Hathipole Udaipur Shopping – Popular Shopping Market of Udaipur

The Hathi Pol or Elephant Gate is situated in the North and leads to City palace, the main Royal residence in Udaipur. This is the monument of Udaipur, a walled city that was established by Maharana Udai Singh and it was the capital of Mewar after Chittorgarh, which was sacked by the Mughal Army in 1567, gate’s door panel is studded with sharp spikes. Hathi Pole is also now a beautiful and colorful market of modern Udaipur, and markets attract the visitors for special Mewar’s crafts and art. If you have an eye for art, do shop for the famous Pichwai and Phad paintings of Rajasthan, apart from other miniature paintings and traditional Rajasthani artwork at Hathi Pol Bazaar. In this market prices are not fixed so a bargain is essential. This gate is quite significant having two gates adjoined at the right angle, fountains and garden may be the later addition and above the gate, special quarters are built. Though in front of the gate Bhama Shah’s Statue, who was a great donor, reminds a great memory as he helped Maha Rana Pratap.

One of the most famous markets in Udaipur, Hathi Pol Bazaar is visited by tourists in large numbers. This is the ideal market to shop for souvenirs from. Here you can find beautiful handicrafts and artwork like the traditional Rajasthani Pichwai and Phad paintings done by the local artists. Here, you will come across some shops selling Rajasthani folk art, miniature paintings, all at a price that is bargainable. If you are one of those who appreciate art, then this is the place for you. You can take home an artwork that will always remind you of Udaipur.

Hathipole Market Udaipur

A must visit place for tourists and the hub of shopping for every Udaipurite, this lively market is swarming with customers from all over the world to buy famous handicraft items, silver jewelry, bandhani print outfits, souvenirs made with brass, marble, etc. You can also find a lot of shops to buy Rajasthani traditional footwear like Mojris, Jootis, and other leather products at very cheap rates. This market is an exciting and fun place for fans of Rajasthani art and craftwork. You can buy and choose from the large variety of folk art and handicrafts available at different shops in the Hathipole market. The things are not very costly here, but the prices are little increased by the shop-keepers, you can enjoy bargaining with them and get your chosen article at competitive prices.

Accessible by foot when you visit the city palace, this bazaar is a great shopping place and a treasure trove of Rajasthani handicrafts and folk arts. The items here are reasonably priced but if you are not a local, they may be hiked up for you in no time. Try and bargain or go with a local friend to pick up souvenirs of paintings and handicrafts as well as embroidered leather slippers made of camel skin, called Nagra.

Explore the unusually named Hathi Pol Bazar in Udaipur. Scan the shops filled with a plethora of little treasures, just waiting to be discovered. Shop for the famous Pichwai and Phad paintings of Rajasthan here. Buy some miniatures and discover other forms of traditional Rajasthani artwork in the well-stocked outlets. The handicrafts of this desert state are stunning in their use of vibrant colors and intricate workmanship. Coveted all over the world, here’s your chance to acquire some of these. Take a beautiful part of the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan back home with you. Souvenirs that you collect and gift to your loved ones are sure to be appreciated!

Hathipole stands among the most-popular markets in the city for locals as well as tourists. Craftworks, traditional clothing, and designer footwear are famously known as Mojadis or juttis are the souls of this market. You can also buy beautiful fabrics of Bandhej and Leheriya at reasonable prices here. The Rajasthani blankets or Jaipuri Razai is another must buy a thing in the market. If you are an art enthusiast, you will find Pichwai and Phad arts mesmerizing and you will be compelled to purchase them. The market mirrors the cultural greatness of Rajasthan in a wonderful manner.

This is one of the most popular markets for locals as well as tourists. Even the most reluctant shoppers will find it difficult to resist themselves here. The market reflects the eminence of Rajasthan. The exquisite handicrafts, garments and colorful footwear are popularly known as Mojadis or jutis are the souls of this market. Different styles of fabric called Bandhej or Bandhani and Leheriya which are created using ‘tie and dye’ techniques are available here at quite affordable prices. The Rajasthani quilts or Jaipuri razai are something you just can’t ignore from having a look at.

Hathipole is a locality inside the Udaipur metropolis of Rajasthan state. This is among the most important and famous marketplace within the town. Hathipole Market has extra shops in this city it has more crowd each day, everything is available in this marketplace consequently you easily completed shopping. In this city guest house is avail so you can live without any trouble. Udaipur became one time surrounded through the City Wall of Udaipur, known as in Hindi Parkota. Hathipole Darvaja or Hathipole is one entry gate amongst seven, the others being Surajpole, Udiapole, Chandpole, Delhi Gate, and so forth.

Hathipole is the adjoining pole, next to DelhiGate. It is around 1.5 km far away from the Udaipur City Bus Depot and a couple of. Five km from Udaipur City railway station. It may be very close to several adjacent markets, particularly Ashwani Bazar, Delhi Gate, Chetak Circle, Ghantaghar, Clock Tower and so forth. Hathipole is a famous marketplace for buying of traditional handicraft objects, traditional Rajasthani clothing and shoes, and vintage articles.

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