Famous in Udaipur for Shopping – Things to Buy in Udaipur City

Famous in Udaipur for Shopping – Things to Buy in Udaipur City

Udaipur market is famous for its traditional lifestyle, its handicraft items ranging from oxidized silver and copper jewelry items, sculptures, pichwai & miniature paintings, minakari, and gemstone items, etc. It is a good place for those who are building or renovating their homes. They can buy antique wooden furniture, jharokhas, marble flooring, and paintings on semi-precious stone. The linen which is hand-printed by workers is one of the favorite items of Udaipur.

Leather Items

If pure leathers don’t repulse you, then indulge yourself with camel leather items- the famous offerings of Rajasthan and which are highly visible in any local market of Udaipur. As one can relate Udaipur with splashes of colors, you can expect that the pure leather items that are available there, also emulating bright tints and sequins. Whether its purses, wallets, jootis or jackets- splurge at your heart’s content while exploring the local markets of Udaipur. It’s always advisable to purchase the camel leather products from street vendors, as they leave some scope for bargaining. Otherwise, from fixed-price shops, you run a chance of getting cheated on when it comes to price. In general, Hathi Pol bazaar and Manek chowk are the best places to buy these items.


When it comes to clothes, Rajasthan comes out as a winner’s hands down, in terms of color and vividness, among all the states in India. Udaipur is laden with shops that sell the customary Rajasthani Bandhni print in forms of- sari, Kurti, lehenga, chunri or bags. Again, Bara Bazaar and Baapu Bazaar are the famous local markets to buy these specialties. Apart from Bandhni, you can also go for blouses or stoles embroidered with mirror-works. If you are a man, then don’t feel disappointed either, as you can choose from colorful turbans, bandhgala, jackets, and sherwanis that once were the official costumes of kings and princes of Royal courts.


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