Cafe in Udaipur – Experience Best & Must-Visit Cafes in Udaipur

Cafe in Udaipur – Experience Best & Must-Visit Cafes in Udaipur

Udaipur has no short of places to hangout. The beautiful city of the lake has way too many forts, ghats and other beautiful cites to see and enjoy. Since the scene of tourists is big here and every day people are coming in and out of this place some many cafes and restaurants have opened up. Not as big city as Jaipur, Udaipur has some fair amount of cafes that are amazing and have amazing food. If you are still unaware of such places then read along and find out all about the best cafes in Udaipur. We all love to cut some time off our busy schedule and spend at a lovely café in the evenings. If you are from Udaipur and traveling their soon, this is an article you would want to check out.

So you are in Udaipur or Coming to Udaipur? If your answer is yes then you probably would be looking for a good place to eat and dine out. You would have visited some good restaurants in India. Let us tell you that the cafes and restaurants in Udaipur are at the next level. They serve from local to Foreign dishes at affordable rates. Moreover, some restaurants in Udaipur are located at classic locations that will soothe your eyes. This article is going to be about the best restaurants in Udaipur. Coffee and Friends make the perfect blend. You don’t always need a perfect fancy restaurant or a hotel to go to. Cafes give you that laid back, relaxing and chill vibe. When in stress, sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and friends.

You definitely will enjoy your time in Udaipur. When you will be done with Udaipur sightseeing then you would be looking for some good places to eat and chill. In this situation, you will need someplace where you can sit by the lakeside, or rooftop in a candle night or a night with slow vocal music to make your food fresh. If all this is what you are looking in a restaurant then your search is over because Udaipur is the home of the finest cafes and hotels in the world. Today we are writing about some of the best cafes and restaurants in Udaipur. Coffee and Friends make the perfect blend. You don’t always need a perfect fancy restaurant or a hotel to go to. Cafes give you that laid back, relaxing and chill vibe. When in stress, sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and friends. Here is the list of Cafes in town you just can’t afford to miss!!!

Cafes in Udaipur That You Will Love to Explore & Visit

Here you will get a list of best cafes in Udaipur.

1. Café Namaste French Bakery Udaipur

This café is located on the main road and is quite easy to spot. The central location, within The Hotel Gangaur Palace, makes it a busy hub. The bakery is quaint and small but filled with the aromas of freshly baked pastries. These items will have you falling in love with the French idea of breakfast. There are also some fantastic coffees on the menu.

2. Café Edelweiss Udaipur

This German coffee shop has been in Udaipur since 1999 and is the oldest standing café in the city. It originally gained its fame by being the first shop to have an espresso machine and serve freshly ground coffee. Up early in the morning, customers can come over for a light meal with pastries, yogurts, salads, juices, and coffees. Cafe Edelweiss is the perfect setting if you’re looking to clear your mind, study, and maybe indulge in an afternoon treat! Aside from having incredible coffee, they also serve yummy sandwiches including the delicious chicken sandwich, awesome kale salad, and meatballs. Udaipur has its German Bakery and it is Café Edelweiss. An open roadside café, this is a small café with a seating capacity of merely 25 people at one time. But the bakery items are to die for. The ideal time to visit this café is in the early day as the baked items are freshly made in the morning. Do visit one of the best cafes in Udaipur.
Where: 73, Gangaur Ghat, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001
Must Try: The kale salad and the chicken sandwiches

3. Ghare Café Udaipur

Ghare Café is a silent corner amid a crowd. Located on the ground floor of RKay Mall, this is a coffee house that serves hot and cold beverages with light snacks and bakery products. With a unique location, this café has introduced a new culture of open cafes in malls that are usually seen in metro cities. The café is pleasingly designed and offers a good rest to the shoppers.
Where: Ground Floor, RKay Mall

4. Mic & Munch Cafe Udaipur

Mic & Munch Cafe has been designed to provide the musicians and artists with the best place to showcase their talents. So, Come and have an unforgettable experience with our Delectable Food and Live Music. Located in the Lake City – Udaipur; Mic & Munch cafe exudes the aroma and flavor of a classic cafe. Our motive is to fill up your senses with live music &delicious food. Mic & Munch Cafe is one of the best Cafe in Udaipur that fuels community transformation via youth-driven engagement in music and art. With Mic & Munch, our motive is to serve delightful music with amazing food. In a very short time frame, the cafe has become a music and arts venue that promote a participatory creative culture through live matches, music concerts, experiential learning, arts programs, and volunteer events for all ages, especially young people. We at Mic & Munch professionally promote artistic experimentation, leveraging high-standard technology to show the music and arts. Apart from the concept of Live Music, we are focused on delivering the most innovative food range available at an affordable price. So, do visit and fill up your senses with Music & Food. The motive of the cafe is to provide delicious food with amazing music. The Mic & Munch offers you open Mic & live music, where you can enjoy yourself with your family & friends. The Services of the cafe is really fast & the price is also pocket-friendly. They also offer you multiple cuisines like Mexican, Italian, Indian, etc.

Mic & Munch Cafe is an ideal place for family members, friends and everyone looking forward to celebrating musical parties with tasty food. Thank you for considering Mic & Munch Cafe as a venue for your special event. With Mic & Munch, our motive is to provide Udaipurrites with the amazing spot which is completely dedicated to local artists and musicians. The ambiance of Mic & Munch Cafe renders a casual and timeless setting, suitable for any kind of event. The open mic and guitar at the cafe are available for everyone. With live performance & matches; the cafe is also known for providing the most innovative food range at the most economical price. Mic & Munch Café is not just limited to the open mic and Mexican food, we render a casual setting suitable for any kind of event. From Mexican to Chinese, we are focused on delivering a fabulous fine food experience. Our vision is to deliver delicious food and beverage with impeccable service while demonstrating graciousness, efficiency, warmth, professionalism, and honesty to our work. In the upcoming years, we see ourselves serving the best services in Udaipur. Mic & Munch cafe should be on your list while visiting the beautiful city of lakes. The cafe is one of the very few where you can enjoy open-mic and live performances. The cafe comes with a feel-good vibe and is an eclectic mix of comfort with quirk. They serve almost everything right from North-Indian to Italian, Mexican, and even Fusion food.

Introducing Udaipur to the delights of Mexican food, tasty cuisines, and open mic setup, Mic & Munch Cafe has already become popular amongst youth and local artists. It’s the first time in Udaipur when someone has come up with the open mic concept, the open mic which is available for everyone. Besides the cafe itself, there are several activities to enjoy as well. For instance, the karaoke is bumping, and the local artists are performing live on weekends, this café is great for hosting parties and small gatherings. Founded by three drop-out chartered accountants – Priyank Patel, Aviral Munot, and Lovish Sanadhya; Mic & Munch Cafe is the only place in Udaipur where one can enjoy the concept of open mic available for not only singers but for several acts that can make your Dopamine rise instantly. Our highly-professional team specializes in planning an unusual, customized experience for any kind of celebrations such as birthday parties, corporate parties, kitty parties, and events. Mic & Munch Cafe has been designed to provide the musicians and artists with the best place to showcase their talents with an unforgettable experience along with there Delectable Food and Live Music.
Where: 1st floor, Inaya Complex, Near D.P. Jewelers, Bhopalpura, Court Circle, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Contact: +91-84520 00455

5. 1o9 Cafe Udaipur

Small vegetarian cafe est. 2016. Serves coffee, tea, snacks and soups plus cakes. Vegan options include salted pancakes, salads, and coconut milkshake. Open to making other vegan dishes on request. Open Mon-Sun 8:30am-8:30pm.

6. Jheel’s Ginger Coffee Bar & Bakery Cafe Udaipur

Located in the steep by lanes of the Gangaur Ghat, just a few meters before the Bagore Ki Haveli and connected it too. This cafe gives a lakeside view of Pichola along with the rooftop view, it gives you the best morning view and air to die for!! One of the innovators of the Udaipur breakfast scene, Jheel offers North Indian and Italian cuisines. The magnificent lake view is perfect for a romantic brunch for two or hanging out with your friends. Hands down this are the most famous cafe in the city. Its location is apt as it is situated right next to a ghat and you can touch the water if you are sitting in the outside space. They have a nice menu with lots of things on offer like sandwiches, Maggi, shakes and more. e love their Twix shake which is out of the world. Because of their great location and food, this place has a lot of tourists visiting it hence you might have to wait to get in. Perched like a bird over Lake Pichola, this no-frills café makes a super range of coffees and chocolate shakes.

The name perfectly describes this place Jheel (Lake). Adjacent to Lake Pichola, Jheel offers you the most alluring view of the old city. This place is extremely popular among the youth. It offers you three different sittings-Indoor, Rooftop and Lakeside giving you the options to choose from. The view is a delight to the eyes, perfectly describing the beauty of Udaipur. This perfect lake view café would make your day brighter. Talking about the food, they have varieties of Shakes, Sandwiches, and Coffee of course! With a decent menu and good service, this café would never disappoint you. This place is just perfect for breakfast or brunch with a small group of friends.

It’s apt for a little downtime with a book, over vast views of the lake. The best time to visit this café: ANYTIME. Be it for morning breakfast, afternoon tea or a lazy evening with your friends for coffee, Ginger Café is situated overlooking Lake Pichola and offers the most tranquil, scenic beauty of Pichola. Besides the coffee, the breakfast menu is worth trying if you are a morning person and the range of delicacies for the ones with a sweet tooth is heavenly. It has free wi-fi too! Jheel’s Ginger Coffee Bar & Bakery is indeed one of the most popular cafes in the town. The place is truly surreal and is a sight for sore eyes. They have indoor, outdoor as well as rooftop sitting. The cafe is situated right on the lake and you can dip your feet into the water while sipping a cup of coffee.
Where: 52, Jheel Guest House, 56, Gangaur Ghat Marg, Udaipur
Must Try: Walnut chocolate pie and the wood-fired pizza
Contact: 9461016511

7. Apple Delight Cafe Udaipur

Apple delight is a beautiful cafe situated inside the celebration mall in Udaipur. This cafe serves undoubtedly the best coffee in the town. The cafe is curated with lots of love and creativity which is widely visible in the ambiance as well as the food served here. They also have a kiddy zone which is a win-win.
Where: 2nd Floor, Celebration Mall, Bhuwana, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Contact: +91-9772310031

8. Govinda’s Café Udaipur

Right next to the City Palace, the cozy small café offers one of the most delicious coffees in the city. Its shakes are a ‘must-haves’ alongside a good range of edible food. One might feel reluctant going to the café due to its restrained space, but the longing for western desserts, exotic shakes, and brilliant coffee will sweep you in.
Where: 169, City Palace Road, Jagdish Chowk
Contact: 0294-2428238

9. Café Believe Udaipur

Overlooking Lake Pichola, this café adorns the look of a shack with bamboo roofs, room separators and seats. The café also organizes special themed dates for the couples called ‘Belief Happenings’ and also photoshoots. The ideal time to visit the café is an early evening with a classic green virgin mojito giving you a blissful feeling after a long tiring day.
Where: The Study School lane, near Hotel Natural Lake View, Ambavgarh
Contact: 9549288333

10. Vinod Fast Food & Multi-Cuisine Café Udaipur

If this place is on the map of Udaipur, it is because of its delicious cold coffee or the kulhad wali coffee served right opposite the view of Fateh Sagar. The open café is a part of the ‘Mumbaiya Bazar’ of Fateh Sagar and has been famous for its coffee for years. The new range of food items included in the menu has also become an attraction. It has another branch at RKay Mall.
Where: Mumbaiya Bazar, Fateh Sagar
Contact: 9928667584, 9351149051

11. Sai Sagar Coffee House Udaipur

A hot spot for all coffee lovers, be it the young and restless or the old and wise, Sai Sagar Coffee House has emerged as a major coffee outlet of the city. The view of Fateh Sagar and an open ground beside the café, a crowd is always around. Cold coffee with ice cream (choco-chip, BTW) and hot coffee in Kulhad is a treat to all the coffee lovers.
Where: Mumbaiya Bazar, Fateh Sagar.

12. Mr. Sandwich Cafe Udaipur

Go beyond bread and butter and enter the world of gourmet sandwiches that are more than the flavors of bread that you can remember. With over 120 varieties, this place is rightly the King of sandwiches. To add to your tastes, the delicious shakes make for an appetizing meal. The taste, texture and innovative styles in the sandwiches make it one of the ‘most visited’ cafes in Udaipur.
Where: 1, Vinayak Complex, Durga Nursery Road
Contact: 7742531283, 8562079707

13. Royal Brewmen Cafe Udaipur

The moment you enter the café, the aroma of fresh coffee getting brewed will get filled in your nostrils, watering your mouth and leaving you craving for coffee. If you are one of those whose day doesn’t start without having a cup of steaming hot coffee, then you do not dare miss this place. It serves the best freshly brewed coffee with several add-ons in it and this place will surely bring an end to your coffee craving.
Address: Shop 4, Hitawala Complex 2, Saheli Marg, Panchwati, Udaipur

14. Café Lazy Beans Udaipur

From seedy Saadi coffee to flavored cappuccino you will get all the variants of coffee here. So one thing is for sure that you will not be able to leave the place without filling your stomach and mind with coffee. Apart from that, the café has a cute theme of the panda. So you can spot panda paintings, panda soft toys, and pandas all over the café. There are some games like Uno and foosball that will help you have a leisurely time while sipping on to your favorite coffee.
Address: Shiksha Bhawan Chouraha, Near Swaroop Sagar Lake, Chamanpura, Udaipur

15. Mathara – The Heights Cafe Udaipur

This is the latest entrant to the list, Mathara- The Heights Restaurant, Café, and Lounge offer a scintillating view of the entire city. The place is gaining attraction as the highest rooftop café in Udaipur. With a variety of beverages, snacks, and meals, this is a one-stop café for all groups of people.
Where: Rooftop, Lakecity Mall, Durga Nursery Road
Contact: 9982430071

16. Oladar Village Cafe Udaipur

Oladar Village Restaurant & Cafe is a quaint restaurant overlooking the Gulab Bagh. Originally, the Haveli Of House of Oladar, part of it has been converted into the restaurant keeping the original elements of the Haveli alive. Every bit of the Restaurant has been designed to enhance the feel-good vibe of the space. Based on the theme of a village, the restaurant draws inspiration from various elements of village life like cycles and scooters and also displays a fusion between the villages in Europe and India. A huge Mango Tree gives an earthly feeling in the open courtyard on the ground floor which is decorated with lights & lamps. Every element of the restaurant has been made up of recycled things or by redesigning old things, keeping in the sustainability of the environment in mind. This is one of the best-known cafes in Udaipur. Here you can taste regional as well as foreign dishes. This is also home to various creative shows in Udaipur. You will love your time here. They provide the best traveling and cafe experience, the owner is also pretty awesome.

Giving you the feel of an Ultra-modern European Village, this place is one of its kind. The architecture of this cafe has a perfect blend of Indo-European style. Lying in the center of the city with the majestic Gulab Bagh by its side, this place is serene and tranquil. With French chandeliers, wood-metal furniture, astounding paintings, and beautiful royal ambiance, it becomes one of the most amazing cafes in the town. The menu has varieties of cuisines such as continental, Italian and Indian along with luscious varieties of Coffees and Mocktails. This café has various sections each being different yet similar to each other with one common similarity of being stunning. It is one of the best cafes in Udaipur to visit with friends, family or to enjoy your solitude in peace.

Visit Oldar Village Cafe and forget that you are in Rajasthan as this place is completely European in decor. It is situated right next to Gulab Bagh which makes its location quite tranquil. The interiors are big on fancy sofas, french chandeliers and lots of paintings adorning the walls which makes this place colorful and pleasing to the eyes. Their menu consists of all-day breakfast, salads, pizzas, sandwiches, shakes and a lot more. Oladar Village Cafe is rustic, quirky, eclectic and simply gorgeous. The location of the cafe is a bomb and is highly popular not just among locals but tourists as well. The cafe serves delish Italian & North Indian food and their desserts are a must-try. You wouldn’t wall to leave this colorful paradise once entered.
Where: 14/21, Lake Palace Road, Pichola, Udaipur
Contact: +91-91161 14256

17. Brewz Rock Café Udaipur

Brewz Rock Cafe is an energized Rock Restro Bar situated in Udaipur & Jodhpur that blends best of dining and entertainment concept offering affordable, high-quality comfort food and a broad selection of refreshing beverages with an everlasting experience Rock Music. So whether you need a place to party hard with DJ/disco, live rock bar, watch the big game, or celebrate a corporate event, BRC is the heaven for you. Popularly known as BRC, this place has a whole Rock/Classic vibe to it. Since Udaipur is all about its scenic beauty, contradicting it BRC becomes a place to chill and relax with friends. The place is shady making it look more like a lounge than a café. From fine meals and good services to the live band Performances, DJ, Karaoke, Live Sports, etc., it is the ideal choice for parties and events. With rock music playing, this becomes a cool place to hang out if you’re in a party mood and looking for a Blast.
Address: Celebration Mall, G-20, Opposite Devendra Dham, G-20, National Highway 8, Opposite Devendra Dham, Pulla Bhuwana, Bhuwana, Udaipur

18. Café Brewmen Udaipur

Owned and managed by three young entrepreneurs, Café Brewmen is a niche lounge where you can see coffee lovers, chess players, selfie-takers and budding artists behind their laptops. The café serves some of the delicious sandwiches and best blend of coffees. With the winter coming, the hot beverages, pancakes and brownies are a definite ‘Yes.’
Where: Hitawala Complex, New Fatehpura, opposite Saheliyon ki Badi road.
Contact: 0294-2421571

19. Chaifeteria Udaipur

The roadside Chai ka thela took a new concept with Chaifeteria that opened as a street kiosk offering around 16 flavors of tea with free wi-fi. The conceptual roadside café serves light bites too along with tea making this place as one of the most unique joints. Must have: pudina chai, gud (jaggery) chai and Hari Mirchi (green chili) chai with Muska bun (butter bun) or Nutella bun.
Where: Besides Happinezz Ice Cream parlor, Sukhadia Circle.
Contact: 9571268821

20. The Chocolate Room Cafe Udaipur

A small café on a busy street, The Chocolate Room, s the name goes, is like Disneyland for chocolate lovers. Besides the delectable chocolate infused snacks and coffees, this café is a stop for high-end Firefox bicycles. (Guilty pleasures and fitness in one place!) Try the assorted chocolates, sandwiches, fondue, and coffee for a fine treat.
Where: 14-C, Madhuban, behind Lok Kala Mandal
Contact: 0294-2428180

21. Café Meraki Udaipur

The quaint, cozy place is a fusion of classic ambiance and luxurious experience. Meraki, a Greek name that means to do something with soul, creativity or love depicts in the food, service, and experience.
Where: Behind Chunda Palace, Haridas Ji Ki Magri
Contact: 9928284800, 9829023331

22. Dialogue Café Udaipur

Dialogue cafe is a never before experience for coffee lovers and foodies. A perfect cozy place for Udaipur rites to blend with their love and friends. The interior of this place completely justifies the name. The quirky theme with the craziest dialogues on the frames and cushions makes this place lively. Great menu, pleasant food, polite staff, and quick service makes it even better. The place is a little cozy but comfortable with an ambiance that makes you all cheerful and happy.
Address: Shobhagpura 100 Feet Road, Near Shubh Kesar Garden, Udaipur

23. Café Cook Hook Udaipur

In this busy schedule, we all want to take a short break for life and want to chill out with friends and family to make your day perfect and the solution is “Café Cook Hook”. The café is in the mid of the city. The café has a beautiful interior design from inside. The whole café is specially designed with a wooden style it’s also attractive. This is the Savior in Disguise. Lying exactly in the middle of the city, this new place is a must-visit. The interior is exquisite and the food is mouthwatering. They offer high-quality food at extremely affordable prices. The varieties of coffee shakes and bakery products will make your heart pop out. For all those who haven’t visited this place, you need to check this out as soon as you can.
Address: Ashoka Cinema Rd, Thakkar Baba Colony, Nada Khada, Udaipur

24. Royal Brewmen Cafe Udaipur

A place for people who truly, madly and deeply love coffee. Its origin stem directly from the Italian tradition. Being one of the coolest cafes in Udaipur, this place has a whole energetic vibe about it which makes you feel lively. The café defines perfection without trying too hard to stand out with an ambiance so sleek yet simple. With free Wi-Fi, fashionable meals and wooden logs outside for the visitors, it becomes one of the most popular places among localities.
Address: No.4, Hitawala Complex II, Saheli Marg, Udaipur

25. Café Nirvana Udaipur

Cafe Nirvana is Located on the way towards Sajjangarh. The theme of Cafe Nirvana is bottomed with Rock Music, Motor Bikes and Rajasthani culture. This cafe is situated near sjjangarh in Udaipur, you will love the vibes offered by this place. It provides a unique visual experience for the visitors. The craziest, idyllic place to be in Udaipur is Café Nirvana. The place is a haven of music from the legends, food from the world and people whom you have probably never met before. The stone walls, large frames, dim lights, and trance music set the mood right. The thin-crust pizza, club sandwich, and tacos are special dishes one must-have. This place is perfect for a getaway. With Rock music playing by its side, it makes way for an exuberant meal that can slake all food cravings. Being one of the most sorts out cafes in Udaipur, it has a nice retro ambiance that welcomes you with warmth and complements with its delectable light eats and fine beverages. The bonfire setup is the special attraction of the cafe in winters. The cafe depicts a unique story with a theme bottomed to Rajasthani culture and bikes. From bright colored graffiti expressing some untold stories to the interior and menu of the cafe, there are a lot of aspects that make you fall in love with it.
Address: Sajjan Garh Rd, Eklavya Colony, Seesaram Rural, Udaipur
Contact: 7665295252

26. Café Rocks Udaipur

The ideal hangout place for students, couples that can turn into a perfect candlelight date venue or a party place of 20, Café Rocks is an amiable place to visit. Viewing a match or film on the Big Screen with good food and drinks makes it the first choice for a group of friends.
Where: 4-A, Ashok Nagar Main Road
Contact: 9829966924

27. Kava Café & Lounge Udaipur

Classy interiors, delicious food, great staff, free wi-fi, free games, and a rooftop restaurant- what else can one ask for? Kava café and lounge is where one can enjoy smooth coffee with a choice of multi fusion homemade cuisines.
Where: AKP Arcade, UIT Circle
Contact: 8058816256

28. Hello Boho Cafe Udaipur

Situated next to Bagore ki Haveli and overlooking the Gangaur Ghat this cafe provides a panoramic view of Lake Pichola. This is a calm and cozy cafe that offers a handpicked variety of dishes ranging from quick-bites to main course meals. Being the coziest and the cutest café of the town, Hello Boho mesmerizes you with its warmth. The interior gives you that authentic Bohemian feel with a continental menu and Indian dishes along with varieties of Coffees, Shakes, and Mocktails. The staff is really friendly and the service is quite good. With the bewitching view of the ghat, it becomes the perfect blend of Indo-Boho style. This one is located right next to Bagor -Ki Haveli, Hello Boho is a sweet little place with a very boho vibe. It is easy on the pocket and serves some delicious food. When here do not miss on their paneer wrap, pancake, and Hot Chocolate.
Where: Shore of Pichola Lake, near Gangaur Ghat

29. Sun n Moon Cafe Udaipur

This place has one of the best city views, it’s located in the old city, near lake Pichola.

30. Anarki Cafe Udaipur

Udaipur is known for interesting sites like Anarki Cafe. Visitors can find the best hotel prices near many Restaurants and Cafes – only on A wide range of hotels is available near Anarki Cafe, from the friendly Jagat Villa Guest House to the luxurious Taj Lake Palace. Hotel reservations are made easy with’s secure on-line booking form for hotels near Anarki Cafe. Convenient search tools and informative hotel pages make finding Udaipur hotels easy. With more than 150,000 hotels worldwide, it’s easy to find hotels on near points of interest like Anarki Cafe.

31. Espresso Love Cafe Udaipur

Espresso love cafe in Udaipur provides a calm, relaxing environment to enjoy a tasty coffee or smooth cup of tea and a quick bite to eat. While you’re there, pick yourself up a sandwich, cake, cookie or even some coffee beans so that you can make yourself a morning energizer at home.
Where: Battiyanni Chohtta, Shitla Mata Mandir, Towards City Palace, Kalaji Goraji, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001
Must Try: Mexican grilled sandwich and pizza

32. Z 27 Cafe by Lake City Udaipur

Z 27 is a little café on the street of an old city specializing in fresh brownies and great coffee. They also serve sandwiches and smoothies. It is one of the nicest cafes in Udaipur with friendly owners and a beautiful bright seating area with the scenic beauty of the old city.
Address: 60 Gangour Ghat Opposite Bagore ki Haveli Museum, Gangour ghat, Pichola, Udaipur
Must Try: Coffee, Pizza, and Brownie

33. Palki Khana Cafe Udaipur

Palki Khana is a wonderful spot to sit and watch the morning traffic go by. An incredible place to start your day and to take a break while you are exploring the street of the old city. The cafe has short of the menu, it has pizzas, pasta, drinks, juices and so on. The ambiance is also perfect, one can enjoy the beauty of City Palace by sitting there and sipping a cup of coffee. Drop by this lovely Art Nouveau café at the Shiv Niwas Palace, just before you embark on a tour of the palace’s museum, or after, when you need to rest. The coffee is splendid, and the food menu is European-influenced, contemporary and eclectic.
Address: Shiv Niwas Palace, City Palace Complex, Rajasthan, 313001, India, Chandpole, Udaipur
Must Try: Watermelon juice, turkey ham sandwich, and mushroom pasta

34. Cafe Satori Udaipur

Cafe satori is a pleasant place to be with companions and friends. It is one of the most loved cafes around the local area wherein you can order an espresso or a pizza and enjoy it while reading your favorite books. This is the second rank cafe in Udaipur, with great reviews and recommendations on trip advisor, this cafe serves well to its visitors in lake city. Visit Satori and you will receive sudden enlightenment (maybe not). But what you will get here is happiness rough suspended coffee. Suspended or Pending Coffee is a cup of coffee paid for in advance as an anonymous act of charity. Here you pay for two coffee and take only one for your consumption. A poor person enquiring later would be served the coffee that you had paid for earlier for free. Bringing this concept of Naples and Ireland, Café Satori has made it to this list as a must-visit the coffee shop in town.
Where: 59, Gadiya Dewra, near Panduwale mosque, Inside Chandpol
Contact: 9799813144
Must Try: Coffee, Pizza, White Sauce Pasta

35. Udai Art Cafe Udaipur

This is the no. 1 ranked cafe on trip advisor. You will love your time here. Here is the review from a traveler – “Amazing coffee, great atmosphere, and very friendly staff. Very good for a break from shopping in the surrounding streets or after visiting the city palace. This hip café is run by the charming Meropi Mitrou, a photographer from Greece, who first visited Udaipur in 2011 and later moved here in 2014, leaving home and family behind. Serving some of the best coffee in town, with crêpes that are fresh and sizzling, this is the kind of place where conversation flows freely between tables.

36. Jaiwana Bistro Lounge Cafe Udaipur

This is another Best cafe in Udaipur This cafe is ranked 3rd in Udaipur. You will love this place a simple retro by the lakeside. This is also a treat for eyes

37. Fresh Food Cafe Udaipur

Here you can get everything – food + cafe supplies. This place is awesome in Udaipur. You will love this place.

38. Cafe Ra Udaipur

Cafe Ra is an outcome of one of the philosophies that Udaipur follows, ‘convert your haveli into a restaurant or hotel’. It is a budget cafe and two people can easily dine in with just INR 350 to spare! It is a quaint rooftop restaurant that displays flamboyant Bollywood wall paintings. Amongst Udaipur’s grand and glorious restaurants, Cafe Ra is simple and unique in its ways and hence is a great rooftop restaurant in Udaipur to dine in.
Location: Chandpole
Cuisine: North Indian, Cafe

39. Café Goodfellas Udaipur

The dark coffee, brewed at its best and served in front of you will just take away your heart. It is so good that before you can treat your tongue with it, you have to treat your eyes with it. Americano, Latte, Mocha, Greek Frappe and the list is endless. You will find several varieties there, ones whose name you will hear for the first time.
Address: CA Circle, Sector 14, Near Federal Bank, Hiran Magri, Udaipur

40. Café Lazy Beans Udaipur

This cafe is adorable with its panda theme. The sitting space is very comfortable and the interiors are gorgeous. The best thing about their food is that they have food from all parts of the world which makes it our favorite. They also have a seasonal menu which one should not miss. Who doesn’t love Pandas? This café with the Lazy Panda theme makes it look so adorable. The menu has a unique amalgamation of taste from the different parts of the world offering you a wide range of mouthwatering latte, snacks, and desserts this place is phenomenal. The seasonal menu is another feature that makes it different from the rest. With good food and great ambiance, this place is worth visiting.
Where: Shiksha Bhawan Chouraha, Near Swaroop Sagar Lake, Chamanpura, Udaipur

41. Notomoro Cafe Udaipur

Notomoro is one of the best cafes in Udaipur and has some delicious food. They have a great variety of food and every one thing on the menu is made to perfection. Must-haves here include their Lebanese platter, beer-battered mushrooms, and crispy honey chili potatoes.
Where: The Fern Residency, Hiran Magri, Sec-3, Hiran Magri, Udaipur

42. Grasswood Cafe Udaipur

A very economical place that is a hit among the young crowd, Grasswood Cafe is a great place to just chill with your friends. With basic interiors that have cane chairs and tables, this place gives a very chilled out vibe. Their option in food is limited but they are a master of everything that they make and infuse it with the best of flavors. Grasswood cafe is a small but cozy cafe nestled in lanes of Chandpole. The cafe is always filled with people. They serve amazingly delicious food. The whole cafe is filled with art done by the visitors. The cute cafe serves great coffee and sandwiches. The prices are light on the pocket which is a boon.
Where: 26, Near Gadiya Devra, Chandpole, Udaipur
Contact: +91-9530095311

43. Brew Villa Cafe Udaipur

A quirky place with beautiful wall painting, this cafe is another famous place where you can go to pass time. Brew Villa offers an extensive menu that has a whole lot of options for breakfast. When here do not forget to try their Pineapple vanilla tea, Veggie cheese quesadilla and waffles.
Where: 28, Gangaur Ghat Marg, In front of Hotel Gangaur palace, Chandpole, Udaipur

44. Roots Café Udaipur

Situated adjacent to the City Palace, Roots Café is an extension of Zostel and is home to travelers from around the world. The place offers the most picturesque sunset view, food, and creativity. Visit here and you may make a new friend.
Where: Roof Top of Zostel, near Naav Ghat

45. Ice & Spice Café Udaipur

A unit of Go Bananas Food, Ice & Spice Café is a replica of roadside European cafes with patio chairs, movable kiosks, and an open sitting area. The food is unquestionably great with a variety of sandwiches, pasta, burgers, etc. and drinks. My favorite is spinach corn sandwich and pasta with cold coffee.
Where: RKay Mall, Panchwati
Contact: 0294-5103637

46. Hook & Irons Café Udaipur

Recently launched in Udaipur, this café and restaurant have become the talk of the town with its sophisticated feel, savory food, classy cocktails/mocktails, and amazing music. This café has live music shows by Udaipur’s upcoming talents and is one of the most recommended hangout places by youth.
Where: @basement of Hotel Paras Mahal, Sector 11, Hiran Magri
Contact: 8003559555 (for reservations)

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Cafes in Udaipur

1. Which are the best budget restaurants in Udaipur?
Yummy Yoga, Neelam Restaurant, Grasswood cafe, Chirag Rooftop Restaurant,
Lotus Cafe & Restaurant, Mewar Haveli, and Chillex The Cafe & Restaurant are some of the best budget restaurants in Udaipur. You can also dine at the various South Indian restaurants in Udaipur like the Sankalp, Raajwada, Dosa Plaza, Kitchen Age, and many more.

2. Which are the best romantic restaurants in Udaipur?
Ambrai – Amet Haveli, Sunset Terrace, Afeem Rooftop Restaurant, Open Affairs, Royal Cuisine, and 1559 AD are some of the best restaurants in Udaipur for couples where you can take your amour on a special date!


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