Apple Store Udaipur – List of All Udaipur Apple Stores

Apple Store Udaipur – List of All Udaipur Apple Stores

All Apple Showrooms in Udaipur offer a wide variety of Apple products for sale. You can visit any of the below Apple Stores in Udaipur to buy any Apple iPhone at wholesale prices in Udaipur. The showroom also offers a live demo of Apple iPhone which enables you to get a hands-on experience before actually making the purchase. All the Udaipur based Dealers of Apple iPhone offer a wide variety of payment options like Payment by Cash, Payment by Cheque, Payment by Credit & Debit Card plus some outlets also offer EMI facility on purchase of Apple products. The Apple iPhone retailers may also offer other Apple products other than iPhone visit the Apple shop to know about new launches, for pre-bookings, for buying iPhone & for enquiring about a particular item.

List of Apple Stores in Udaipur

  • Imagine Apple Store
  • ALVStore
  • B2X Apple Store
  • Tresor Service Center
  • iCare (Independent Apple iPhone Service & Repair Center)

Imagine Apple Store in Bhuwana

Imagine Apple Store in Udaipur, Rajasthan boasts of a modern showroom that showcases all its product range. A knowledgeable sales team is available throughout to help and assist customers to select a handset most appropriate to their needs. Catering to all kinds of budget, the shop is visited by a large number of customers every day. The store is not only well-stocked on mobile phones and tablets but has an equally good collection of accessories such as headphones, Bluetooth headsets, wireless speakers, mobile phone covers, batteries, etc. To ensure that more clients can purchase products from this store, it has gone live thus enabling the citizens to buy the gadgets from the comfort of their homes. The shop accepts payments from the buyers in various modes like Cash, Debit Cards, Cheques, American Express Card, Credit Card, thus adding a lot of convenience to them.

Imagine Apple Store creates a stunning new destination in Udaipur for Apple buyers. The Store will offer an unprecedented level of service. Showcasing the entire Apple product line in a customer-friendly environment, Imagine is an Apple Premium Reseller operated by Ample technologies, one of the most preferred technology solutions provider present across major cities in India. With more than a decades of experience in the Retail scenario, we are your local Apple expert. We take the time to talk to you about your specific needs, to create an Apple solution that is right for you. So for everything you need, including friendly, down-to-earth and expert advice, step into Imagine.

Services Offered at Imagine Apple Store

Imagine has opened its Apple Premium Reseller Store at Celebration Mall in Udaipur. Imagine provides a wide range of Apple products and third-party accessories. The store has a wide range of accessories for Apple products. The store hosts products right from MacBook sleeve or an iPad case, the latest Mac accessories or latest music accessories along with a huge range of accessories for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. The store is in abundance of Apple’s full line of desktop computers, laptops, mobiles and the entire range of iPad, iPods, Watches, and beats. The hands-on store experience will provide visitors an opportunity to test drive the entire range of Apple product lines. This experience will ensure that people appreciate the full power of Mac and use it in their respective fields.

ImagineApple Premium Reseller lives and breathes Mac. We can help you choose which Mac, iPhone or iPad is right for you, give you impartial advice on every aspect of your purchase. We offer the complete range of Macs, iPads, iPods, and iPhones, together with a full complement of software and accessories, so you can find everything you need in one place. Imagine the right place to get expert advice if you are a business or professional user wanting to do more with your Apple products. Imagine is the best place to get your hands on all Apple Products, get demonstrations of the latest Apple products, or attend seminars and events based around the latest technology. The Imagine Store is located at G-14, Ground Floor, The Celebration Mall, Udaipur. Imagine offers a wide range of Apple products and third-party accessories. The store will have an assortment of accessories to help buyers get the most out of the product range. Whether you are looking for a MacBook sleeve or an iPad case, the latest Mac accessories or latest music accessories, the store stocks a huge range of accessories for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

The Imagine Store also has the trained staff to guide you best on the Apple product and accessories. Our endeavor at Tresor is to provide the best possible service in terms of customer experience. At the Imagine Store, knowledgeable salespeople are available to help customers learn about all the latest products from Apple. The hands-on store experience provides visitors with a chance to test-drive the entire product line. We endeavor to provide training to people so that people understand the power of Mac and apply it in their respective fields. Also to increase affordability EMI and buyback schemes have been run by Imagine, which will help buyers to purchase products in easy monthly installments. Installment schemes start from a period of three months and end up to two years of duration. These schemes have been launched to increase customer affordability.

Phone Number (Store): 0294 3041433
Address: G-14, Ground Floor, The Celebration Mall, NH-08, Bhuwana, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Contact Person: Mr. Nandan
Phone Number: (0) 9116032335 and 0294 304 1444


ALVStore by ASTA LA VISTA is an Apple Authorized Reseller and your local Apple expert. ALVStore offers a range of Apple products and accessories. Also, we offer services and workshops around all Apple products. ALVStore was established in 2006. Through the years we have established ourselves as India’s leading provider of IT solutions and support services to the creative industry.

The company ASTA LA VISTA has also tied up and catered to a wide variety of Bose, JBL, Yamaha, Vestalife docking stations, accompanying the iPods. Recognized as one of the earliest and most successful AAR partners in India, which has been achieved through superior service and continuous support to differentiate itself from other partners.

At an ALVStore find:

  • Latest Range of Apple Products
    Find the latest and complete range of Apple products made available for you to touch, feel and experience.
  • Widest Range of Apple Accessories
    Discover the widest range of accessories for Apple products – choose from cases, keyboard to routers and storage units.
  • Knowledgeable Sales Associates
    Interact with our well-trained and knowledgeable sales associates, each one of whom is a certified Apple Product Professional (APP).

The team is technically competent, customer-focused, motivated, competent and passionate and believes in the vision and mission of the company. Hence, the ALVStore enjoys a relatively higher customer reference and repeat Buy Now.

Address: #2, 229 Sector 11, Alok School Road, Udaipur
Phone Number: +91-98283-93003

B2X Apple Store in Udaipur

Setting foot in Udaipur in the year 2014, B2X in Udaipur-Rajasthan is one of the recognizable outlets of the brand. Upholding the vision of the brand name, this center does an excellent job of making sure that the customers are assisted with their every query and concern. Other than the wide selection in phones they have to offer, the company believes that repair services too should be made easily available to the customers. Quality service is provided by skilled professionals at every one of their centers established across the city and country. The firm makes consistent efforts to strive for better and has been successful in doing so ever since it made its way into the telecommunication business. Its countless patrons stand as proof of the company’s prominence and good service. Situated in the heart of the city, finding the place is never an issue. There is a great amount of connectivity in the neighborhood too. The Near Sukhadia Circle, Panchwati is a major landmark in the vicinity.

Services Offered at B2X Apple Store

B2X in Udaipur can be resorted to when in need of any help when it comes to the functioning of the devices from the brand. Various damages and issues such as a broken screen, motherboard issues, virus, overheating and syncing errors are taken care of here. The center ensures that all the repairs and replacement of parts are done with original pieces. By doing so, it makes sure that the different software and hardware issues that the phone is facing will be taken care of for a longer period. Based on the problem that is diagnosed, the technicians will give an estimated cost, and all payments for repairs are supported by an authorized bill.

Address: Shop-309, 3Rd Floor, Rk Mall, Panchwati
Phone Number: 0294 2410471 and 18004193229 and 022 6868 7300
Landmark: Rk Mall
Opening Hours: 09:30 am to 06:30 pm
Opening Days: Monday to Saturday

Tresor Service Center

We welcome you to visit our Apple Service Center! Issues with iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook or iMac? Do not be upset! Our skilled professionals are always happy to help and repair, adjust or maintain any of your equipment. Only here you can get a full range of services, from diagnostic and operational advice on working with technology Apple to repair different levels of complexity with maximum efficiency. To reach out to the service center, customers can call up at +91 8287482874 between 10:00 am to 6:30 pm six days a week (Sunday Closed).

Phone Number: 0294 5158933
Phone Number: 9116009357 and 2943041433
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Opening Days: Monday to Sunday


Address: G-14, GROUND FLOOR, CELEBRATION MALL, NH-8, BHUWANA, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Phone: 082874 82874

iCare (Independent Apple iPhone Service & Repair Center)

Address: 238, Bapu Bazar Main Rd, Old City, Bapu Bazar, Nada Khada, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Phone: 093526 89789


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