Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur – Udaipur Markets – Local Market in Udaipur

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur – Udaipur Markets – Local Market in Udaipur

A travel destination with good shopping experience is admired by every traveller and this “City of Lakes” is a total delight for every shopping enthusiast coming over from the world. The best part of markets present in Udaipur is alluring atmosphere and yes, there is absolutely nothing you would not buy! When you visit Udaipur, you will see boutiques, shopping malls, and almost everything is available at walking distance and the real charm is exploring the dazzling local markets where you can shop beguiling handicraft items, ethnic jewellery, and authentic leather products.

Every shopping place in Udaipur has its own charm and especially at the local markets, if you are an amateur negotiator and with proper knowledge, you can draw a good deal with shopping your items on the list.

Give an end to your shopping woes because we know what you would love and where to shop. Our research about the best shopping markets in Udaipur will ease you out. Pick up your bags and head out to these places. But be careful, you might end up purchasing more than you need.

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur

1. Hathipole Market

Known as the hub of shopping for the people of Udaipur and is a must visit place for tourist as well. Hathipole Market is a lively place with customers coming from all over the world to buy specialities such as handicraft items, silver jewellery, bandhani print apparels, souvenirs made with brass, marble, and lot more. Here you can also find Rajasthani traditional footwear like Mojris, Jootis, and other leather products at very cheap rates.

2. Bada Bazaar

A bazaar where you can find the best of traditional gold jewellery, silverware, copperware, and clothing materials – everything just at your arm’s reach. What more you can expect when you see shops selling precious stones, arts, antique items, and more. Feeling the heat while shopping from shop to shop then taste the fresh fruit juices, buttermilk, lassi, and other fried items to munch on the go! Must visit Bada Bazaar with family and friends.

3. Sindhi Bazaar

Just go a bit farther from Bada Bazar and you will reach the Sindhi Market – A place having all sorts of clothes for kids, men, and women. Sindhi Bazaar throbs during the daytime and is way too crowded to explore in a car. We recommend using a two-wheeler and with having an expertise in bargaining, you can take a dozen shopping bags back home.

4. Lakhara Chowk

A shopping market that is extremely famous for bangles, artificial jewellery, cosmetic products, and items of decor. The shops here are present in narrow lanes of the walled city of Udaipur and sometimes it becomes a way too crowdy to even explore on two-wheeler and that’s exploring on foot is the best and preferred options. If you are looking to buy something matching for your apparel, bring it with you and can find what you want here.

5. Mochiwada

The name says it all! Mochiwada market is popular for traditional Rajasthani and leather footwear. This place is never short on varieties and will amaze you for sure. You can find locally manufactured sports shoes, formal shoes, and so on at very cheap rates with durability and good quality materials. Again, we must tell you, bargaining can get awesome footwear at very cheap prices.

6. Ashwini Market

Another hustling and bustling market of Udaipur is Ashwini Market where people move In and out all day. Popular for a variety of shops selling attractive home decor items, designer sarees, and electronics, this market is located at a walking distance from Hathipole. You can also find popular electrical equipment, sanitary, and hardware shops.

7. Bhatiyani Chohatta, Gulab Bagh Road

As you take a walk down the Gulab Bagh road in the evening, pay a visit to the beautiful art galleries, boutiques, and jewellery stores here. These shops are perfect for purchasing souvenirs, Rajasthani miniature paintings, leather journals, bags, etc.

8. Bapu Bazaar

In a nutshell “Bapu Bazaar” is where you can find Udaipur and the specialities – from antiques to electronics, and clothes to books, there’s pretty much everything here. You can give your taste buds a spin with some famous street food while enjoying the surreal life of life Udaipur.

9. Maldas Street

An age-old market in the walled city area with wide range of shops selling women’s clothing, items of personal decor, and cosmetics. The best time to visit this market is during the afternoon. Must visit with family Maldas Street for shopping.

Why wait? Build up your list and get ready to shop till you drop. The local markets of Udaipur will leave you breathless and in awe, for sure. Happy shopping and don’t forget to share your recommendations, suggestions in the comment section!

Happy Shopping!


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