Local Shopping in Udaipur – Places for Street Shopping in Udaipur

Local Shopping in Udaipur – Places for Street Shopping in Udaipur

The ‘City of Lakes’ is a delight for shopping enthusiasts coming over from around the world. The local markets here have an alluring atmosphere and as soon as you enter a market, there’s absolutely nothing you would not want to buy. Udaipur is full of boutiques, shopping malls, and almost everything is available at a stone’s throw but the real charm lies in its dazzling local markets with beguiling handicraft items, ethnic jewelry, and authentic leather products.

The streets of Udaipur are shopper’s paradise. Street shopping has it all: traditional crafts, vintage wares, authentic artifacts and so much more. Each street has its tale and every piece reflects the radiance of this town. You can get the best articles at affordable prices in these local markets. The colorful vivacious streets would not only be a feast to your eyes but also a delight to your pockets. From malls, markets, to local shopping in Udaipur, you’ll never run out of what you can treat your shopaholic soul while touring this magnificent city.

Best Shopping Places In Udaipur And Their Specialities

  • Hathi Pol Bazaar – The Illustrious World Of Artists & Their Paintings
  • Bada Bazaar – Pick Authentic Rajasthani Decor Jutis Here
  • Chetak Circle – Craft Galore
  • Bapu Bazaar – For Crockery, Clothing, Gadgets, And More
  • Shilpgram – Kahani Shilpkaron Ki
  • Rajasthali – One Of The Best Shopping Places In Udaipur
  • Sadhna Emporium – Dab In The Colors Of Rajasthan
  • Lake Palace Road – For Street Shopping In Udaipur
  • Jagdish Temple Street – The Place To Shop For Your Leather Journals
  • Clock Tower – The Shopping District Of Udaipur
  • Maldas Street – Affordable Attires of All Kinds
  • Ghanta Ghar Bazaar – Famous Beautiful Handicrafts and Souvenirs

Udaipur is laden with shops that sell the customary Rajasthani Bandhni print in forms of- sari, Kurti, lehenga, chunri or bags. Again, Bada Bazaar and Baapu Bazaar are the famous local markets to buy these specialties. In Udaipur’s local market you can easily find silk/georgette sarees in silver/golden work and several color options. There are also sarees with delicate handwork available on various stores that might interest you. A trip to Udaipur remains incomplete without shopping for some locally made products and traditional Rajasthani fabrics and handicrafts. The main thing to remember while shopping in Udaipur at the local marketplace is that a lot of items are bargainable and you shouldn’t shy away from hassling over the price.

The name speaks for itself here! This market is chiefly popular for traditional Rajasthani and leather footwear. This place is never short on varieties to offer. Shopkeepers sell locally produced sports shoes, formal shoes, and so on at very cheap rates. These are often quite durable and made with good quality materials. Also, bargaining is quite rampant and you can get awesome footwear at very cheap prices.

Rajasthan is famous for its proud and regal history, which is amply reflected in the numerous traditional things that are available for sale in the local markets here. Udaipur is no different. Shop to your heart’s desire and choose between the numerous ethnic and contemporary products that make your shopping an unforgettable adventure. Happy shopping and have a great time.


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