Shopping in Udaipur or Jaipur – Which is the Best Place for Shopping?

Shopping in Jaipur

Jaipur is the place to shop to your heart’s content. Neatly organized bazaars make-up the city and run parallel to one another. Each bazaar is mainly dedicated to one thing, from kitchenware to colorful sarees, intricate henna to all types of books. Lose yourself inside the walls and veer off the main streets into little alleys to find spice markets, street food, and flower markets. It’s the best way to shop and to stumble upon delights or whatever it is you’re looking for. Don’t forget to look out for Jaipur’s classic blue pottery. The Pink City, Jaipur is probably the most visited place in Rajasthan. And here, the local attractions are not the only confined to architecture attractions but also its busy shopping streets about which you can read below.

The Pink City – Jaipur is nothing less than a treasure trove for the shopaholics. This beautiful city is among the popular shopping destinations in India, especially for people who want to take home souvenirs and traditional goods that flaunt Rajasthan’s ethnicity. Most of its nooks are beautified with colorful and ethnic handlooms, handicrafts and artifacts that will urge you to bag everything in your sight. When thinking of shopping in Rajasthan, Jaipur has to be on your priority list.

Johari Bazaar (Jaipur)

Johari means jeweler and that implies the market is full of a variety of jewels for you to purchase. The bazaar is an ocean of jewels with Kundan work and Meenakshi being the most popular traditional type of jewelry. Most of the jewels are adorned with precious or semi-precious stones. There is jewelry in all price ranges from inexpensive to very expensive and you can choose based on your budget and preferences. The market also has a few shops that sell handmade sarees and Rajasthani lehengas. The market opens at 10:00 AM and is active till 11:00 PM every day. If you want to do shopping in Jaipur, plan your trip with Maharajas’ Express Train which covers through its different itineraries.

Just as its name suggests, Johari Bazar is a paradise for jewelry-lovers. Jaipur flaunts some of the best jewelry collection in India, and this place, in particular, will make your eyes glisten with all the glitter. Not just gold but precious and semi-precious stones and gems – most of which are hand made. Even if you’re not into expensive ones, go for pieces of jewelry with warranty.

Jaipur’s oldest market Johari Bazaar and a one-stop destination are famous for jewelry collection, as a matter of fact, most of the shoppers who visit this bazaar come solely for special handmade jewels. Might be a bit struggle adjusting through all the narrow lanes but as you rubberneck, you will find multiple shops selling silver, gold, gemstone and diamond jewelry. However, Johari Bazaar is a delight for traditional ethnic attires as well, you can find a variety of must-buy items like sarees and lehengas. The specialty of the sarees is that they are beautifully dyed in colorful varieties.

Bapu Bazaar (Jaipur)

Bapu Bazaar is very near to Johari bazaar and has all the traditional Rajasthani items that you would have put on your shopping list! The most popular and famous of all is the mojari or Rajasthani traditional footwear which enhances the royal look of any ethnic wear. Rajasthani textiles, colorful traditional sarees, lehenga, and perfumes are a highlight of this market. The market has all its buildings painted in pink to give you a feel of the pink city Jaipur. The products here are of good quality and very reasonable. The market is open on all weekdays from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. In Jaipur, you can also explore Tripolia bazar, Chandpol bazar and Chiragpol bazar for some unique and reasonably priced products.

The Bapu Bazar is one of the most visited markets in Jaipur, mainly because of its leather and mojari (Rajasthani traditional footwear) collection. However, you can come across a melange of other products such as colorful lehengas and sarees, perfumes that ooze sweet fragrance, beautiful Rajasthani textiles. And this market is an ideal place to shop for handicrafts items. Here, make sure to bargain as much as you can because the vendors tend to hike the prices slightly higher.

Tripolia Bazaar

Locally known for its beautiful lac jewelry and colorful bangles, this popular market in Jaipur is widely visited by the almost weds and Indian ladies. Besides, you can also find a wide range of embroidered Bandhini tie and dyed fabrics in Tripolia. Indo-Heretic designed carpets are also quite popular as well as brassware and various other traditional products. Nonetheless, even if shopping won’t be in your to-do mood, a silent stroll amid the vibrant bazaar is a rewarding thing to do.

For covering the main attractions around Jaipur, you can allot at least four days for that. Amber Fort and Palace in itself requires a whole day to explore. If you take into account the other attractions, you need at least two days to fully visit them. And the remaining one day can be a buffer day for shopping or in cases of delays or postponements in your schedule. While you can explore Jaipur in two days or less, it can be a bit rushed and tiring to do so. If you want to truly immerse yourself in the Rajasthani culture, then allow a maximum of four days for the city. On the other hand, if you decide to incorporate Jaipur into the Golden Triangle Tour, most travel companies allow at least three days for the three cities.

Shopping in Udaipur

The RKay Mall in Udaipur is the opposite of the traditional market shopping India traditionally embraces and is known for. The large shiny modern mall is a tourist shopping haven. However, it still sells the same products as most of the markets, from clothes to jewelry and food. Besides shopping, there is also a great play area and entertainment for children. This mall is also rather unique in the fact it is also eco-friendly. An unmatched tourist destination in Rajasthan, widely known for its beauty and allure, the city of Udaipur is a fabulous place to visit for all sorts of vacationers. Here, the shimmering lake Pichola reflects the Aravalli Hills and a vacation here is always filled with attractive attractions and amazing marketplaces. And amongst the many, the best three are mentioned below. The Venice of the East and one of the most romantic destinations in India, Udaipur will bewitch you with its charismatic landscape. But while you skim through its sparkling azure lakes and explore its regal monuments, take a little shopping break too.

Clock Tower

Locally known as Ghantaghar, the Clock Tower is one of the prominent landmarks in Udaipur and conveniently this place has a melange of shops selling all sorts of accessories and traditional wear. However, although this market is famous for its jewelry collection, you can find other remarkable collections especially handcrafted products like copper items and earthenware.

Bada Bazar

For an authentic and colorful Rajasthani mojaris, textiles and print sarees, one place you have to visit are the Bada Bazaar. Here, the traditional items you can lay your hands on are the camel bone and silver jewelry as well as bright colored Rajasthani clothes that have been beautifully printed in folk figures and animal prints. Might not add jitties as a novelty of this market but it sure offers a wide range of traditional footwear collection perfect to wear during Indian festivals. Aptly named Bada Bazar (big bazar), this is the main market of Udaipur housing everything from showrooms to small vendors. When you’re visiting Bada Bazar, carry a big shopping bag along as you’ll find everything from Bandhani to antiques, available at reasonable to cheap prices. The shopping area is also home to some of the best restaurants in the city. This means there will be a delightful closure to your shopping in Rajasthan.


One of Udaipur’s best shopping places, Rajasthali is a government-run emporium that sells a wide range of handmade products. You can find all sorts of Rajasthani crafts made of artistic things such as marbles, precious stones, terracotta, brass, mirror and many more. All the item available in this emporium displays rich culture of Rajasthan where the colorful Rajasthani pagdi, traditional pottery, lac jewelry, and countless clothes are found in plenty. Though the listed ones are too among the popular shopping destinations in Udaipur, if you’re on a shopping spree Lake Palace Road and Chetak Circles also deserve a visit.

Udaipur can be easily explored within two days. However, if you’re coming from a further city, you need to allow an extra day to reach the city as it is located on the inner part of Rajasthan, unlike Jaipur. For sightseeing though, you can cover most of the attractions within two days. An extra day can be allotted for shopping or leisure sightseeing. Do spend at least a day in the City Palace of Udaipur so that you can explore all its nooks and corners. Udaipur is a picturesque location, and amazing for travel and sightseeing. It also has the famous lake palace which is now converted into a 5-star hotel. But where shopping is concerned, it is much better in Jaipur, where the actual hub is. You can find everything related to the area especially handicrafts, antiques, pottery, metal works. Johri Bazar is known for its exquisite jewelry. A lot of tourists come here looking for exquisite jewelry and also a variety of food.

Udaipur has a better shopping experience to offer as Jaipur is a little more overpriced.

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