Ahar Cenotaphs – The Unexplored Spot of Udaipur

Ahar Cenotaphs Udaipur

If you have planned your trip to Udaipur and having a keen interest in history and architecture then this is the perfect spot for you. Located just few kilometres from Udaipur, you will be amazed to see the town of Ahar. A place with archaeological sites of historical importance called Ahar Cenotaphs. Cenotaphs are a tomb-like structure constructed in honour of kings, queens, and people of crucial importance in history. Basically, these Cenotaphs of Ahar are built to mark the valour and bravery of kings of Mewar.

History of Ahar Cenotaphs

Ahar Cenotaphs, commonly known as the royal cremation ground of the Mewar Kingdom which was built over 400 years ago. This architectural ground is a home to the nineteen rulers of the Mewar dynasty who were cremated.

The large tombs visible from the streets while you pass by the road are of the Maharana’s and amongst the cenotaphs, the first king to memorialised was Maharana Amar Singh II dated back in the year 550.Whereas the last one constructed was of Maharana Bhagwat Singh dated back in 2004. Behind the large tombs of Maharana’s there are smaller memorials standing in rows which belong to the late maharanis or mahasati of the city.

In the 1990s, an initiative by Arvind Singh Mewar was started to reinstate its past glory. Here, he got a museum constructed known as the Ahar Archaeological museum – place which has artifacts from as old as 10th century.

The Architecture of Ahar Cenotaphs

Since ancient time till today, the Ahar Cenotaphs has been attraction for the local and tourists to pay honour to the valiant rulers of the Rajasthan.

When you visit Ahar Cenotaphs, you will be amazed by seeing the striking architecture of the memorial. The arched roofs neatly shelter the columns which are placed on the platforms whereas the ceilings are beautifully studded depicting the stories.

The cenotaphs are constructed in marble and are studded with great carvings. When you look from the inside, you will find the sculptures of Lord Shiva.

What are the highlights of the Ahar museum?

Archaeological Museum in Ahar is an attraction that is gaining popularity these days with locals and tourists visiting this unexplored spot. The highlights of museum are:

  • An unusual assortment of antiques that dates back to the 10th century.
  • earthen pots, iron objects and other artifacts used during the earlier lifestyle.
  • Objects dated from 1700 BC such as Lord Buddha figure
  • Statue of Vishnu-Nag-Nathan

Here you can also witness the items found from Dhulkot, which is believed to be a 4,000 years old township. Also, you can see skin scrubber, grain pot, animal figures, stone weights, balls and seals from the 1st century BC.

What are the important structures of the Ahar complex?

Amongst 372 Ahar Cenotaphs, below ones are the top attractions and important structures.

  • Cenotaph of Maharana Amar Singh
  • Cenotaph of Maharana Sangram Singh
  • The Gangodbhava
  • Cenotaph of Shambhu Singh
  • Cenotaph of Fateh Singh
  • Cenotaph of Bhupal Singh
  • Cenotaph of Bhagwat Singh Mewar
  • Cenotaph of Sajjan Singh
How to reach Ahar Cenotaphs?

Ahar Cenotaphs are easily accessible and located within the range of tourist activities in Udaipur. This archaeological site is approximately 19.4 km away from Maharana Pratap Airport, 5 hm away from Udaipur Railway Station.

Also, you can reach the Ahar Cenotaphs by boarding the public transport or hire a taxi or auto to reach this destination.

What is the entry fee and timings?

We visited Ahar Cenotaphs in 2021 and there was no entry fee, however, if you are planning to visit the Ahar Museum then the entry fee is very nominal. The timings are 6 AM to 6 PM.

Do the Ahar Cenotaphs remain open all days?

The Ahar Cenotaph Museum remains open on all days except for Fridays and Government holidays.

What are nearby places to visit?

Some of the nearby places to visit are as below:
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Vintage Car Museum
Jagdish Temple
Lake Palace
Doodh Talai

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