Places to Visit Between Udaipur and Kumbhalgarh

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If you have enjoyed and finished sightseeing the attractions, monuments, lakes in Udaipur then here are a few recommendations to consider that you should consider while planning extend your stay or still got time to spare in your planned holiday time.

Often the visitors come to Udaipur for 3 or more days so that they can enjoy the beauty of the city of lakes with a day or two and then take a day trip to Kumbhalgarh and nearby places. You start up early for Kumbhalgarh and en route you can visit these amazing spots to make your journey memorable.  

Eklingji – The Lord Shiva Temple

If the history fascinates you and love to enjoy the architectural monuments then Shri Eklingji Prabhu Temple will amaze you. Built in 8th century, the temple complex is constructed completely out of marble stone with colourfully painted statues of Lord Shiva’s Nandi Bull. Originally built by Bapa Rawal, the founder of the Mewar Dynasty and the best part is the existing head of the Royal Mewar family continues to offer prayers at the temple every Monday.

Alongside the Eklingji temple, just a few clicks away there are the ancient 10th century Saas Bahu temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu and has intricate sculptures which will surely amaze you.

What are the opening timings?

10.30 am to 1.30 pm and 5 pm to 7.30 pm

Is there any entry fee?

Entry to Shri Eklingji Prabhu Temple is free for all. However, there is a nominal fee at the Saas Bahu temples.


On the National Highway 8 and en route to Kumbhalgarh, you will arrive at the holy town of Nathdwara. Shri Krishna temple which was constructed in 17th century attracts devotees and tourists to get a glimpse of the Shreenathji idol. On top of this, there are other things to do and see in Nathdwara as well such as traditional Pichwai paintings, featuring scenes from Lord Krishna’s life, the local life, collect the souvenir from the market.

What is the opening time and closing time?

The temple timings are 5 am to 12.30 pm and 3 pm to 8.30 pm

What is entry fee?

There is no entry fee to visit the temple.

Rajsamand – The Manmade Wonder

One the most popular lakes in Udaipur, Rajsamand lake is situated just 66 KM away from Udaipur and lies between Rajnagar and Kankroli. Also known by the name of Rajsamudra Lake in Rajasthan, this man-made wonder was built by Maharana Raj Singh in 1660. The lake stretches to the length of 6 KM and 2 KM in width.

The main source of this mesmerizing lake is River Gomti and boasts a dam built in the 17th century, marble terraces and stone, nine pavilions or ‘Nauchowki’ and five toranas (weighing arches) where Maharana Raj Singh and his descendants organised the event of Tuladan – an event where kings weigh themselves in gold and then distributed it amongst the Brahmans.

Is there any entry fee?

The entry is free for everyone.

Ranakpur – The Famous Jain Temple

Dedicated to the spiritual preacher and the first Tirthankar who founded Jain religion – Ranakpur has one of the India’s biggest Jain temple. The core temple, Chaumukha Mandir, is constructed in 15th century with the marvellous white marble and has 29 halls, 80 domes with 1444 engraved pillars. Isn’t it exciting? We assure you will love the architecture of the temple and enjoy the calmness.

If you are keen to visit this Jain temple then we recommend to wear a simple suitable dress with legs and shoulders covered (for both men and women). Also, leather items including belts, wallets, shoes, food, and cigarettes are not permitted inside.

What is the Opening Timing?

Mornings are reserved for Jain prayers whereas non-Jains can visit the temple from noon to 5 pm.

What is ticket fee?

Entry fee is free for Indians whereas for Foreigners the fee is INR 200 which includes an audio guide. Camera fee is extra INR 100 per camera.

Delwara – The Heritage Side

Just a few minutes’ drive from the Eklingji temple, you will reach Delwara. You can experience the rich cultural heritage spots such as traditional step-wells, temples and havelis where you can witness the mediaeval era art and crafts. Apart from this, there is also luxury boutique Raas Devigarh hotel which is housed in an 18th century palace.

If you love arts and crafts then the Delwara Handicraft experience is a must visit place which can be combined with the community walk which includes knowing the artists at Sadhna’s Production Center where you can participate in block printing and sewing workshops.

What is the cost of community walk?

INR 400 for just community walk and if you love to experience the handicraft then the fee is INR 900.

What are the walk timings?

The walk is scheduled every hour from 10 am to 6 pm.

Lake Badi – Experience the Nature

This is the spot which everyone might not be knowing! Lake Badi is an absolute wonder which is located just 30-minute drive from the Udaipur city. Constructed by Maharana Raj Singh in the 17th century to resolve the problem of drought, this is the spot you should not miss. We recommend visiting this place early in the morning when you head start your trip to Kumbhalgarh or just before the sunset.

On top of this, you can take a hiking trail to top of Bahubali hills for a captivating view or cycle around the lake to enjoy the beauty.

Ubeshwar Ji Temple – A Favourite Picnic Spot

A spot loved by all – locals and tourists alike. Ubeshwar Ji is surrounded by range of Aravalli mountain range where you can witness the scenic beauty and admire the natural views. What could be a better spot to enjoy an entire day with friends and family alongside seeking blessings of Mahadev Ji.

If you are planning to visit Ubeshwar Ji temple, make sure to keep your tank full, wear comfortable clothes and footwear and lastly don’t forget to bring food and water.

When to visit Ubeshwar Ji temple?

You can start your day early in the morning, but we recommend to turn back before it is too dark as there is limitation to facilities of stay and street lights.

Our mix-recommendation to visit these places on your trip from Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh will surely make your drive memorable. Feel free to share your views, comments and recommendations if you have come across any unexplored location.

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