Fateh Sagar Lake – The Beauty of Udaipur

Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur

You might be amazed to hear that India has more than hundreds of lakes which gives so much to the ecosystem whether it is within or on the land. Amongst those lakes, Fateh Sagar Lake of Udaipur has its own beauty which makes Udaipur an incredible land of beauty for tourists.

If you have planned to visit Udaipur for leisure with family, as a couples or a business trip with colleagues then the first thing we recommend to put on list if the Fateh Sagar Lake. Whatever time you reach Udaipur, you will be mesmerized by seeing the beauty of Fateh Sagar Lake. It was January and we reached Udaipur around 4 PM and thereafter quickly made our way to Fateh Sagar Lake. It was almost 5 PM we reached Fateh Sagar Lake and we were truly in love with the atmosphere, the sightings and experienced a calmness and peace and this is the reason we recommend to pay your first visit to Fateh Sagar Lake.

Fateh Sagar Lake Location – Perfect in Every Way

When you visit the Fateh Sagar Lake of Udaipur, you will find the alluring water that is clear so much that even the birds flying at a low height over lake can see the reflection. This is the spot where you will find water, hills and flora.

Fateh Sagar Lake is situated in the north of Lake Pichola which is right across the Moti Magri Hill and is considered as the second largest artificial lake. The lake is surrounded by the Aravalli hills on three sides and on the other side you will find Pratap Memorial. The lake is so big that it is home to three tiny islands offering many exciting activities for every age of people.

History of Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur

This artificial lake was built in 1678 by Maharana Jai Singh, however, Fateh Sagar Lake got its name from Maharana Fateh Singh, who later made additions to it. The lake is approximately 2.5 km long, 1.6 km and 11 meter in depth.

According to the information, in 1888, the first Fateh Sagar lake was washed away due to heavy floods and during this time Maharana Fateh Singh ordered the construction of a dam which is now known as the Connaught Bund or embankment. This dam is 800-meter long and is built on the eastern side of the Fateh Sagar Lake.

Things To Do at Fateh Sagar Lake

If are planning to visit Fateh Sagar Lake then here are some of the things to do and see which you can add to your list.

  • Take stroll along the Fateh Sagar Lake
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the magnificent views of lake
  • Give a spin to your taste buds by enjoying the culinary, especially local dishes at the Fateh Sagar Lake (Youngsters and families often park the car and sit on the lake wall to enjoy the food)
  • Visit “Under the Sun” aquarium to witness different species of fishes
  • Capture mesmerizing photos alongside the lake
  • Visit the Nehru Park garden via boat ride (located in the centre of the Fateh Sagar Lake)

Things To Do Near Fateh Sagar Lake

Although the city of Udaipur has a numerous thing to do and see, here we have listed best things to do near Fateh Sagar Lake.

What are the fees of Fateh Sagar Lake?

There is no entry fee to visit the Fateh Sagar lake.

What are the timings to visit Fateh Sagar Lake?

The Fateh Sagar Lake opens at 8 in the morning and closes at 7 in the evening.

What is the cost of boat ride at Fateh Sagar Lake?

The boat ride fees for Indians are INR 25 to INR 30 whereas for the foreign tourist is INR 60 to INR 150.

Is there a speedboat ride at the Fateh Sagar Lake?

Yes, you can enjoy the speedboat ride at the Fateh Sagar Lake. The cost for a 30-minute ride is INR 200.

What else are the attractions at the Fateh Sagar Lake?

You can enjoy at a boat shaped restaurant, the views at the dusk when lights lit up, fun activities near by the lake.

How to reach Fateh Sagar Lake?

As Fateh Sagar Lake is one the top tourist attraction in Udaipur, the lake is a 40-minute drive from Udaipur Airport and can be reached through a taxi. The lake is just 3 km away from the railway station. Lastly, in whatever corner you stay in the Udaipur it will not take more than 45 minutes to reach Fateh Sagar Lake.

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