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The famous lake city of Udaipur in Rajasthan is among the top tourist destinations in India as it is home to some of the most scenic lakes in the country as well as many royal structures, which are the epitome of architectural beauty. Apart from the beautiful viewing of the royal architectures, the travelers will love another activity which is no less than any celebration and that is shopping. Udaipur is a delightful hub for shoppers. Udaipur has a large number of small shops, big showrooms and roadside stalls that would offer you an extensive variety to choose from. Udaipur is well known for its attractive handicrafts. One can buy these handicrafts directly from small factories, located around the city, at a very reasonable price. Besides this other shopping items of Udaipur are pottery, jewelry, wooden toys, puppets, antique items, and paintings. Places like Hathi Pol, Bada Bazaar, Chetak Circle, and Palace Road are some of the popular street shopping arcades of Udaipur. Besides exploring these lakes and royal buildings, there are several things to do in Udaipur and one among them is shopping at its ever effervescent markets that offer a variety of authentic Rajasthani products. So, if you are planning to come and explore this amazing city, we suggest that you spend some good time shopping here.

The ‘City of Lakes’ is a delight for shopping enthusiasts coming over from around the world. The local markets here have an alluring atmosphere and as soon as you enter a market, there’s absolutely nothing you would not want to buy. Udaipur is full of boutiques, shopping malls, and almost everything is available at a stone’s throw but the real charm lies in its dazzling local markets with beguiling handicraft items, ethnic jewelry, and authentic leather products.

Every nook of every street in Udaipur resonates with the ascetic and ethnic values. This city of lakes is a myriad of colors and a paradise for shoppers. It is a dream destination for tourists as it satiates you with a wide variety of palaces, water reservoirs, and temples. The ample of options for shopping in Udaipur are the added perks. Street shopping in Udaipur is a real charm for shopaholics. Udaipur is a city of paradise for shoppers. The street shopping contains authentic artifacts, traditional crafts, vintage wares and many more. Shopping in Udaipur could be one of the best experiences in the city and that is why one can have them in all of the roadside stalls, big shopping malls, and the best shopping can be done in the small shops too. Udaipur streets are filled with stalls that attract tourists. Udaipur’s heritage filled culture is the main reason why you could find many unique items here. Starting from designer umbrella to mirror works, there are numerous souvenir items to choose from. There are many malls in the city that provides luxury shopping. If you are planning to surf through thousands of objects and buy handicrafts and rare items, street shopping is the best.

Jewelry shopping in Udaipur cannot be complete without a few rustic pieces of silver baubles. The entire city is dotted with shops selling both real and artificial silver jewelry. Authentic silver jewelry will usually cost a few thousand Rupees even for a small piece, whereas the artificial varieties tend to be a lot easier on the pocket. Take your pick, but make sure you use your best judgment to tell the real stuff apart from the artificial ones. If you prefer the artificial varieties, again the Hathipole market is your go-to destination for reliable shops, with little or no scope for bargaining, since the prices are already quite low. Pick up things like costume jewelry or a leather-bound diary to use on a daily basis and remember that once you visited a beautiful city of lakes and palaces which mesmerizes all its visitors.

Shopping for Vintage Artifacts in Udaipur

Udaipur has a distinct vintage feel to it. Be it the palaces or the buildings in general, there is an unmissable old-world charm in the city. Add to that an abundance of shops selling vintage artifacts ranging from wall clocks and metallic vases to hand-carved wooden sofas. In case you are picking up something that may not fit in your travel bags, do ask the shop owners if they can get it delivered to your city. From our experience, most shops in the Hathipole market have an arrangement for delivery and will gladly oblige to your request.

Get set to shed some of those hard-earned mullahs as you go shopping in Udaipur city. Pick the best of Rajasthani specials and delight your loved ones. There’s no end to what you can buy in Udaipur to take home a part of its magnificent culture! Take a trip to Udaipur right away and go crazy amid its vast shopping lanes.

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