Bike Rent in Udaipur – Rent/Hire A Bike/Scooty in Udaipur City

Udaipur is one of the top-rated tourists’ destinations and hence a lot of tourists come to the City of Lakes to experience solace. Though the city has many transportation facilities, yet touring Udaipur on a bike or a scooter is a fun thing in itself. You get to cross several alleys and narrow streets which allow you to explore this city in a far better way.

There are numerous places to visit in Udaipur on the bike and you can start your journey anytime you want. In Udaipur, bikes have become a primary source of transportation and if you have not brought your family along, then it would be best to rent a bike as it would be very cost-effective and the time to reach your destination would also be fast. Bike Rent in Udaipur is regarded as one of the best bike rental companies in Udaipur due to our personalized service and higher commitment levels. Bike rentals in Udaipur are very popular and in-demand always. Hundreds of tourists both domestic and foreign head to UDAIPUR every year. UDAIPUR is well known internationally for its magnificent scenic beauty and the architectural splendors. It has a soul that goes deep into a unique history, rich culture, and some of the prettiest natural scenery that India has to offer.

All tourists visiting Udaipur love to rent a bike and go for a long ride over the exotic land of UDAIPUR. The best part is that you get an opportunity to explore exotic locations all by yourself. Your privacy is not intruded on. You can go for sightseeing and shopping quite easily and comfortably. Usually, couples hire for the motorbike to go for a long romantic ride along with the Historical palace. For all of you who are traveling to Udaipur and yes, do not have any means to travel through those narrow lanes, bike renting in Udaipur is the best option. But from where? So we have come up with a brief list of bike rentals where you can get amazing and well-maintained bikes as well as scooters to ride through the ‘Galis’ of Udaipur.

What Do You Need?

  • You must have proper bike riding skills.
  • You must have a valid driving license.

List of Bike Rental Services In Udaipur

1. ONN Bikes

ONN Bikes is India’s most affordable bike rental company which believes that each one of us is unique and everyone has different likes and needs. This company specializes in short term motorbike rental and long term leasing. All their bikes on rent are fitted with GPS trackers and GPS holders. The security deposit is negligible which provides a comprehensive policy in all bikes on hire. They also provide monthly subscription packages which allow us to rent a bike from a month to a year.

Website: https://www.onnbikes.com/

2. Royal Brothers

Royal brothers Bike Rental Company was incorporated in 2015. It has its prime focus on offering Bikes on rent in Udaipur to explore the scenic beauty of the city and surroundings. This brand is built on 2 words ‘Quality’ and ‘Brotherhood’. Royal Brother’s bike rentals in Udaipur provides an Enfield, a scooter, or bike like Dominar, KTM, MOJO, FZ, Avenger on rent.

Website: https://www.royalbrothers.com/

3. District RJ27

District RJ27, Bikes on rent provides us with the best price guarantee, great customer service, and super-fast booking. It has a team of highly dedicated personnel who aim at satisfying customer’s needs by providing the best quality services at the cheapest rate. Online booking and Professional Services are also available with safe, popular, and reliable bikes. Get Harley Davidson on rent in Udaipur! District RJ27 website will let you the prices and also if there is any discount on these premium bikes. Apart from that, you can get an Activa, a Royal Enfield Bullet and so much more.

Contact: +91-9928845333, +91-9694168990
Address: Nani Gali, Near Kanwar Pada School, Near Clock Tower, Udaipur
Website: http://udaipurbikesonrent.com/

4. Bike Rental Udaipur

Bike Rental Udaipur provides services when you need it the most. This company ensures that your privacy is not intruded on. Special deals are dispensed every day for both domestic and foreign tourists. They also provide you with extra facilities such as helmet, toolbox, first aid kit, etc. free of cost.

Website: http://www.bikeforrent.in/

5. P Mangrora Rent A Bike

They hire a wide range of bikes that suits all ages and riding abilities for daily, weekly or extended periods. Some of its Bikes are registered for off-road use only. Its fleet in Udaipur varies from Honda Activa, Hero Honda Pleasure, TVS Star City, Hero Honda CD Dawn, Bajaj Pulsar, Bicycles.

Website: http://rentabikes.net/index.html

6. Wicked Ride

It focuses on bringing the best of motorcycling on one platform and makes it easily available. A Bikation tour is specially organized for people who would like to explore any city in which all the well beings of every customer is provided. They have started a utility arm called “ApnaRide” a platform where you can rent scooters and motorbikes such as Honda Activa, Bajaj Avenger, Electric Bikes, and Bicycles.

Website: http://www.wickedride.com/

7. Metro Bikes

Metro Bikes was established by three friends who did not find options to rent motorcycles. Bikes starting from Honda to Bajaj to Harley Davidson are easily available. They immensely believe in making Bikes available to anybody at any time and place.

Website: http://www.metrobikes.in/

8. Bike Rent Udaipur

Bike Rent Udaipur is a bike rental service in Udaipur that provides a hassle-free avenue for the customers who wish to rent bikes for any travel needs. Its goal is to empower you by providing ease of booking, transparent (best) prices, and round the clock support. You as a customer can make an informed decision regarding the vehicle you choose. They claim to provide back-ups in case of an emergency.

Website: http://bikerentudaipur.com/index.html

9. Kanishk Bike Rental

Good condition Bikes with polite workers- is what are the reviews of this Bike Rental Shop. Located near the Chandpole Bridge, the place is easily accessible and gives you some of the best bikes in Udaipur. They have a good fleet of scooters and bikes that you can take to ride in Udaipur.

Contact: +91 8094001513
Address: Near Jada Ganesh Ji Temple, Outside Chandpole, Udaipur

10. Udaipur Bike Rentals

Once booked, you can take your vehicle to unlimited kilometers. You shall get one free helmet and safety kit for usage. Further, you can use the vehicle for 24×7 until drop off time. You can get a variety of two-wheelers such as Honda Activa and TVS Jupiter to the amazing Royal Enfield Bullet and Himalayan.

Contact Number: +91 9414812624, +91 9982988899
Address: Hanuman Ghat near Hotel Sarovar, Udaipur
Website: https://www.udaipurbikerentals.com/

These bike rental firm charges per hour or day and are quite reasonable. So if you are planning a weekend trip to Udaipur and are brainstorming how to roam around in the city, I have provided you a brief list of Bike Renting shops and firms that are going to help you out in the city.

Bike Rental in Udaipur- Solution to All Your Travel Worries

Bike Rental in Udaipur is slowly catching up as the most convenient means of transport. Hire Bike rental Services near you also happens to be one of the cheapest modes of transport. Bike rental in Udaipur is very convenient for your Udaipur Trip. When it comes to visiting Ambrai ghat or shopping in the narrow lanes of the Hathipole market, bikes happen to be most convenient and easy to get The Best Bike Rental Service. All the more getting bikes on rent are also very easy due to the ample amount of offline or online best bike rental service at competitive rates. This is good news for bike enthusiasts and people looking for economic options to travel and looking for Bullet Bikes and two-wheelers Rental. Bike rental shops rent by the day or week as well as by the hour, and these provide an excellent opportunity for those who would like to avoid shipping their bikes but would like to do a multi-day bike tour of a particular area.

Book Your Favorite Bike on Rent Online

Bike rental is the best alternative to see Udaipur. Bikes on rent are not only affordable but reliable as well. Bikes rentals have well maintained and roadworthy bikes. You can choose a bike on rent according to CC and your budget. Bike for rent is the best option for a road trip to Udaipur. Bike rental is suitable to travel the narrow roads of the old city and the market locations since the lanes are very narrow and crowded. So the Bike Rental Udaipur is the best choice for riders. See the carousel for Udaipur bike rental rates and select the best bike for you.

Essentials Conditions for Bike Hire in Udaipur City

Check the condition of the vehicle before you go with a bike rental service in Udaipur. Some people are more influenced by the look and brand, while bike’s condition and one’s own capacity to handle the bike takes a backstage. So we would advise you to consider all these factors while booking bikes for rent, to make your ride safer.

  • License
    To be eligible to hire a bike rental in Udaipur, you have to have a driving license and in most cases, you have to submit a copy of your DL along with some security amount, which is refundable. It is easy to get an insurance claim if you are riding with a valid DL. So License is important not only for legal but for security reasons as well.
  • Protective Gear
    When you avail bike on rent we advise the driver as well as the person sitting on the pillion seat to wear protective gear like a helmet. The helmets are normally provided by us, you just have to ensure that they are in good condition.
  • Obey the Traffic Rules
    If you book the bike on rent we will advise all the riders to take the traffic rules seriously. Kindly follow the speed limit advertisements on the billboards seriously especially during monsoons. Prevent an accident since; ‘It is better to be late than never’.

Benefits of Bike Rental Service in Udaipur

We are enlisting some of the notable benefits of hiring a bike on rent vis-a-vis other modes of transport. Bike rental is cheaper and a more convenient means of travel than a car or a minibus, in terms of cost of hiring and parking issues while traveling in the old city area. Bike rental is very convenient for in-city locations. There are numerous places to visit in Udaipur on the bike and you can start your journey anytime you want. In Udaipur, bikes have become a primary source of transportation and if you have not brought your family along, then it would be best to rent a bike as it would be very cost-effective and the time to reach your destination would also be fast.

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