Udaipur – The City of Lakes in India

Udaipur - City of Lakes

Rajasthan, the state where history blends with modernity, opens its arms wide and welcomes travelers from across the world. There are palaces, gardens, museums, and forts in this colorful Indian state, but the lakes in Rajasthan – their charm is unmatchable. Ruins of grand palaces, enveloping Aravalli Hills, and surrounding piles of striking white salt make the lakes more beautiful. Add a dash of dazzle to your next trip to Rajasthan by visiting some of the most mesmerizing lakes in Rajasthan. The city of Udaipur is also known as the city of lakes and is one of the most exquisite in terms of palaces and princely lakes. Situated in the State of Rajasthan in India, the city offers a glimpse into the past through the various palaces and lakes that have been preserved through the centuries. Some of the most popular lakes in the city are Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, Uday Sagar, and Swaroop Sagar. The city is also known for its well-preserved palaces many of them now converted into luxury hotels.

Think Udaipur and visualize sparkling serene waters, a palace that sits regally in the center of a lake and a medieval fortress that rises along the shore. Udaipur, or the City of Sunrise, has been built around four man-made lakes and is one of the most romantic cities in India. Spend your time in Udaipur cruising the picturesque Pichola Lake, admiring ancient temples, gardens and the old Havelis that surround it. Other lakes in Udaipur are the Fateh Sagar, Udai Sagar, Jaisamand and the Dudh Talai Lake. Lake lovers can also take short day trips out of Udaipur to check out lakes beyond city limits.

Why Udaipur is Known as the City of Lakes in India?

Picturesque and elegant, Udaipur is known by many names, including “the City of Lakes”. Undoubtedly one of India’s most romantic cities, it nestles between the glassy waters of its famous lakes and the ancient Aravalli Hills. Although it is one of Rajasthan’s largest cities, modern Udaipur manages to retain a charming small-town vibe. At the heart of the city lies the serene Lake Pichola, with the Old City sprawled along its east bank. When talking about the beautiful cities of India, Udaipur can never be left behind. The sparkling waters of Udaipur make it one of the most enchanting locations of Rajasthan. The lake palace of this city is famous for how marvelously it has been constructed, and during the evening when the lake lights up with shimmering lights, the sight is one that can’t be forgotten. The Pichola Lake is like a cherry atop the cake of Jaisamandh, Fateh Sagar, Udai Sagar, and Dudh Talai lakes. The banks of the lakes in Udaipur are nothing short of captivating.

Is it interesting to see a city only filled with buildings? The beauty of the place is enhanced by its nature. Be it artificially created lakes, big rivers or a forest cover. They’ve to be protected to maintain an ecological balance. Here are some city of lakes which have preserved their water bodies in India. The lakes in these cities are also some of the prominent tourist attractions of India. Any water sources play a major role in the life of people. They help regulate the overall climatic conditions of the region. Among various tourist places, the lakes are some of the important attractions in Udaipur. Udaipur is known for its gigantic palaces and forts. Some lakes were also constructed during the reign of the Mewar Kingdom. Today, there are also popular tourist places in Udaipur. To name a few Pichola Lake, Fateh Sagar Lake, Swaroop Sagar Lake, Udai Sagar Lake, and Lake Badi are the prominent ones.

History of Lakes in Udaipur

Udaipur is a western state in India and is a land of royalty. Kings of different eras reigned over the place and had left a mark, an intangible bond with the this ‘City of Lakes’. Numerous palaces beautify the surrounding mountains and these mountains are home to beautiful lakes. Famous among those are the Pichola Lake, Jaisamand Lake, Rajsamand Lake, Swaroop Sagar and so on. Pichola Lake is a natural lake formed during the 12th century by Pichu Banjara during his reign. This majestic lake is the oldest of this state and also the largest one.

Jaisamand lake also holds the records of being the largest artificial lake in India and the second largest in Asia. Udai Sagar lake is another pivotal lake of Udaipur, which was completed in 1565 starting from 1559. Based on the names of the places, their palaces, and lakes, it is common that they take their name after contemporary rulers. One such is the Fateh Sagar Lake, named after Maharana Fateh Singh. This lake takes its dwindling path at the confluence of Moti Magri hills, creating an explicit beauty. Other such lakes are Doodh Talai, Jiyam Sagar, Ki Taleb, and many others. While in Udaipur, shop till you drop – stuff your bags with silver jewelry, handcrafted jutties (footwear), tie and dye fabric and folk puppets. Best time to visit – Between October and April, when the scorching Indian summer is taking a break.

The palatial city that now draws several tourists was once the capital of Mewar during the rule of Udai Singh II. For many years, the Rajputs reigned over most of Southern Rajasthan from Chittorgarh. However, by 1537, it was discernible that Akbar’s army had the muscle to take over the formidable structure. In his quest for finding a strategic place, King Udai II sought a place that was protected by the Aravalli ranges and had the Pichola Lake meandering beside it. Udaipur has many natural lakes, the most prominent ones being Pichola, Fateh Sagar, Swaroop Sagar, Rangsagar, and Doodh Talai.

Lake Pichola – The Most Popular Lake in Udaipur

One of the most popular lakes in Rajasthan, Lake Pichola is embedded with architectural gems and iconic landmarks of Udaipur. It dates back to 1362 AD and has two islands namely Jag Niwas and Jag Mandir. Most of the popular tourist attractions in Udaipur, the City of Lakes in Rajasthan, are located near this lake. Lake Pichola is an artificial freshwater lake situated in Udaipur city in Rajasthan. Udaipur is a beautiful city, set amidst the Aravalli Ranges of Rajasthan, India. Known for its picturesque lakes, Udaipur also called ‘the city of lakes. The Lake Pichola, Udai Sagar Lake, Fateh Sagar Lake, Rajsamand Lake, and Jaisamand Lake are the five prominent lakes of Udaipur. One of the most famous lake in Pushkar Lake, which is one of the major tourist attractions in the Royal State Rajasthan.

So immerse yourself in the beauty and resplendence of these lakes that are no less than a gateway to the desired fairylands. All you need to do is to pack your bags, take a week’s leave from your regular life and take a dive into these cities of lakes in India.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lakes in Rajasthan

Q. Which is the lake city of Rajasthan?

A. The word ‘Udaipur’ literally translates into the ‘city of lakes’. It is truly Rajasthan’s gems. Udaipur is an ideal destination for all kinds of trips. From boating to sightseeing, there are several things to do in Udaipur.

Q. Which is the largest lake in Rajasthan?

A. The largest lake in Rajasthan is Sambhar Salt Lake. It is also India’s largest inland salt lake. The lake is 22.5 km long and its width varies from 3 to 11 km.

Q. Which lake in Rajasthan is a major source of salt production?

A. Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan is known to be a major salt producer. It surrounds the ancient Sambhar lake town. The lake is located 80 km southwest of Jaipur. Without the lake, India’s salt production would be drastically affected.

Q. How many lakes are there in Jaipur?

A. There are 6 lakes in Jaipur city. They are Chandler Lake, Sambhar Lake, Ramgarh Lake, Man Sagar Lake, Sagar Lake, and Maota Lake. These lakes are the gem of Jaipur. Though Jaipur is widely known for its architecture, its lakes are often overlooked.

Q. Which is the lake city of India?

A. There are 7 cities of lakes in India. They are Udaipur, Bhopal, Shillong, Kodaikanal, Nainital, Thane, and Srinagar.

Q. Which is the highest point in Rajasthan?

A. Boasting a staggering height of 1,722 m, Guru Shikhar is the highest peak of Rajasthan. It is situated in the Sirohi district.

Q. Which lakes are in Udaipur?

A. Lake Pichola and Udai Sagar Lake, Fateh Sagar Lake, and Doodh Talai Lake are some of the many lakes in Udaipur.

Q. Which state has the largest number of salt lakes in India?

A. Rajasthan has the largest number of salt lakes in India.

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