Jaisamand Lake Udaipur – An Exotic Place to Explore

Jaisamand Lake Udaipur

If you have a planned your trip to Udaipur and have an extra day to spare or have looking for a spot that’s away from hustling and bustling of city then Jaisamand Lake is the place for you. We bet once you reach this spot, you will be amazed with the beauty this place carries.

Jaisamand is away from the main city and a day here is always a day well spent. This place is a home to numerous spots and activities which you can look up to make it a memorable experience. We have shared here a complete guide to Jaisamand Lake and surrounding places.

Jaisamand Lake

Popular with the title “Second Largest Artificial Lake in Asia”, Jaisamand Lake is a true beauty you will admire once you spot when on the arrival. It is said that the lake got its name after the childhood name of Maharana Jaisinh that is Dhebar. Later on, Maharana Jaisingh named this lake as ‘Ocean of Victory’. This lake is built on the river Gomti forming a Jaisamand Lake Dam which is 300 meters long situated along the Aravalli mountain range. On top of this, the dam has a Shiv temple and has six cenotaphs carved from marble on its embankment which adds to the beauty of the lake. This is the spot from where you will see the lake opening and is the entrance.

Jaisamand Sanctuary

Spread across 160 square km and was opened in the year 1957. The Jaisamand Sanctuary is a home to various species such as sloth bear, leopard, chital, chinkara, wild boar, variety of the birds such as darter, open bill stork, pond heron, little cormorant and Indian Shag. You can enjoy the ride by taking an affordable ticket for a visit to Jaisamand Sanctuary.

Hawa Mahal

Built by Rana Jai Singh, this is one the two palaces which is a masterpiece of architecture and hosts scenic views of the Jaisamand Lake. There is a nominal fee for visiting Hawa Mahal where you can park the car in the parking and take up the walk to the palace. Reaching the palace is quite steep as it is located on the height. If you are or not a photographer, you will surely love taking photos.

Ruthi Rani Ka Mahal

Maharana Jai Singh built this palace for youngest queen Kamladevi. Built during 1680 to 1698 AD, this palace has a view of lake on all the four sides. The story states that being dismayed with Maharana Jai Singh, the queen Kamladevi left palace to leave a segregated life for entire life and came to be known as Roothi Rani Ka Mahal.

This is spot which will truly take your breath away. Ruthi Rani Ka Mahal is 2.5 km ride from the entrance or Hawa Mahal which can be reached passing through adventurous road. If you are planning to visit this palace and we recommend only if you have small car as the roads are too narrow and steep. You can take the tickets from the base at Hawa Mahal.

Jaisamand Island Resort

A luxurious resort which is built on a private island of more than 40 acres. If you are planning an overnight stay at the Jaisamand then this is the perfect and only resort to make the stay. You can reach this resort by parking the vehicle at the centophes entrance and then ferry will take you to the resort. The pricing of these resort depends on which month you have planned but starting range is around INR 5000.

Boat Ride at Jaisamand Lake

If you truly want to admire the beauty of the lake and witness the aquatic life of the Jaisamand lake then we recommend to take a boat ride of the lake. The fees start from INR 100 to INR 1500. Based on the costing the boat ride area is defined.

Jaisamand Lake Udaipur Photo Gallary

FAQs about Jaisamand Lake Udaipur

How to reach Jaisamand Lake?

The Jaisamand Lake is approximately 57 kms away which is a one and a half hour drive from the Udaipur City.

What’s so special about the road route to Jaisamand Lake?

At first, you might find the road boring and full of traffic but once you take the Route 32 you will be surprised to see how the route approaches. The roads will take you through the forest, hilly areas with turns up and down. The drive will truly be a remarkable experience. But a bit of advice, keep the car tuned, take some water and snacks to munch on the way as these things are very scarcely available on the route.

What is the best time to visit Jaisamand Lake?

The lake can be visited any time of the year but we recommend to visit during monsoon and winter season.

How will you come to know the destination has arrived?

On the route 32, you will reach the Jaisamand village and taking the left, going through the village you will reach at the bottom from where there is a steep uphill ride to arrive at your destination.

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