Know About Bahubali Hills Before You Go !!

It is a hill located near to Udaipur and this location is very picturesque & quite famous for its 360° View of Lake Badi, Udaipur state of Rajasthan. If you a nature lover, then must visit this cool, calm & serene place to refresh your mind, body & soul. Bahubali Hills located approximately 12 km away from Udaipur City. It is a mountain ( Part of Aravali Hills). I do not know who has discovered this Beautiful Hills for such great photos and a great view of Lake Badi.

Come on, whoever discovered this beautiful mountain, Thanks to whoever and because of that today we can see, enjoy and experience the amazing views of Badi Lake and could be captured the beautiful scenes of Bahubali Hills along with Badi Lake in our camera.

It is also the very famous and freely available local site for Pre Wedding Shoot in Udaipur and a photogenic place for photographers and selfie lovers. But keep in mind that Bahubali Hills located in the forest area and there are no proper arrangements of walls, ways to go there, so be careful while doing any activities there.


Bahubali Hills Udaipur is a rocky viewpoint overlooking Badi Lake and the Aravali Hills. Located just a short ride from Udaipur City in Rajasthan, India. At a distance of around 12 km from Udaipur rests a Hill named Bahubali near Badi Lake. Badi Lake has always been a center of attraction amongst all the Udaipurites and Bahubali Hill simply adds up to the beauty as it provides a spot to all the wanderers to adore the magnificence of the Lake and the Aravali Hills surrounding the place.

The place was recently discovered by a bunch of Udaipurites and gradually it got very famous between the youngsters of the city and the travelers. It is popular with some other names as well such as Badi Hill amongst the citizens as it doesn’t have a defined name for the time being. It is said that the name Bahubali Hill was suggested by a Google user as he found it similar to the one in the Bollywood movie Bahubali.


Bahubali Hill is situated some 1 km ahead of Badi Lake Pal towards the Silence Resort. To reach the top of the hill, a climb for some 10-15 minutes is needed. Unlike earlier, now a rough parking space is available there too for your two and four-wheeler vehicles where a bunch of local villagers takes care of your vehicles against 10 Rupees.

Few tea stalls have been opened there recently where items such as chips, tea, water bottle, Maggi, etc. are available. It would be a bit expensive up there as compared to the city so it is preferred to carry your snacks and water bottle with yourself. Also, it is advisable to dispose of the wrappers and empty bottles in the dustbin wherever it is available.


You can reach Bahubali Hills by a private vehicle or better to get a bicycle and Bike on rent from Fatehsagar or nearby locations.



Monsoon season is the best very best time to visit here but everybody does not have the opportunity to visit in the rainy season. You can witness an exceptional Sunrise and a Sunset from the hill. The Hill is situated in a forest area and there are no proper street lights, so it is not advisable to go there after it gets dark.

Bahubali Hill is an ideal place for the photographers and the selfie lovers as it’s quite a photogenic place and one can get a bunch of stunning pictures there. But while clicking the pictures, one needs to be careful because there are no fences that create a risk of falling or getting hurt. By the way, you can visit in the early morning or evening time would be most suitable to enjoy, Sunrise, Sunset at Badi lake, nature, birds & entire surrounding hills.

Timings: 7 am – 6.30 pm

Distance from Fatehsagar – 8-9 Kms
Distance from City Centre – 12 Km


The Bahubali Hills viewpoint is located at Badi Lake, approximately 13 KM from Udaipur. Badi Lake is tucked behind the Aravalli Hills, which is a range overlooking Udaipur famous for the “Monsoon Palace”. The Bahubali Hills viewpoint is located on the northern tip of Badi Lake, accessible by road up to a dirt car park, where a short walking track begins. Nowadays this is a must-visit place in the Udaipur City of Lakes, so visit and explore the beauty.

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