Udaipur Handicrafts – Handicrafts in Udaipur

Udaipur Handicrafts – Handicrafts in Udaipur

Here we’d like to ease your shopping sprees and provide with all the best shops to buy handicrafts in Udaipur. Udaipur being the ‘Beauty Capital’ of Rajasthan has proven a top-notch market for the handicrafts business people from all around the world praise the handcrafted materials with a pinch of Rajasthani culture reflecting in them.

Apart from the materialistic show-pieces, the textile handicrafts have started marking its righteous position in the Fashion Industry as well, you could easily find those western apparel of yours embroidered or possess a handcrafted element to up the styling quotient. Udaipur handicrafts market is spread across several categories of products including footwear, bags, books, paintings, jewelry, clothing, home & décor. We’ve tried to accumulate all the shops that have been appraised on various digital platforms by tourists and mentioned it in the list below.

Handicraft Shops in Udaipur City

1. Sapna Saree Emporium

Unlike the name, you can find much more than just Sarees in this cozy store that comes on the road to the City Palace upper gate. A variety of handbags, wallets, scarfs, shawls, skirts, trousers, kurtas, one-pieces, and other handcrafted textile artifacts are available in the store. The nearby small store named ‘Ashoka’ also belongs to the same owner that exhibits numerous paintings inspired by the history of Mewar and a jewelry wall with antique articles to choose from. Ask the owner to get you dressed in complete Indian attire and get yourself clicked.

Address: Delwara House, City Palace Rd, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

2. Rajasthani Mojari

Fan of embroidered & leather handmade jutis (footwear)? Then you must visit this little shop near Jagdish Temple, the owner Abdul Jabbar Rehmani has been in this business for a brief time now and is a pleasant person that shall provide you the best quality and a variety of jutis for Men and Women. You may find it difficult to locate the store, we’d suggest you ask the shop owners near Jagdish Temple and mention the owner’s name while enquiring. If you find it difficult to get the right size of shoes, you can ask the owner to make one of your exact shoe sizes.

Address: Opposite Govindas Café, City Palace Road

3. Udaipur Haat

It is a stupendous initiative to encourage the Handicraft industry and support helpless women in the village area, by a humanist Nisha Mam. This shop situated near the Sajjangarh fort is an ideal stop for handicrafts shopping amidst the city tour. There are a variety of gift items like paintings, candle holders, clocks, showpieces, and an elegant line of clothing available at the store to get your hands on. There is also a range of perfumes especially on sale for men and women both that give out the fragrance of the City of Lakes. The range of sarees and salwar suits are quite affordable than the market prices.

Address: Sajjan Garh Main Road, Opposite Wax Museum, Rajasthan 313001

4. Fabric Radha Krishna

One of the most decorated shops in the old city, situated near Lal Ghat. Fabric Radha Krishna gains one’s attention with the huge embroidered wall hangings exhibited outside the shop, a variety of textile products including dresses, ghagras, cholis, dupattas, bags, and a lot. They also have an in-house tailor, you can choose to get yourself a shirt or a dress stitched along with the embroidered laces available at the shop. They also take online orders and ship their products worldwide. Browse their range of embroidered bomber winter jackets.

Address: Brahmpol Rd, Hanuman Ghat, Opp. Bharti Restaurant, Nagar Nagri, Ambamata, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

5. Swarnkar Art & Crafts

This shop is a heaven for the leather fanatics; you can find handmade leather bags, belts, diaries, photo albums, wallets, and other items here. You can request the owner to show you the photos of these leather items being molded into the products that are displayed in the store. Check the leather quality, there is various kind of leathers that vary quality vise.

Address: Jagdish chawlk under ozen restaurant, 2, City Palace Rd, Jagdish Chowk, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

6. Bharadwaj Moortie & Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd.

Marble statues being one of the most appreciated hand-carved arts, in-home décor; the marble pieces add royalty and enhance the ambiance of a room. A variety of marble statues can be obtained from this shop including God Statues, Lamps, Jars, Temples, Animals Statues, and much more. If you’re not able to find a statue of your choice, you can ask them to get it carved especially for you. This store is situated away from the main city; you can visit it on your way to the Eklinji or Nathdwara Temple.

Address: 6-7-8, Lakhawali Estate, Bhuwana, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313002

7. Gothwal Arts

Take a souvenir to your home from this town in the form of paintings and postcards; most of the creations available there have been painted by the owner himself. Mr. Gothwal Sadhu is a much-praised artist in the old city, who paints happiness on a piece of sheets. People have also claimed his paintings to be like the ones displayed in the City Palace of Udaipur and Jaipur. Apart from the paintings, the friendly behavior of the sellers has been much appreciated in several Google reviews. Synchronize your visit to the Gothwal store with the Evening show at Bagore ki Haveli.

Address: Gangaur Ghat, near Bangor ki Haweli, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

8. Shreeji Silver Art

Relish your fondness towards authentic silver jewelry and articles at the Shreeji Silver Art. There will be various options available in jewelry including silver neckpieces, earrings, bangles, rings with various designs. Miniatures of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Lakhsmi, and could serve as beautiful gift items. Also, big silver statues of various Hindu Gods can be purchased from here.

Address: 106, Jagdish Temple Road, Near Maji Ki Bawri, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

9. Indian Contemporary Handicraft Shop

A contemporary Handicraft shop that displays phenomenal categories of handicrafts including designer boxes, trays, daggers, pen stands, paperweights, wall clocks, wooden stools, flower pots, jars, and a lot more. This shop can be visited on your way back from the scenic Fateh Sagar Lake. Each article has been displayed in spacious rooms; therefore you won’t have to dig to find out the best articles.

Address: 178 Moti Magri, Near UIT Circle, Rajasthan 313001

10. Handicraft Bazaar (Celebration Mall)

To save yourself from roaming here and there in the market on various stores to find all the handicrafts belonging to distinct genres, you must try out the Handicraft Bazaar at Celebration Mall. Here you’ll find various handicraft stores that fulfill almost all the genres of handicrafts including jewelry, textiles, statues, furniture, and show-pieces. Though you might miss out on the number of options available in the old streets of Udaipur it will save your time for sure, also shopping here might be quite heavy for your pockets.

Address: Celebration Mall, 206, National Hwy 8, Opposite Devendra Dham, Pulla Bhuwana, Bhuwana, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313004

Well, we assume that you surely are an admirer of the handcrafted products, we suggest you visit the annual Shilpram Mahotsava, that starts from 21 December and ends on 30 December every year. You will be amused by the Arts and Crafts showcased from all around the country on one platform.

5 World-Wide Famous Handicrafts of Udaipur

Udaipur is the lavish vacation spot for those who adore natural beauty. The culture, the tradition the people around are just overwhelming. Not only the beauty but the streets of Udaipur has its own story, it’s a paradise for art lovers. For those who love art and are fond of historical art forms just have a visual tour to the inside of art streets of handicrafts of Udaipur.

1. Miniature Handicrafts Painting

Art is an important part of any culture, the various art forms give insights into a different culture. Just like that, Miniature Paintings are a vital part of the handicrafts of Udaipur. The most beautiful thing about this painting is the size. In the minimal size, the whole scenario is described with beautiful colors. This is a must art piece which you should adore on your wall. You can buy beautiful paintings.

2. Bandhani or Bandhej

Bandhani is a type of tie-dye textile printing technique that revolves around a beautiful history and transformation. Bandhej is the renowned part of handicrafts of Udaipur which not locally but is admired globally. Bandhani is all about the beautiful textures and motifs with a combination of beautiful colors. For beautiful bandhani apparel, you must stroll the Hathipole market of Udaipur & should buy one for your wardrobe.

3. Marble Handicrafts of Udaipur

Marble Decor items are the king of all the handicrafts. The beautiful designs and the classy texture is the prime beauty of these handicrafts. Marble is one of the royal stone which adds luxury to any ambiance. The market of handicrafts of Udaipur deals in exclusive styles of marble handicrafts that are exported worldwide. For checking out more; there is a place named Nathdwara which is near to Udaipur. You can visit there by public transport or private taxis and can explore the beautiful market of marble handicrafts.

4. Phad Paintings

Phad paintings are the oldest and beautiful part of Handicrafts of Udaipur. In ancient times these paintings were an elaborate part of ritualistic songs and traditional customs. The interesting fact about these paintings is that these paintings are usually made on cloth or wall and mostly describe the story of local Hero-Gods- Pabuji and Dev Narayan Ji. If you want to decorate your wall with this beautiful painting you can find these at Jagdish Chowk Street.

5. Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture holds a special place in handicrafts of Udaipur. The beautiful Rajasthani furniture which is traded all over the world is also made here. The most amazing thing about this Rajasthani furniture is the beautiful hand-painted painting and the motifs which are carved beautifully on the wood. You can find this furniture in the old city, where these are still made from hand carving without any usage of machines.

These all are the major parts of the handicrafts of Udaipur. Those who are art lovers will see the glance of different art forms in the architecture of the city. With a beautiful glance, Udaipur is the city of exclusive Rajasthani Handicrafts. So whenever you visit you must take back home beautiful handicrafts from the above place as a souvenir.

Share your experiences of handicrafts shopping in Udaipur, you can also mention the shops you found were the Best for Handicrafts in Udaipur, via comments. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to Udaipurian. Mention your views, suggestions, and enquires in the comment section below.


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