. This is purely based on personal experience.

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