Cloth Market in Udaipur – Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur

cloth market in udaipur

Udaipur – you might be thinking what it is famous for apart from the marvellous palaces, scenic lakes and picnic spots. You can find here the vibrant colourful apparels which are traditional in a batik and handprinted patterns. While visiting Udaipur, you can find here a variety of clothes such as dyed saris and the accessories to with such as jewellery, precious stones, Kundan and silver jewellery. You can find these stuffs especially while roaming around the streets of Udaipur.

If you are planning to buy with limited stocks or looking for a wholesale clothing market, you have come to the right place to see the varieties for yourself. Udaipur has a number of cloth market which you can visit and pick the clothing material you are looking for your marriage, anniversary, party or any other occasion. We have listed below some of the famous cloth markets of Udaipur which could take into consideration for buying the clothes.

Maldas Street

A street famous amongst the top designers, local and tourists for shopping the readymade apparels and cloth piece. Maldas Street is one of the best cloth markets in the Udaipur City and when you visit this spot, you will find women often hoping from store to store specially to choose the apparels and materials for wedding and social functions. The specialty of Maldas street market is

  • Costume jewellery
  • Unstitched fabric
  • Party wear
  • Ethnic wear
  • Fabric-based souvenirs
  • Leather-bound diaries
  • Home decor items
  • Puppets and dolls

When it comes to the cloth, every kind of cloth is available, fabrics for costumes, added embroidery items, traditional work materials, and everything that you can think of when you hear ‘cloth’ can be found here. This is the perfect place to choose the perfect outfit for the wedding at low prices especially when it comes to ethnic wear. This place is always hustling with ladies, fashion designers to get the things they want for exactly the amount they wish to pay.

This is an age-old market in the walled city area where you can find a wide range of shops selling women’s clothing, items of personal decor, and cosmetics. A secret we would like to give is don’t forget to bargain and the best time to visit this market is during the afternoon.

You can find here a reasonably-priced clothing of various hues to buy clothes for special occasions like festivals, weddings and parties. In the end we would say among the best clothing stores in Udaipur, Maldas Street is your one-stop destination for buying affordable apparels be it traditional Indian or the typical Rajasthani. One will find clothes of all sizes, shapes, varieties, and colours here, all at very reasonable prices. Spend you day at this amazing spot and watch across the mind-boggling variety of clothing available at cheap rates. We bet you ladies can’t resist that!

Bapu Bazaar

One of the happening places of Udaipur city for local and tourist shoppers alike. Bapu Bazaar is well known local market in Udaipur which is not only famous for traditional Rajasthani apparels but also famous for street food too. This is among the many popular markets in the city of Udaipur. Here you can find a variety of items such as

  • Gadgets
  • Crockery
  • School uniforms
  • Khadi
  • Clothing products.
  • Books
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Bags
  • Shoes

Besides above, you can also visit shops where you can find Rajasthani handicrafts and souvenirs. We bet that after seeing the collections here you will not be disappointed!

A popular shopping area in Udaipur which has a lot of hustle and bustle hence, we recommend to visit during the early hours of the day. Here you can spend an entire day exploring the shops that sells a range of products and at the same time satisfy your hunger by indulging in the Rajasthani street food especially the gol gappas.

Bapu Bazaar is a place where you shop till you drop and even give your taste buds a spin while enjoying the surreal sight of life in Udaipur. Visit this place is you want to buy clothing, especially the beautiful sarees and handicrafts of Rajasthan, footwear and gadgets. We recommend you not to miss the delicious street food at this bazaar. From enthusiastic vendors to eager tourists, the market never sees a dull moment on a normal day and when you visit this place, you will see for yourself too.

Hathipole Market

Hathipole is among the most-popular markets for locals as well as tourists. If you are looking to buy a typical Rajasthani clothes then this is the place for you. You can witness the beautiful fabrics of Bandhej and Leheriya at reasonable prices here which you will definitely buy if you are looking for something extraordinary. Apart from the clothing side, here is a list which is extremely famous among the buyers at the Hathipole market.

  • Miniature paintings
  • Pichwai and Phad paintings
  • Authentic souvenirs
  • Wooden handicrafts
  • Nagra slippers (highly recommended)

If you are visitng Udaipur then don’t forget to pay a visit to the Hathipole market and take home the collectibles which you will remember forever.


Shilpgram – a hub famous for the handicrafts, artwork and witness the Rajasthani culture. If you are an art and craft lover and this is the place you should keep on the top to visit in Udaipur. Here you will find paintings and pottery with the Rajasthani touch, handicraft items and accessories. While you are at Shilpgram, do visit the shops for

  • Clothing
  • Jewellery
  • Accessories
  • Handmade paintings
  • Wooden furniture
  • Pottery items

Bada Bazaar

The typical Rajasthani apparels, jewellery and accessories needs no introduction. If you are keen to shop all these at one place then Bada Bazaar is the place for you. Here you will see small and big outlets scattered all around the place with price falling under reasonable category. If you are planning to visit Bada Bazaar then here is list which you must consider while shopping.

  • Rajasthani clothing – Batik and Bandhani print sarees and textile products
  • Clothing materials
  • Silver and camel bone jewellery
  • Gold jewellery
  • Copperware
  • Accessories
  • Bags
  • Juttis

Bada Bazaar is one of the oldest markets in Udaipur and people often come here to find the perfect fitting and variety of Rajasthan’s ethnic poshak. As a tip we highly recommend to bargain with the shop keepers and bargaining is the mantra that works at Bada Bazaar.

Apart from the above specialties, there are shops which sell precious stones and antique items. If you are exhausted while shopping your favourite apparels then board the street-side shops to recharge yourself with fresh fruit juices, buttermilk, lassi, and other fried items as well.

Bada Bazaar remains buzzing with tourists and locals all through the day to shop Rajasthani clothes, expensive gold and silver jewellery, cosmetics, and souvenirs. Amongst Bada Bazaar, Mochiwada Bazaar is a must visit place to shop a range of beautiful handmade juttis.

In a nutshell, Bada Bazar offers a plethora of small shops, showrooms, and exhibitions centres that display a variety of Rajasthani items which you will surely love to purchase or take home a souvenir from Udaipur for your loved ones.

City Palace Street

A perfect place for the shoppers with interest in handicrafts and clothing. Here you will be amazed to see the selection of items on sale. The clothing and handicraft items on the city palace street are available at a reasonable price and the specialties include:

  • Rajasthani clothing – Batik and hand-printed garments (available at reasonable prices)
  • Cloth materials
  • Embroidered bags
  • Carpets

Sindhi Bazaar

Just a bit far from the famous Bada Bazaar, you will enter the Sindhi Market of Udaipur. Here you will find all sorts of clothes for kids, men, and women on offer. If you are planning to visit this cloth market then make sure Sindhi Bazaar is full of hustle and bustle during the daytime and is way too crowded to explore via car. You can explore on foot or use a two-wheeler as here you will have to stop by and bargain with the shopkeepers so you can take home your favourite clothes at best price.

Lake Palace Road

If you are looking for something traditional then you cannot miss the Lake Palace Road. Let us tell you a secret so can go with pockets full – this is an ideal place for shopping in Udaipur for women. Here, you can find the clothing, home décor products which is famous across Udaipur. If you visiting this place then we highly recommend to shop below:

  • Rajasthani embroidered clothes
  • Batik and hand-printed fabrics
  • Wooden and brass statues of Hindu deities
  • Accessories
  • Jewellery

Lake Palace Road is a street shopping destination where the prices are bargainable and if you explore further, you can also come across silver trinkets and Kundan jewellery matching to your apparels to give a perfect look. This is the spot where you can buy traditional Rajasthani fabrics at an affordable rate.

Sadhna Emporium

This place was setup to provide a source of income to Udaipur’s rural and tribal women and helps promoting the forgotten art and crafts of the Rajasthani culture. Sadhna Emporium offers a fine collection of clothing material in vibrant hues with applique and embroidery work at very affordable prices. If you are planning to visit this place then you can look out for:

  • Kurtas
  • Sarees
  • Jackets
  • Dupattas
  • Bed sheets
  • Cushion covers
  • Table mats
  • Coasters
  • Table covers
  • Bags
  • Dairies

Kamal Dupatta Cloth Store

This is one of largest store in Udaipur for cloth necessities and you’ll often see women lining up to a make a purchase for their favourite apparels and matching accessories. From readymade suits, salwar, lehengas to crafting your own from the various materials, shopping here is a journey that is quite satisfying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dress material wholesalers in Udaipur-Rajasthan sell lehengas?

Yes, some dress material wholesalers stock embroidered lehengas with matching dupatta and choli.

Do dress material wholesalers sell men’s dress material?

A number of these wholesaler stock dress material for men for kurta, pajama, shirt, trousers, etc.

Do dress material wholesalers in Udaipur sell dupattas separately?

Many wholesalers stock colourful dupattas.

Do these wholesalers sell sarees?

Not all dress material wholesalers stock sarees.

What is the price range of dress material?

The starting price of the dress material is approximately Rs. 80 per meter. The prices vary depending on the type of fabric and design.

Does these markets remain open all days?

No, generally the markets remain close on Sunday.

What are the timings of the cloth markets?

Usually, every market opens at 10 in the morning and closes around 8 at night.

What is the best thing to take back home?

The best thing you can take back home are
• Batik and handprinted materials
• Rajasthani Sarees – Bandhani
• Cloth accessories
• Authentic jewellery

Where are the cloth markets located in Udaipur?

You can find the cloth market with its hustle and bustle however the exact locations are as below:
• Hathipole Market – Near City Palace
• Bada Bazaar – Old City, Bohrwadi
• Mochiwada Bazaar – Near City Palace
• Chetak Circle – Near Fateh Sagar lake
• Jagdish Temple Street – Near City Palace
• Shilpgram – Near Havala Village
• Lake Palace Road – Near City Palace
• Bapu Bazaar – Nada Khada

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