Saree Market in Udaipur – Best Places to Shop Sarees in Udaipur

Saree Market in Udaipur – Best Places to Shop Sarees in Udaipur

A woman draping a saree around her requires skill and perfection, but the admiration received a post that is worth the entire effort. Saree is the authentic Indian ethnic wear is carried by women all around in India even globally now on various occasions considering weddings, ceremonial events or even a college farewell. And coming on to speak about the much appreciated Rajasthani culture, why go far in search of a perfect saree when you can find quality and art both at the same place in the same market of Udaipur where every lane is abundant with wide varieties of pure raw ethnic Rajasthani sarees. Draping a saree requires quite an effort, but the appreciation received later is worth the entire endeavor. Saree, being the authentic Indian wear is carried by women all around in India on various occasions, whether it is an Indian wedding, family function, a red carpet for an event, or the much-cherished Farewell party. There are several style options available in Sarees as well as in the draping skills. In Indian mostly in each state, women wear their patent Sarees with their patent draping style.

An Indian Saree contains a blouse and 5 to 9 yards of cloth that is draped into a Saree. Draping a Saree is surely an art; however there are also various ways to drape it; as India is considered to be an extremely diverse country, there are various castes, communities, religions, faiths that people follow. With each community a Saree draping style was derived, Indian women could be easily distinguished on the way they draped their sarees. Popular ways to draping a Saree includes Marathi, Gujarati, Rajputi, Punjabi, Dhoti, Lehenga, Bengali, Banarasi, Mumtaz, and many others. A Saree can be adorned in a celebration occasion as well as at home, nowadays unique Sarees created by hand are tough to find. But the City of Lakes: Udaipur contains a gem store named Udaipur Haat that exhibits all kinds of handmade sarees.

Saree Wholesalers in Udaipur City, Rajasthan

Resellers or retailers can easily purchase sarees in heavy quantities and then bring them to the market by contacting one of the saree wholesalers. These wholesale sarees are then sold off from different saree shops to the customers. Since the cost to be borne by retail purchasers for buying from a wholesaler of saree is extremely affordable, so these retailers always prefer a saree wholesaler for their goods. A plethora of choices is made available by a wholesaler of saree to the retailer in terms of design and color scheme. Saree Wholesalers in Udaipur City, Udaipur-Rajasthan enjoy advantageous locales due to which contacting them is a matter of ease and convenience. A large number of the saree wholesalers merchandise online helping them to come in close contact with more number of retailers. The prices usually become less and less if the buyer purchases large quantities at a time. Above are a vast number of Saree Wholesalers from the neighborhood.

Designer Saree Retailers in Udaipur-Rajasthan

Sarees being applauded across countries for their elegance, the demand received by designer saree retailers is enormous. The attire is deemed to be suitable to be adorned on several occasions and there are different types of sarees available at these retail showrooms. Designer sarees are intricately designed and are a picture of sheer delight with an amazing combination of colors and designs, be it thread work, embellishments or other types. You can choose your pick from silk sarees, cotton sarees, chiffon sarees, georgette sarees, crepe sarees, net sarees, and various other types. These retailers showcase a wide selection of wedding sarees, lehenga sarees and other attractive types that are perfect for weddings and other functions. Lehenga cholis and heavily designer salwar suits are other types of garments found here. Making heads turn, you can make your presence felt by flaunting stylish designs. Scroll up for the contact details of all the designer saree retailers in Udaipur-Rajasthan. Now you have a list of all the famous saree shops in Udaipur, what are you waiting for? Grab your shopping bags now and crave the shopping bug inside you today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do saree wholesalers in Udaipur-Rajasthan only sell sarees from a single brand?
==> Unless they are a brand authorized wholesaler, they will see a variety of sarees from different brands.

2. Do saree wholesalers sell pre-stitched sarees?
==> Yes, several saree wholesalers in Udaipur-Rajasthan sell a variety of pre-stitched sarees.

3. Do saree wholesalers in Udaipur-Rajasthan stitch fall and pico for purchased sarees?
==> Most saree wholesalers do stitch fall and pico often free of charge but few wholesalers might charge you for it.

4. Can I return a saree bought from a saree wholesaler?
==> Yes, you can as many wholesalers have a returns policy in place. However, there could be certain conditions for return such as tag should not be removed, the original bill should be provided, etc.

5. How much does a saree cost?
==> Sarees come in various price ranges right from Rs. 200 to upwards of Rs. 9,000.

6. Will designer saree retailers stock multiple pieces of the same outfit?
==> Yes, most retailers stock multiple pieces of the same outfit in case more than one person wishes to buy it.

7. Can I mix and match pieces of two different outfits at a saree retailer to create a custom outfit?
==> Yes, many retailers allow you to do that. However, it is recommended to ask about the price of such outfits before buying.

8. Do designer saree retailers in Udaipur-Rajasthan stock traditional Indian handicraft sarees?
==> No, not all retailers stock traditional handicraft sarees. However, you can enquire whether the retailer will order one for you.

9. Do saree retailers customize blouses as per the client’s requirements?
==> Yes, retailers offer to customize blouses as well as alter sarees as per the client’s requirement.

10. Do saree retailers deal with any other products in addition to designer sarees?
==> In addition to sarees, the retailers deal with Indian traditional wear and accessories.


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